The psychological foundation behind the prevalence of online group buying

The psychological foundation behind the prevalence of online group buying

In the first month when Ran started group buying, the daily group express delivery that knocked on her door every day was like queuing; the first thing Ms. Liu went to work every day was to search for new group buying information on the day and share the information in time with office colleagues; ZhangThe lady added several Weibos of Group Buying Network to her Weibo, and created a collection of the latest information of Group Buying Networks . from family decoration to small packages of snacks, 40% off, 1% off, 0%.

10% off, the group purchase website is glorious.

  According to the official China Internet report released in June this year, there are already 1 users participating in online shopping.

4 billion, the most prevalent among people aged 18-35.

After Taobao, this year, more than a thousand group-buying websites have emerged, and there is a tendency of “everything can be bought”.

  A sense of security and a sense of belonging led to group purchases. Ni Yan, PhD, Institute of Communication Psychology, Communication University of China, also participated in group purchases.

She analyzed that from a buyer ‘s perspective, one is a cost-effective, take advantage of the mentality, so that the buyer’s bloodline, click into the order; another deep reason is that group buying consumers know that they are not buying alone.There are even dozens to thousands of people buying at scale.

“When shopping becomes an organized behavior, buyers are given a sense of belonging and security. The more popular the products are, the less popular they are when choosing group purchases, and when the number is smallMany buyers will choose to wait and see.

“Ni Yan said.

Therefore, the products targeted for group purchases are often concentrated in consumer goods such as catering and beauty that require word-of-mouth, rather than individual consumer goods such as clothing that “hit the shirt”

  A “group” word, so that the shopping of Dolele became Zhonglele.

“From the perspective of communication psychology, this is a word-of-mouth marketing method. Whether or not the comments left by group buyers on the Internet are true, the benefits of this interpersonal communication are much more intimate than general advertising.

Ni Yan said that buyers have temporarily formed a community. This community can appear in various forms such as QQ groups or product comment boards, and even discussions between people you know offline. The results of these discussions often promote buyers.Purchases.

“If we want to buy a product, there is even discussion and verification, but we will more agree with those who respond positively and affirmatively to our ideas, because of the decision-making and the support of the crowd.

“Group buying brings self-consolation with” the right to speak “Lu Yue, senior counselor of Peking University Yanyuan Bosi Psychological Counseling Center, opposes the easy use of the word” group buying addiction “.Conflict is called hobby.

If you do n’t accept this group purchase, each group purchase will cause a lot of self-criticism errors and concerns. If you persist, I can congratulate you and finally become addicted.

  Many obsessive-compulsive disorder is pseudo-obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is forced by social standards.

Lu Yue said that consumption is often a ritual and a symbolic meaning to the public.

“There is a sense of belonging to a team when someone is pursuing a group purchase, and a sense of accomplishment brought by someone who is looking for cheapness. This is a very cool feeling, which is no different from any other pleasure we pursue.

“This ritual feeling of consumption brings self-consolation.” When we encounter unsatisfaction in life, we can unite to challenge a certain institution or department that symbolizes strength, and we have the right to speak.

Lu Yue regarded the rise of group buying as a challenge to the privileges of civilians, and at least got an opportunity to talk with authorities on an equal footing.

  Lu Yue Comments ● Group buying can provide people with a sense of belonging, a sense of value, a sense of connection, and a sense of substitution for material ritualization. This may only be temporarily generated by individuals but needed.

  ● Group buying may soon cease to be popular, but the needs behind it will always exist and will always seek expression, but it may choose some new “hosts” to achieve a sense of connection with the public and negotiate with authorities on an equal footingOpportunities and feelings.

  ■ Conversation during working hours Shopping brings joy Q: According to the British report, every Wednesday is the peak period for employees to go to the website for shopping during working hours, and the number of online purchases every Saturday night is at its lowest point.

Is it possible to regard “online shopping” as a way to temporarily relieve yourself from tedious work?

  Lu Yue: We will always find various reasons to resist the normal level. Shopping at work will bring a very slight sense of pleasure and excitement.

  Q: But don’t you hoard a bunch of discount coupons with expiration restrictions?

  Lu Yue: There is a terrible mentality in society, an “over-standardization” of actively pursuing hobbies.

