Can I go with my boss for karaoke?

Can I go with my boss for karaoke?

If there is once, the company invites for dinner.

After dinner, your boss suddenly came over and said to you, “You are my capable assistant, creative and capable, and I want you to help me a lot after that.

We need to talk about this, shall we go to karaoke, shall we?

“He is a master of karaoke, and you don’t like karaoke the most, and you would have scheduled another date after dinner.

But the invitation from the boss is so sincere, how would you answer?



OK, I must be accompanied, definitely.


I don’t have enough tones, I just shy, but I still don’t know how to thank.


Honestly, I don’t like karaoke, but I have the opportunity to accompany you for a drink.

  Analysis: This quiz measures your willingness to play with men / women.

Choice A: This quiz measures your willingness to play with men / women.

From your choice: 90% volunteerism is enviable.

You have a high degree of confidence in your personality. You can not only leave the other side to the other side, but also successfully achieve your purpose.

Can fully grasp each other, playing between the palms!

Option B: It seems: 70% of volunteers, sweet mouth will sprinkle.

Imagine myself as a famous crosstalker, relying on the skills of a mouth, to deal with the opposite sex.

Walking on two boats is usually easy for you. As long as you have the means, you can turn around each other!

Choice C: It seems: 40% volunteerism is too kind.

Although I also want to try it out, I can’t act boldly every time because of sympathy. On the contrary, it may be used by the other party!

How dirty is the toilet?

100,000 bacteria on the inner wall

How dirty is the toilet?
100,000 bacteria on the inner wall

The empty bucket that makes the bacteria rushing out of the toilet every time, the seemingly rushing water stream will take away the dirt and bacteria together, but a Japanese study pointed out that the number of bacteria on the inner wall of the toilet just washed is still up to 100,000.One.

Moreover, at the moment of flushing, the bacteria will take the opportunity to vacate.

  Dr. Philippno of New York University pointed out that if the toilet is flushed when the toilet lid is opened, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can bring bacteria and microorganisms up to 6 meters high and suspend in the air for several hours. These are invisible.The water droplets carry germs and fall into the surrounding openings and objects.

  The gasket is more dirty dozens of times than the inner wall of the toilet, and the outer side of the toilet seat and the toilet seat is the gathering place of bacteria.

Experts from the School of Public Health at Fudan University have pointed out that 32% of the toilets have flu bacteria, one of which survives on the toilet seat for up to 17 days, and the bacteria attached to the toilet ring is several times the top of the toilet.

Especially for the toilet seat with a gasket, the number of bacteria may be several times that of the top of the toilet.

  The bacteria on the toilet seat are equally astounding.

American scientists have conducted a bacterial test on household items and found that the toilet seat is on the side of each square inch (6.

452 square centimeters) accumulates 295 bacteria.

In addition, the toilet tank and buttons are also dirty. Wang Runhua, director of the Department of Gastroenterology at Beijing Friendship Hospital, pointed out that antibiotics may be attached to the buttons.

  The button is washed every day. How do we deal with the bacteria on the toilet?

Song Guangsheng, director of the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, pointed out that the toilet should be cleaned regularly, and do not wait for yellow stains to be cleaned.

Cleaning procedure: first use the toilet bowl to spray the parts, especially the joints at the edge of the sewer and the part to be sprayed.

After a few minutes, brush with a pointed toilet brush from top to bottom.

When scrubbing the seam at the top edge of the toilet top, the brush is preferably at a 45 degree angle and is brushed laterally in one direction.

The dirtiest drain should be brushed in a circle, taking care not to use too much force to prevent the sewage from splashing on the body.

After that, rinse again with water.

It should be reminded that the disinfectant should not be used at the same time as the toilet bowl. The disinfectant can be used separately to disinfect the toilet between the two clean toilets.

  For the toilet seat, American public health experts recommend that it is best to wash it once with soapy water for three days; if there is a urinary system infection in the home, it is best to use household disinfectant for disinfection; the outer side of the sley is also best wiped again.A rag can be scrubbed with a replacement household disinfectant.

