Chinese medicine Qigong and beauty skin care

Qigong Beauty is a kind of beauty method that uses various Qigong exercises to prevent damage or delaying the body, light body, add qi, and beautify the body.

Its biggest feature is the overall view.

Chinese medicine believes that: human body parts, skin hair, facial features, etc. are all closely related to the internal organs of the body, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, bloodMust go outside.”

Qigong Beauty is to achieve the goal of health care and beauty by regulating the balance of viscera, blood, yin and yang in the body.

  The basic principle of Qigong treatment is to highlight the body, adjust the interest rate, adjust the heart, and demonstrate the “integration of the spirit.”

The qi function guides relaxation with the mind, induces the entrance to the mind, and adjusts the function of the nerve center of the brain and the subcortex.

Qigong can pass through the brain and nervous system, or directly to various tissues, organs and even cells; the uniqueness of Qigong becomes the guidance of ideas. Because the ideas have positive information, the overall function tends to be highly coordinated.Highly ordered, highly excited state.

The strength of Qigong is outstanding, the body is strong, and the appearance is naturally more radiant.

Qigong can play a good overall operation effect, making the human body like the sun and the moon, like nature, suitable for movement and movement, natural for transportation, and strong for disease.

  Through the practice can achieve the following objectives:

Qigong can effectively eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength, so that practitioners can maintain strong energy.

The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster, and the psychological tensions that bring people are getting bigger and bigger.

A common reaction to tension is fatigue.

People who are in a state of fatigue are often tired and loose, and Qigong exercise can effectively alleviate and restore the excessive excitement of the nervous system, quickly eliminate the fatigue of the body, and make people do things to be full of vitality.

Vitality is a symbol of youth, and youth is a symbol of beauty.

A clear-cut, full-spirited, and responsive image is an important aspect of human beauty.


Cultivate infuriating and resist premature aging.

An important role of Qigong exercise is to cultivate infuriating.

Chinese medicine believes that the facial features of the human being, the skin, etc. are the external reflection and performance of the five internal organs.

Infuriating, the five internal organs are vigorous, and the external manifestations of the five internal organs are bound to be full of vitality and moisturizing, presenting a healthy beauty.

For example, in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “the liver is open to the eye”. If there is too much liver gas, it will look like a god. Through Qigong exercise, the true gas is more and more redundant, and the disease resistance is enhanced, so that it can be avoided due to various diseases.Premature aging causes permanent youth.


Qigong can improve microcirculation, make the face rosy and moisturize the skin.

Experimental observations show that Qigong exercise can improve the microcirculation function of the whole body, make more capillaries open, accelerate blood secretion in blood vessels, thereby promoting tissue metabolism, increasing skin nutrients, improving skin tissue and becoming delicate and moist.

In addition, Qigong can prevent skin aging and loss of elasticity by beautifying the function of the endocrine system and beautifying the skin.


Qigong can beautify people’s temperament and cultivate people’s temperament.

True beauty is a harmonious unity of the face and the whole body, the body and the spirit.

Among them, the spiritual appearance, temperament, grace and so on are more intrinsic manifestations.

The “tune-control” approach in Qigong exercise not only contains the content of teaching people to keep quiet, but also has an important role in tempering temperament.

Usually pay attention to self-cultivation, adapt to the balance between the mind and body of the practitioners and the external environment, the mood is comfortable, the mind is open, and the behavior is frank.

  Traditional Chinese medicine Qigong has many genres and exercises. Each person can replace different exercises modeling exercises according to their own different situations. As long as they can be gradual and persevering, there will be unexpected effects.