It seems that what we like, and to what extent we like it, must be piled up. This is excessive.

Is stamp collecting too much?

Why is my hoard of discounted tickets excessive?

It’s like eating sad when you’re sad, it’s a kind of self-compensation and comfort that compensates for the inner emptiness. This is what’s wrong with compensatory behavior?

As long as I’m willing and I don’t stop others, others have no right to make irresponsible remarks.

  : The accumulation of goods may be a compensatory behavior that controls life Q: Are people hoarding goods through group purchases out of desire to control materials?

  Lu Yue: No, people have no interest in matter, and people are researchers of the things behind it.

  Q: What is it?

  Lu Yue: It is the control of our own life. Some say that we cannot bargain with others in our lives. We have to find such outlets where we can bargain.

There is also a certain degree of agreement with the public, and this agreement is to seek a sense of connection.  Looking for “fellowship” is actually looking for self-affirmation. Q: And what connection?

  Lu Yue: The so-called “comrades.”

Do not underestimate this affirmation. When this affirmation is multiplied by 1,000 people, it is a very strong affirmation.

This shows us that we are not alone.

  Q: How about those who love to eat in the same restaurant?

This kind of “compassionate” does not seem to be able to communicate face to face.

  Lu Yue: That’s better than nobody asking.

Many people will be obsessed with group buying, making these weak connections stronger.

For example, when strangers meet, they must seek some kind of connection point, same town, or someone they know together. The two people will feel a sense of connection because of this weak common point.

Also, you often watch an advertisement on TV, letting you enter your name or birthday, and send it to a number, you can know how many people in the world have the same name and same name as you or the same month and the same day.

The live broadcast of this advertisement shows that it is profitable. Why can it make money?

What do these people have to do with you?

But someone would wonder.

“Fellowship” is hierarchical, and “can communicate” requires energy, time and space costs. Not everyone has time, space and energy to develop this “fellowship.”

  Shopping is Dolele, and group purchase is Zhonglele. Q: Group discounts as low as one percent off are also important reasons to attract consumers.

  Lu Yue: Many people like to bargain. It is not that he has no money, but that he pursues this sense of accomplishment, or directly, pursues this very pleasant pleasure.

Shopping is like a child who has no milk and pacifiers.

  Question: What are the similarities and differences between the group buying fanatics and the shopping fanatics themselves?

For example, I am a shopaholic, but I never buy groups.

  Lu Yue: The commonality between group buying fanatics and shopaholics is that they use material to compensate for their inner emptiness.

The difference lies in Dolele and Zhonglele. Dolele is that your hobby is purely holding your pacifier. The focus of Zhonglele is to find that everyone is nagging. I feel that I am not the only one.

Must pay attention to national fitness and care for the fitness industry

Must pay attention to national fitness and care for the fitness industry

Under the financial crisis, what should the domestic fitness industry do after the Beijing Olympics?

Recently, the “China Fitness Industry Human Resources Summit Forum” and “National Fitness Mileage” activities jointly sponsored by the Human Resources Development Center, Vocational Skills Appraisal Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, and the “Health and Beauty” Magazine of the China Sports Newspaper Corporation wereWe regulate the direction.

And indeed, as a strong support and active participant in this event, he set an example for the fitness industry with his actual actions and ideas.

  The upcoming launch will definitely have the opportunity to participate in this event, and have in-depth talks with senior management personnel of various fitness-related companies such as clubs, sportswear, nutrition products, fitness training, etc., exchange experiences, and discuss the development of China’s fitness industry.Shallow, full of confidence in themselves and the future development of the industry.

  We must believe that although the global financial crisis has brought a huge impact on the fitness industry, as long as we gather the strength of the entire industry, everyone supports each other, brainstorms, actively promotes the national fitness industry, comprehensively improves the industry level, and establishes a positive industry image.Can work together to overcome difficulties and achieve common development.

  It must be that the fitness industry actively participates in the promotion of national fitness, and it is another public welfare undertaking that can bring the happiness and habits of fitness to the lives of ordinary people, and can promote the formation of a healthy and civilized lifestyle in the whole society.Positive image, the only way to comprehensively promote the healthy development of the fitness industry.