Particularly outstanding is that it is best to “wash a bath” every day.

  In addition, experts also reminded that when you flush the toilet, you should put a lid on it, and do not place items such as brushing cups and towels around.

Usually, the toilet seat is best erected, but if there are elderly people in the family who are inconvenienced or children under 5 years old, it should be covered, which can reduce the chance for the elderly to bend over, and secondly, avoid the toilet seat to hurt the child.

The child’s IQ is related to the growing environment

The child’s IQ is related to the growing environment

[Introduction]In addition to the genetic intelligence, nutrition, and early intelligence development of children, the child’s IQ level is also related to the acquired environment.

Tests conducted by French experts of Tranquility Puzzle showed that when the noise was 55 decibels, the child’s misunderstanding was implanted4.

3%, and when the noise is above 60 dB, the understanding error rate rises to 15%.

Therefore, children should be avoided as much as possible from the interference of various noises, in order to facilitate intellectual development and improve academic performance.

Harmonious family, harmonious atmosphere, full of affection can increase children’s intelligence.

The bad family environment worsens the child’s mood, depression, loneliness, and reduced growth hormone, resulting in the child’s short stature and lowered IQ.

An American physiologist tracked a group of children for 10 years, and found that children who like to deal with adults since the third grade of primary school have better academic performance.

Therefore, parents should encourage their children to leave the family and make friends with their peers and older children and even adults.

Aromatic puzzle scientists believe that children living in an aromatic environment have obvious advantages in terms of vision, perception, and ability to receive and imitate.This kind of good stimulus can make people feel relaxed and high, increase the sensitivity of hearing, smell and thinking, and further improve IQ.

The color puzzle light blue, yellow-green and orange-yellow can invigorate the spirit and improve learning attention.

Black, brown, and white can damage intelligence and reduce IQ.

Therefore, hanging some hanging pictures or banners with a light blue background above the opening in the child’s room or classroom will help the child’s intellectual development.

Conditioning medicated diet-how to eat ginseng tonic

Conditioning medicated diet: how to eat ginseng tonic

When it comes to qi, people often think of ginseng.

In fact, in addition to ginseng, there are different types of ginseng, codonopsis ginseng, and ginseng, etc. They all have the function of supplementing qi, but they are different in use.

  Ginseng is warm in nature, which can nourish the energy of the spleen and lungs, but also replenish vital energy. It is a good medicine for those who have recovered from a serious illness, and have a chronic illness.

This group of people is often afraid of cold, shortness of breath after activity, dizziness, love to sweat, thin stools, low blood pressure, pulse weakness and so on.

  As a warm and tonic, ginseng should be used with strict indications.

High blood pressure, history of cerebral hemorrhage and other medical conditions, usually with dry mouth, easy to get angry, complexion redness, dry stool and other manifestations should not be taken.

Although some human bodies are weak, they tend to be yin deficiency, such as accompanied by fever in the hands and feet, dry eyes, tinnitus, backache, and less urine. Do not use ginseng alone to avoid fueling the fire.

  Ginseng can be stewed alone for a long time; it can also be chewed, and chewed 2-3 pieces in the mouth, which can be refreshed by qi and vitality; it can also be cut into thin slices and flushed for tea.

The effect of Codonopsis ginseng and ginseng is ginseng, but the strength is slightly weaker.

  It should be noted that ginseng cannot be used with deflated drugs and foods, such as radish, so as not to affect the potency; it is not suitable to drink tea at the same time, because the fermented acid in tea will affect the absorption of the drug; in addition, it should not be used with veratrum and WulingzhiAnd other traditional Chinese medicine.

  American ginseng is cold, in addition to replenishing qi and regenerating jin, it can also clear fire and relieve annoyance, nourish the stomach and nourish the lungs, and it will not cause problems such as “fire” and increased blood pressure.

But it is a drug after all, not for everyone.

American ginseng is suitable for those who have the above symptoms of Qi deficiency, but also have fluid damage or yin deficiency and internal heat, such as blushing, dry mouth, upset and insomnia.

  American ginseng can clear the fire, so the spleen and stomach are cold, the stool is sparse, or the man is impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, women’s sexual indulgence, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and many people, it is not appropriate to use American ginseng as a health product, so as not to further damage the yang and worsen the condition.

Simple and effective Garlic Separator

Simple and effective “Garlic Separator”

In 1974, my brother and I were the main workers of the production team.
One day in the early summer of this year, the temperature dropped suddenly, and when I went down to work in the paddy field, my feet became cold.
The next day, my brother said that he felt a faint pain in the left groin.
From the third day, I saw swelling in the sore area, reddish, and restricted walking.
I took some Chinese medicine by myself after taking part-time work, so I went to catch some traditional Chinese medicine for my brother to take internally and externally, but it ended up being invalid after two days of treatment.
Later, he asked the doctor of the commune health center to intramuscularly inject penicillin for two days, but saw the swelling increase, the area reached half a slap, the pain made the younger brother moan in bed.
  When I was at a loss, I heard that a villager had just invited an old Chinese medicine doctor named Huang from 20 miles away to consult his family. I immediately invited him to his home.
After Huang Lao went to the clinic, he asked me to get the mugwort and garlic immediately.
The neighbor’s house has wormwood leaves, and the garlic is just at the maturity period, and the two are quickly available.
According to the doctor’s advice, I repeatedly rubbed the wormwood leaves into velvet, peeled and peeled the garlic, and made it muddy.
I saw Huang Lao take out the mulberry paper, wrapped the moxa in it, and rolled it on the table to grow about 1 foot of cylindrical moxa.
After he rubbed it, I rubbed two spares as I did.
He applied the garlic paste to his brother’s affected area, about half a centimeter thick, covered the swollen area, and then lit moxa sticks, roasted with hot moxibustion 2 to 3 inches away from the garlic paste.
After about an hour, my brother said he felt better and his legs could stretch slowly.
Huang Lao also instructed his mother to boil some ginger and basil and add brown sugar, which caused his brother to drink a large bowl and sweat it after covering it with thick quilts.
In this way, after 5 moxibustion treatments and 3 days conditioning, the younger brother can go to work, and the swollen part will disappear after half a month.
  In the following decades, I have cured more than 20 patients with similar conditions by the above method.
This hard-won recipe is also memorable.
  Fan Yongping, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Tiantan Hospital commented: Moxibustion is a therapy that uses the heat of moxibustion fire to stimulate the body with heat to achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.
The ancient book said, “You can’t get more medicine than you need acupuncture.
  There are many raw materials for moxibustion, but most of them are mainly wormwood in clinical practice.
Artemisia odorifera has an fragrant and flammable odor, and has the functions of warming the meridians, activating qi and activating blood, removing dampness and cold, swelling and dispersing, and preventing and curing diseases.
“Famous Doctors” said “Ai Wei bitter, lukewarm, non-toxic, the main moxibustion”.
  Garlic-separated moxibustion is a type of indirect moxibustion commonly used in clinical moxa moxibustion. The so-called indirect moxibustion is that moxa does not directly contact the skin during moxibustion.
Other indirect moxibustions include ginger-separated moxibustion and salt-separated moxibustion.
Similarly, moxibustion also has the effects of warming the meridians, activating qi and activating blood, removing dampness and cold, and reducing swelling and dispersal.
At the same time, the purpose of using garlic is twofold: to evenly transfer heat and prevent local skin burns.
In addition, garlic itself has the ability to dispel cold and detoxify.
  In this article, the patient developed bloatedness due to exogenous cold and dampness, blocked meridians, and impaired blood circulation, and limited limb movement.
Effective with garlic-separated moxibustion.
The main point of this law is due to cold and dampness, and it is not long, but if it is caused by heat toxin or has felt cold and damp for a long time, and it has been purulent, it is not suitable for this law.
The article also mentions that patients taking ginger and perilla soup plus brown sugar are also in line with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Because of the beginning of itching, taking ginger, perilla and brown sugar soup has the function of dispersing cold and dissolving the table, which is helpful for the treatment of itching.