We will definitely hope to become the backbone of the industry. Through active participation in industry interaction and communication, and the promotion of national fitness, we will guide everyone to pay attention to national fitness, care for the development of the industry, unite the entire fitness industry, and promote fitness with modest strength.Healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Baby sports enlightenment games are all open!

Baby sports enlightenment games are all open!

Games are the first lesson of children’s sports enlightenment. Games can make children smart and healthy.

The purpose of the game is to enhance physical strength, restore children’s limbs to a balanced use, and thus effectively replace children around them, because a single activity stimulates the brain unevenly, thereby enabling brain development.

Especially during the period of rapid growth of infants and young children, it will be more favorable and will benefit children for life.

Choices for infant and toddler games: First, entertaining, interesting, and imitation games.

  Cultivate interest in participating in sports, stimulate enthusiasm for regular exercise, and develop sports hygiene habits.

A variety of games that imitate the walking of various animals, such as rabbit jumping, crab walking, earthworm crawling, dog running, duck walking.

  Second, games suitable for children of this age.

  The excitatory process in the infant’s cerebral cortex predominates, and it spreads and transfers at the same time, with large emotional changes and disordered mental states.

Such as playful, active, distracted and easy to understand, poor understanding, therefore, you should choose a simple action, obvious rhythm and talking, singing, leading, moving a combination of games.

  Third, collective games.

  Infants and toddlers have evolved from being around parents or aunts all day to showing a strong interest in their peers. Collective games can guide them to consider their relationship with others and learn how to better collaborate with their peers.

A variety of passing ball games, relay games, chasing games, offensive and defensive games, etc.

  Fourth, choose a variety of organs to work together to complete a physical activity game.

  1 to 6 years is the best period for the development of sensory motor in young children. At this time, the purpose and plan of developing young children’s sensory and motor activities is to stimulate the brain and improve the ability of the brain to control the organ systems of the whole body.Can promote the development of motor nerves.

Among them: 1-3 years old games of replacing eyes and hand coordination, such as throwing horizontal targets, throwing vertical targets, finger gymnastics, pinch plasticine, etc .; eye and foot coordination games, such as kicking a penalty, kicking a rolling ball, kicking a ballGoals, etc .; auditory games, responding to stimuli such as language, music, etc .; proprioceptive games, such as rolling, crawling, walking with two legs and two feet, patting the ball, etc.

  3-6 years old may have physical coordination, soft games, such as various curve runs, various dodge games, jumping rubber bands, progressive gymnastics, etc .; balance games, such as pedaling on one foot, walking on a low balance beam, learning to ride a bicycle, etc.; Bouncing games, such as jumping high, kicking, kicking a house, jumping rope, etc.

  Precautions in physical activity games: ◎ Under the guidance of teachers or parents.

  ◎ Do some adaptive preparations before the game.

  ◎ Master and adjust the activity in time to avoid excessive fatigue.

  ◎ Pay attention to safety and choose a flat and soft site.

Passive parent-child games

Passive parent-child games

1. Parent-child gymnastics can be performed after the baby has finished feeding for half an hour or after the washing machine is completely washed.

First let the baby lie flat. We pull up the baby’s two small hands to drive the arm, flatten it in front of its chest, then bend it, and gently do the chest expansion exercise, repeated several times.

Then, we hold one of the baby’s little feet, push it up until it bends and then flatten it, repeat it 10 times, and then do the same action with another little foot.

If you count the beats as you do them, it will not only enhance your baby’s concentration, but also arouse your baby’s great interest.

  2. The tambourine and rattle are ready to prepare a tambourine or rattle toy for the baby, which is a kind of toy that makes a sound when it is shaken.

We can pick up the tambourine or rattle and shake it happily, then put it back in place.

At this time, we will find that the baby will attack in the direction of the toy, thereby training his limb coordination ability.

When he got the toy, he would shake like an adult, and at this time the baby’s ability to imitate was strengthened.

When we see the baby with a triumphant smile swinging the toy in your hand, are you happier than him at this time?

  3. Paper tearing games For little babies, everything is full of novelty in their eyes.

Even with a thin piece of paper, they will play for a while.

We might as well give him a chance and let him experience the mystery of paper for himself.

First, he would pat it in his hands, then rub it, and after everything was studied, he would put it into pieces.