China’s cosmeceutical market has entered another crazy enterprise


China’s cosmeceutical market has entered another crazy enterprise

Recently, at the “42nd Xiamen New and Special Medicine Fair” in Xiamen, Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. held a unique “win-win China Cosmeceutical Summit Forum”. Many experts on the current situation of China’s cosmeceutical marketHe made a wonderful keynote speech with the prospect, which attracted the attention of many well-known domestic dealers.

  What is cosmeceutical?

“Medical makeup” is also known as “medical care products”. The most popular phrase is: cosmetics sold in pharmacies.

Wikipedia dictionary right?


The explanation is: Medical beauty care products are products between cosmetics, beauty products and medicines, which can adjust the skin condition without changing the physiological structure. Because of clinical experimental data and medical journal published papers as the basis for research and development,The resulting products can be trusted by doctors.

  Because cosmeceutical products are usually developed by medical research laboratories, their “safety and effectiveness” are trusted by consumers. In Europe, America, Japan, and other countries with a long history of cosmetic development, the cosmeceutical market accounts for almost 40% of the market size.

  Big market, big article At present, as an important part of the “beauty economy”, the beauty, cosmetic industry and cosmetics industry are growing at an annual rate of 20%, and its output value has accounted for 1% of China’s GDP.

8%; through the continuous improvement of living standards, cosmetics have become the fourth consumer boom after buying a house, car, and tourism.

  It is estimated that by 2010, the sales scale of the cosmetics market will reach 120 billion yuan in the past, the market share of the pharmaceutical cosmetics market will increase from the current 20% to 40%, and the market size will reach 48 billion US dollars.

With such a huge market volume and such a broad upside, China’s cosmeceutical market is known as a vast blue ocean in the cosmetics industry.

The arrival of this giant market will enable huge wins for drugstore brands that first entered the field of drugstores and retail chain drugstores that first introduced drugstore models.

  As for the cosmetics brand, preliminary sources predict that in 2008, it will be a year for major domestic and foreign brands to step up their efforts to enter the Chinese pharmaceutical cosmetics market. Whoever can win a place in this battle, will have the opportunity to become the pharmaceutical cosmetics head.

According to marketers, China’s cosmeceutical market is still at dawn and its layout has not yet been formed, so the brands have not yet reached the stage of competition with each other, and can even be said to be partners in common operations.

Because of the 480 billion market scale, as long as each drug cosmetic brand draws its own boundaries and forms different brand positioning and brand image, it is already a constant surprise.

According to the competition between brands, it is estimated that it will start in 2010. Therefore, to establish brand differentiation and quickly establish brand awareness is completely a long-term consideration for drug cosmetics brands.

  For chain pharmacies: Some experts pointed out that under the pressure of changes in the pharmaceutical environment and the huge profit pressure, the rich profits of functional cosmetics will gradually become the largest source of pharmacy profit growth.

Due to the gradual upgrading of related policies of domestic pharmaceutical retail enterprises, such as prescription drugs must be sold by prescription, domestic pharmaceutical retail enterprises urgently need to adjust the product structure in order to improve market competitiveness and expand the cosmeceutical market is bound to become an inevitable choice.

With the development of the profit model of the retail chain, making full use of its unique convenience and professionalism, the cosmeceutical model that integrates health, beauty and shopping convenience, will undoubtedly become another turning point in the development of retail drug stores in China.

In the next 3 years, drugstores will become the mainstream of diversified drugstore operations. The product structure of the drugstore model will also be distributed from the current 730 (70% drugs + 30% other products) to 424 size (40% drugs + 20% Other products + 40% cosmetics).

  Cosmeceutical Leader, at the China Wonderful Summit, General Manager Xiao Lizhong of Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Group Cosmetics Co., Ltd. made a surprising statement: Chinese cosmeceutical leaders will definitely come from Chinese brands.

Taste carefully, this is not a wishful thinking Chinese complex, but a substitute for the time and place, and the accumulation of wealth.

First, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics conform to the concept of modern cosmeceuticals. Traditional Chinese medicine has thousands of years of cultural heritage. This is unmatched by foreign brands. Second, Chinese companies have a deeper understanding of the Chinese market.Consumer education is more meticulous and deeper than foreign companies. Domestic product segmentation is lower than cost advantages and positioning advantages. These advantages can be transformed into more benefits for consumers.

  ”Consumer demand for cosmeceuticals refers to both cosmetic products containing medicines and functional cosmetics, which can solve the problem. Therefore, consumers’ requirements for cosmeceuticals can be summarized as safe, natural, and effective.Cosmeceuticals are due to these characteristics, because Chinese medicine is first and foremost natural, which can ensure safety. To be sure, cosmetics of Chinese medicine are based on the modern theory of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.Therefore, her effectiveness can be guaranteed. The development of the 12 flavor series of skin care products clearly reflects the characteristics of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, such as comprehensive physiotherapy, dialectical treatment, and compound compatibility.

“Like many pharmaceutical companies entering the drug cosmetics market, Xiao Lizhong believes that it is advantageous for pharmaceutical companies to enter the cosmetics market. First, from the perspective of research and development, pharmaceutical companies use the standards of new drug development to develop drug cosmetics; second, from productionIt is said that pharmaceutical companies have adopted GMP. These two advantages can make the safety of cosmeceuticals produced by pharmaceutical companies, and indeed they can guarantee that this is responsible to consumers.

  It is understood that the holding of 94% of Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.

57% of the shares in the (US) China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holding Company is a national emerging industrialization demonstration engineering company listed on the main board of the American Stock Exchange.

It is a leading Chinese medicine company with strong financial strength and committed to bringing modern Chinese medicine to the international stage.

  The “12-flavor” series of Chinese medicine skin care products launched by Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., from the R & D concept to the production of products, reflect the full integration of rich Chinese culture and modern medical technology.

According to reports, the formula of the “12-flavor” series of traditional Chinese medicine skin care products is the research result of decades of scientific research by TCM experts in Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Industry. The formula, preparation and use have different concepts from other skin care products.

Based on 12 flavors of “balanced, healthy and beautiful” Chinese medicine beauty theory as the product development concept, each flavor of Chinese medicine has been scientifically formulated to accurately extract the active ingredients in the medicinal materials, synergistically synergistically affect skin problems, effectively control the incidence, and through overall adjustment, Restore the body’s balance, and fundamentally solve the problem of skin care and beauty.

Different from the Western beauty concept, Twelve Taste Beauty does not pursue the appearance of the decoration, but pays attention to the internal adjustment and external nutrition to achieve the body balance, so as to radiate healthy and natural beauty from the inside out.

  Innovate the operation model, and win-win cooperation. The blue ocean cooperation and win-win cooperation will reduce intermediate conversions and create an operation model that maximizes profit.

The cooperation and win-win relationship between the chain drugstores and the brand drug manufacturers is a fast and successful operating model for China’s OTC pharmaceuticals. The transformation of the model to the cosmetics marketing system is a natural success.

For chain pharmacies, there is no need to try, it is already in the forefront, fast market response and comprehensive marketing support will surely open a smooth and win-win avenue.

Shenghuo’s “12 flavors” put forward the marketing strategy of “seize the opportunity, take the lead, innovate operations, and win-win cooperation”, confidently determined to build China’s No. 1 cosmeceutical brand, and won the chain store retail with increasing internal strength at the summitThe favor of pharmacies turned the scene into a cooperation agreement, and everyone seemed confident about the future.

  The market is changing. Who will lead the blue ocean of Chinese medicine and cosmetics? Let us wait and see.