We just need to guard him from tasting in his mouth.

In fact, when the baby is playing with paper in different ways, it is a process of thinking, observation and research.

Moreover, the paper tearing game also exercises the baby’s finger length.

We might as well accompany him to play, tear together, taste the joy of success and explore the fun with him.

  4, than the ability, learn gestures, we can start with a few simple gestures for the baby to learn.

For example: scratching, clapping, awesome, goodbye, etc.

As long as we talk to the baby a few times, he will learn to look like us.


“Scratching”, as long as one of the baby’s hands is raised, he will naturally bend, this is an exercise that guides him to perform finger flexing.


“Clap hands”, we can pull the baby’s two small hands together and slap them together, the sound will stimulate the baby’s deep curiosity.

At this time, we led his pair of little hands a few more times, and after he became more and more proficient in this action, he began to practice himself with joy.

And there will be a lot of applauding scenes on the TV show. When the baby sees the scene of everyone clapping, they can’t help clapping.


“Awesome”, we will sincerely appreciate the little progress of the baby, and the raised thumb is a kind of encouragement and support for the baby.

Separate your baby’s thumbs and stand up, tell him what it means to be “awesome,” and explain with a nod.

I believe that from your appreciation and retina eyes, the baby will find a kind of self-confidence.


“Goodbye”, when friends and family are parting, we can raise the baby’s arms to swing left and right and say goodbye.

The situation blends together, and the baby will have an understanding of the meaning of goodbye.

When the baby can master these gestures, we can test him as a game.

When we shouted the name of the action, the baby made the corresponding action, and it was so repetitive.

Of course, it can also be used as a skill to become a capital for babies to show off!

  5. Prepare the mirror by looking in the mirror (hand-held mirror and dressing mirror): parents hold the baby on their laps, hold a mirror to face the baby, let the baby take a picture, and then take the mirror away, and then take a picture,Take it, repeat this a few times, every time you look in the mirror and say to the baby, “Baby, look, who is in the mirror?

Is the baby in it?”Funny baby smiled in the mirror and shook his head.

Put your baby’s hand on the mirror and let the baby touch the mirror to see if his hand is moving in the mirror.

  You can also allow your baby to play “Hidden Cats” in front of the dressing mirror. Assign the baby to look in the mirror, let the baby look at the baby in the mirror, and then assign the baby to move away. At the same time, say “the baby is gone” and then look in the mirror.”Baby is out again.”

In this way, the baby becomes interested in himself in the mirror.

  Dress your baby in front of the mirror, for example, wearing a hat in front of the mirror, holding the baby’s hand to touch the hat, and touching his own features.

  Make a red dot in front of the mirror, a red dot in the baby ‘s bladder, and say “baby wipe the red dot” to the baby ‘s soft paper towel. At first, the baby is likely to wipe the “baby” in the mirror.Red dot, don’t correct him, let him wipe the mirror, “Well, how can you not wipe it off?

“Ah, the red dot was on the baby’s face, and then the baby retina wiped his face.

Repeatedly, the baby will gradually distinguish between the true self and the self in the mirror.

  Tip: This activity is suitable for babies to play, it will make the baby happy, become interested in their own body, develop self-awareness, and develop the baby’s perception ability.

  6. The finger song method doctrine “Finger Song” makes the action: “Two thumbs, (the thumbs of the left and right hands stand up) bend down and nod; (two thumbs facing each other, bending repeatedly) two index fingers, (the index fingers of the left and right hands)(Upright) turn into a cock and fight; (two forefinger fingers are facing each other and touch each other) two little fingers, (the little thumb finger of left and right hands, stand up) hook and be friends; (two little thumb fingers pull the hook, Shaking) Two palms, (left and right hands spread out) touch each other, and clap your hands (two palms facing each other, clap your hands).

“This nursery rhyme is developed around the movements of the hands. It has a strong action. You must read the nursery rhymes and do the corresponding actions.

First, the parents read the nursery rhymes and do actions for the baby to arouse the baby’s interest, and then, holding the baby’s little hand while doing the action.

  Tips: This activity can help your baby have multiple benefits, learn children’s songs to develop spoken language skills, and help your baby recognize her fingers. Aligning your fingers can do different actions, and you can also hold your fingers.

Eye leak secrets teach you to read the words of the eyes_1

Eye leaks teach you to read the words of the eye

Women who have been staring at each other may have hidden feelings in their hearts; in conversation, staring at the other party indicates that they pay attention to what they are talking about; when they meet for the first time, first look away, indicating that they want to be above the advantage;Most people who immediately look away from their gaze have a sense of inferiority or defects. After looking at the opposite sex, they steal away from the eye and express a strong interest; those who squint and look at the other person are very interested in the other person, but do not want toLet the other person see through it; those who look at the person, show respect and trust in the other person; look down at the other person, and want to show some kind of dignity to the other person;In addition, the opacity of the eyes also reflects the characteristics of human psychological activity.

People who often appear to be sleepy-eyed look like a dumb look; and those who are bright-eyed and stare-eyed are naturally smart.

  The eyes are known as “windows of the soul”.

In social life, if there is any desire or emotion in the heart, it is bound to be revealed.

Therefore, how to understand the mentality of others through sight activities is of great significance for the psychological communication between people.

  The field of eye sensation covers almost 70% of all sensations. In ancient Greek mythology, there are three strange monsters of sisters. As soon as outsiders touch the vision of one of them named Medesa, they immediately turn into stones.

This myth story fully illustrates the power of eyes.

  Taking food tasting as an example, we will never rely solely on taste, or at the same time focus on the color and fragrance of food, as well as the way of dressing or arranging. These are all visually affecting psychological phenomena.

If we place it in a dark room, even if we know that it is a delicious dish, we will also feel uneasy, which will make us inadvertently taste, and even lose our appetite.

Conversely, eating in a restaurant that is clean, bright, with soft lighting and exquisite food containers will make people have a good dining mood.

It can be seen that vision ranks as the “king of the five senses” and expands to dominate other senses.

Indeed, from a medical point of view, the eyes are the most sensitive of human features, and its sensory field covers almost 70% of all sensations.

Regarding the role of eyes, Mencius also made brilliant integrations as early as the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods. He said: Those who live in people are not good in their eyes.

The son cannot hide his evil.

If the chest is upright, then the eyes will be dull; if the chest is not normal, then the eyes will be dull.

This shows that the eyes are the basis for judging the good and evil of the human heart.

  If a person has been seen by others for a long time, he will feel whether the other person is seeing himself through the heart or the right being violated, that is, whether there is visual contact, indicating whether the other person has a good opinion or interest in himself.

If the other person doesn’t look at themselves at all, they are not interested in or close to themselves.

On the contrary, when we walk on the road, we find that strangers are always staring at us, and we will feel uneasy and even scared.

  People who do n’t know each other accidentally move away from each other when they accidentally intersect.

This is because people feel that if a person has been seen by others for a long time, they will feel that they have been seen through their hearts or that their exclusive rights have been violated.

When we are waiting for a bus or standing in line at the ticket gate of a theater to buy tickets, most of them are people with their backs. This is a common practice. This is done to move forward and to avoid people who do n’t know each other.Sights intersect.

But there are also face-to-face people who are mostly friends, couples, loved ones, lovers, etc.

These people will acquiesce to each other to allow their privacy rights to be violated to some extent. Therefore, they occasionally stagger their sights and easily talk to each other and communicate psychologically.

  Therefore, we can judge: When the acquaintances meet each other’s eyes, it means that they have intentional psychological communication.

  But if this happens between women, it has a different meaning.

Because when a woman is unwilling to pass on her inner experience to the other party, she will most likely stare at the other party.

Psychologist Axline and others have conducted experiments on people’s eyesight. The experimental results show that if the subject is instructed in advance to “conceal the true meaning”, in the test, the rate of gazing at each other will decrease for men and increase for women.
A man’s uniqueness without receiving instructions is 66.

8% of the time I was watching the other person, but only 60 after getting instructions.

8% of the time watching each other.

On the women’s side, after receiving instructions, they actually increased to 69% of the time watching the other person.

Therefore, when encountering a woman looking at herself for too long in an open place, it does not prevent her from thinking that she may be hiding something in her heart. Pay attention to the truth of her insincerity.

  When you first met, the person who looked away first had a tired personality called James?