Once the crisis is over, your reason will come back

Once the crisis is over, your reason will come back

Chen Xiao is a female teacher.

In her own words, she is already middle-aged and has many questions to choose as soon as possible!

At present, her most difficult problem is her career.

  Stay or go, this is a question that countless people have asked me, but today this question was asked from Chen Xiao’s mouth, still makes me feel a little different.

Because, generally, women like her are moving towards a stable and secure life, but Chen Xiao’s bones always seem to have such a strong momentum, vigorous and want to burst out.

In her information sheet, I saw that she started from administrative work, worked as secretary, teaching affairs, marketing, foreign trainer, foreign language teacher, etc.

Every job has outstanding results.

She is also full of confidence in her evaluation: as long as you work hard, everything is possible!

  Speaking of his current job, Chen Xiao was obviously more emotional.

“I feel particularly depressed all day!

She said that the people around her were either older and had older ideas; or they were very young and had no experience.

“I don’t think I can learn anything. I just spend my days easily and my life is extremely boring!

There was a panic in the words “I can’t learn anything.”

  ”Is it important for you to learn?

“I followed that feeling.

  Chen Xiao nodded for a moment, immediately nodded and said, very firm.

“I think if I don’t read books and learn new things for a day, I will be thirsty!

“This reminds me of the information form submitted by Chen Xiao.

My family’s deepest impression was “learning.”

Both her parents and her two elder sisters have been self-taught, constantly “beyond”, and have achieved little success.

Did these achievements put a lot of pressure on Chen Xiao?

  Chen Xiao’s answer denied my guess.

“My parents are very open-minded and let us decide for ourselves.

Even if I want to change my job this time, my mother said, just change it, you can try whatever you like, as long as you are happy!

A multi-dimensional question mark rose. Who asked Chen Xiao to ask himself like this, and who made Chen Xiao hesitate to do things like that?

  ”I’m wondering why your mother thinks about whether you leave or not, but you don’t know what to do?

“I asked my question.

  Chen Xiao smiled embarrassed, “I sometimes find it ridiculous, I haven’t opened it with my parents!

I think this may have something to do with the decision I never made!

“Chen Xiao’s face gradually became serious.” In fact, there are many regrets in my life. In some years, I wanted to study medicine and became a nurse.

But at home, I felt like being a teacher, so I went to the teacher stupidly . The most regrettable thing is my marriage. I originally liked a teacher from my university and he was very kind to me.

But everyone said that it was not good to find a teacher.

I had no idea myself, and I ignored him.

When we met two years ago, we found out that we still had each other in our hearts. The kind of regret that made me saddened when I mentioned it!

“I noticed that Chen Xiao’s eye circles were reddish. She paused, trying hard to calm herself.

  ”So, I don’t want to let myself have too much regret anymore!

I have to choose my life!
Chen Xiao told me that she was faced with two opportunities: one was to stay in the existing unit, and after working for 20 years, she could have a stable old age;Start from scratch and reopen a world with your own strength.
Chen Xiao said that the education company introduced many foreign advanced ideas and cutting-edge education methods, which attracted her very much.

On the whole, schools are going downhill, and they will soon face the problem of restructuring. The future is uncertain.

  From Chen Xiao’s remarks, I heard that it was obvious enough that she was eager to come out and start a career.

So what is she hesitating?

  ”I worry that I will struggle to compete with those young people.

And the company’s work intensity is very high, I’m afraid my body will die.

As others have said: After all, I had a job that made money without effort.

By that time, I’m really afraid . “” Are you afraid of regrets?


I’m afraid I can’t do it when I come out, and I don’t even have a way out.

“I don’t know why, in the course of my personality with Chen Xiao, I always heard two voices.

One is confident, vigorous, and aggressive, while the other is full of worry and doubt.

  And Chen Xiao ‘s contradictions do n’t stop there. In the professional interest test, she showed a high score on two contradictory interests, which is not common.

It was hard for me to tell which of them was the real Chen Xiao.

  So I asked Chen Xiao to draw a tree on paper and asked her to draw something to represent herself.

She said that she could only draw pine trees, and on a small part of the paper, she drew a very delicate, poplar-like pine tree, and a small flower near the top to represent herself.

After seeing this picture, I couldn’t help shaking.

  I asked her if there was anything more to add?

She said no.

  ”What do you see from this picture?

“I asked Chen Xiao.

  Chen Xiaoning thought for a while and said, “It doesn’t seem to match!

“I nodded.

In fact, this painting is a projection of Chen Xiao’s inner world.

Pine tree represents the living environment she expects, and also represents her confident and powerful side, but the power of this side does not seem to be as powerful as imagined.

Flowers represent the high but weak side of her heart.

Such a gorgeous flower is lonely and dangerous on a tree full of pine needles.

  Chen Xiao said that I did point out her two qualities: insecurity and loneliness.

  The sense of insecurity made her think of her grandmother’s life before she was 8 years old, and she looked at her aunt’s face every day.

“Especially when eating, my aunt kept staring at me, and that kind of look would tremble now when I think of it.

“At this time, Chen Xiao’s look let me know what she said when she said” can’t learn anything “and” I’m afraid I can’t really do it when I come out. ”

That was not the voice of a mature woman, or the voice of a little girl who was only a few years old.

She is worried about her survival, she is afraid of the future, she is weak and helpless!

  I told this to Chen Xiao, and she nodded again and again.

“I was hesitant in many things to choose from, and I missed many opportunities. Often, once things passed, I regretted it so much that I was too useless!

“” Because you are no longer that little girl. Once the crisis is over, your reason is back.

“”What should I do?

“Maybe the first thing you need to do now is to identify who you really are!”

Can you tell me what are the professional advantages of a teacher with 17 years of experience and rich education and teaching experience?
“Chen Xiao thought very seriously, listed, and wrote a total of more than ten.
As he wrote, the look of his arms changed.

This change is clearly directed towards the confident side.

“I find myself really great!

“You are really great!

Actually, it’s not just your school and the company you want to go to. Your competitiveness can also point to more places . “Chen Xiao thoughtfully,” Do you mean I don’t have to set my goalsSet so narrow?

“You can actually have many options!”

“. Chen Xiao’s career story can’t end in such a simple way.

The little girl who had been hiding behind her hadn’t disappeared so easily.

How many childhood shadows, Chen Xiao still needs to put in a lot of effort, including going to the psychological counselor for further interviews.

  Behind an individual’s career choices are often personal integration issues.

Chen Xiao’s occupational interest test clearly shows the opposite characteristics of the two mutations, and it is relatively hasty to simply explain that he has a “double personality”.

Because behind these contradictions is actually the harm of childhood.

That little girl’s mode of helplessness and self-protection has been affecting Chen Xiao, and career choices are just one of those manifestations.

  Therefore, in the professional assessment, the written test shows only a state, and the formation of this state and the true individual reflected also require us to specifically contact this person in order to understand.

Therefore, in career counseling, only a little test results may misread many valuable information.

Talking face to face with a career counselor will be more conducive to personal career development.

Breast hyperplasia, some proprietary Chinese medicines have good effects

Breast hyperplasia, some proprietary Chinese medicines have good effects

Breast hyperplasia is a benign proliferative disease of the ductal epithelium of the mammary gland and its surrounding connective tissue and breast lobule.

The disease is common in women aged 25-40.

It is generally believed that the occurrence of this disease is related to ovarian dysfunction.

  The main symptoms of diagnosis are: 1.

Breast pain: The degree is different, the lighter one is not cared by the patient, and the serious one can affect work and life.

The pain is characterized by its progression, which often occurs or worsens during the premenstrual period.


Breast Lumps: Often multiple, can be seen above or on both sides; can penetrate part of the breast, or can be scattered throughout the breast.

  In addition, a small number of patients may have nipple discharge, which is yellow-green, brown or bloody, and occasionally colorless serous.

  Treatment recommendations should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

Western medicine has 5% potassium iodide. For severe pain, try methylurea pill and start oral administration within one week before menstruation to avoid further disturbing the fine balance between human hormones.

  It can also be replaced by traditional Chinese medicine or prescriptions under the guidance of TCM syndrome differentiation: (1) For liver qi stagnation type, it should be sparse liver and qi, Huatan Sanjie.

Can be taken Xiaoyao pills, small gold tablets, Rupi pills, rhubarb pills and so on.

  (2) For liver and kidney yin deficiency type, liver and kidney should be adjusted and phlegm scattered.

It can be served with Liuwei Dihuang Pill, Erzhi Pill, and Xiaojin Dan.

  (3) If it is imbalanced, it should be adjusted and warmed and the liver is flat.

Can serve Xiao Jin Dan, Sanjie Ling and so on.

  Note 1.

Work on time, keep your mood comfortable, and arrange your life reasonably.

Pay attention to proper rest and strengthen physical exercise to avoid excessive fatigue.


Keep your breasts clean, often with warm water, and watch for changes in breast lumps.


Patients should eat kelp often. It has the effect of eliminating pain and reducing lumps. They should eat more oranges, orange cakes, oysters and other products that disperse qi, and avoid cold and spicy food.

Prepare your own cold medicine.

Prepare your own cold medicine.

Cold is a common external sensation in four seasons, especially in winter and spring.

Many families have prepared proprietary Chinese medicine for treating colds, and some people have taken a lot of medicines after catching a cold, but they have not replaced them.

The key is that there is no dialectical medication.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that colds can generally be divided into two categories: cold and cold.

The causes, symptoms, treatment principles, and medications of these two colds vary widely.

  A cold cold is caused by the evil external attack of wind cold and loss of lung qi.

  Symptoms can be seen: severe chills, mild fever, no sweat, headache, body pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and thin sputum, thirst or thirst for hot drinks, thin white fur.

The rule of law should be based on Xin Wenjie table.

  Often extracted from ephedra, nepeta, windproof, thresh leaf and other antipyretic powder.

Representative prescriptions are “Onion Soup” and “Jing Fang Bai Du San”.

For taking Chinese patent medicine, you can use cold-clearing heat granules, Zhengchaihuyin granules, cold-soft capsules, Chuanxiong tea powder, Tongxuanlifei pills, and so on.

After taking the medicine, you can drink some hot porridge or hot soup and sweat slightly to help dispel the cold.

For colds and colds, you can also take the prescription: onion white, 9 grams of light tempeh, 3 slices of ginger, decoction, once a day; or 30 grams of ginger, 30 grams of brown sugar, decoction in three times.

  Fengreganmao is a manifestation of the wickedness of wind and heat, resulting in loss of lung qi.

  Symptoms include severe fever, slight gouty wind, sore head, sweating, sore throat, cough, sticky or yellow sputum, yellow nose, stuffy nose, thirst and joy, red tongue tip, thin white and yellowish fur.

  The rule of law should be based on Xin Liang’s solution.

Often extracted chrysanthemum, mint, mulberry and so on.

Representative prescriptions are “Yin Qiao San” and “Sang Ju Yin”.

For taking medicine, use Yinqiao Jiedu Pill (tablet), Lingqiao Jiedu Pill, Sangju Cold Tablets, Banlangen Granules and so on.

If the fever is severe, sore throat is obvious, you can take Shuanghuanglian oral solution (infusion), Qingrejiedu oral solution.

These drugs have better heat-clearing and detoxifying effects.

If you have a cold or wind, drink plenty of water. The diet should be light. You can drink radish soup or pear soup.

You can also take prescriptions for wind and cold: 3 grams of mint, 30 grams of reed root, 15 grams of isatis root, 6 days of raw licorice; or 10 grams of bamboo leaves, 3 grams of mint, 9 grams of almond, 9 grams of forsythia, One dose daily.

There is a magic formula for bad hair immunity

There is a magic formula for bad hair immunity

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