Xue Nong’s architect once painted an abstract drawing of frowning eyes, mounted on a large transparent board, and then hung in front of several stores. The original intention was to reduce theft.

Sure enough, during the suspension, the theft rate was greatly reduced.

Although it is not a real eye, it poses a threat to those who are guilty of thieves. They try to avoid the sight so as not to be stared. Therefore, they dare not enter the store or even enter the storeAnd dare not steal.

  The way people’s vision moves also reflects their mentality.It is generally believed that many people who pay close attention to each other’s personality are honest, but they are not necessarily watching from beginning to end.

  On the contrary, what happens when you look away?

It is generally believed that those who look away for the first time have diverse and active personality.

In addition, in the personality, the person who deliberately is in the superior level thinks that a person can stand up to the wind, it can be determined in the first 30 seconds.

When the eyes touch, the person who looks away first is the winner.

Conversely, a person who is worried because the other party looks away may think wildly, think that the other party abandons themselves, or ca n’t talk to themselves. Therefore, they have a mind for the other party ‘s eyes and are completely restrained by the other party.
Because of this, you should be especially careful about challenging objects that do not focus on you for the first time.

However, it is also the act of looking away. If you only look away when you are noticed, then it is another matter.

Generally speaking, this phenomenon occurs when we have guilt in our hearts or improve concealment.

  After glancing at the opposite sex, closing your eyes is a kind of “I believe you, not afraid of you” on a train or bus. A young and beautiful woman comes up, and everyone’s eyes are almost on her, butYoung men often quickly turn their faces aside.

Although they are also very interested, they have self-control behavior based on strong depression.

When interest increases, strabismus is used to peek.

This is because you want to see each other clearly, but you do not want to let the other party know your own mind.

  In communication activities, by observing the direction of the person’s line of sight, you can also see through the person’s mentality.

In communication, if you are facing the opposite sex, you only need to take a look at them, and then you intentionally move away from your eyes, most of them are due to the deep interest in the other person.

  Also, behaviorist Abin?

Goldman through research believes that after closing the eyes on the opposite sex, closing your eyes is a body language of “I believe in you, not afraid of you”.

Therefore, when looking at the opposite sex, it is not to look away, but to close your eyes and then glance at it. Repeatedly, this is the expression of respect and trust.

Especially when women see men like this, they think that there is a possibility of association.

  Most introverts can’t keep an eye on each other. When the superior and subordinates discuss work, the superior’s gaze will definitely be emitted from a high place, and it will naturally project directly.

On the other hand, as a subordinate, although he has done anything wrong, his eyes are often from bottom to top, and he often appears weak.

This is because people in high positions always want to maintain their majestic psychological effect on subordinates.

  In communication activities, the movement of the eye position is different, and their mentality is also very different.

  There are exceptions, which have nothing to do with the level of the position, and there are other reasons for personality.

American Comparative Psychologist Richard?

Coase has done an experiment in which children with increased autism meet with unfamiliar adults to observe the length of time he has faced adults.

Comparing the blindfolded and unblinded cases of adults, it is found that children spend three times as long as they look at the former.

This means that as soon as the eyes of both parties touch, the child will immediately look away.

Spring diet therapy helps moisturize lungs and relieve coughs_1

Spring diet helps lungs and cough

Spring is warm and windy, and is a season of high incidence of respiratory diseases.

As a result, many people have cough.

Cough is a symptom of a variety of diseases. According to the theory of syndrome differentiation of TCM and the corresponding method of food, using food therapy can pass a good therapeutic effect.

  Wind cold cough is mostly induced by cold, which is most likely to occur when the human body is not adapted to the hot and cold climate.

In the early stage, nasal runny nose, sneezing, and itchy throat may be accompanied. At this time, Xingsu cake can be consumed.

Take an appropriate amount of flour, knead into 3?
5 missions.

15 grams of almonds, peeled, ground and pressed into powder, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, mix well, and sprinkle on the surface of the cake.

Will fresh leaves 3?
Wash 5 slices, cover the surface of the cake, steam on the pan, and eat after cooking.

Almond bitter temperature and cough, Su Yexin is warm and fragrant, and the wind is cold.

Xingsu cake is sweet and delicious, has a good effect on wind cold cough, 1?
2 times.

  Wind-heat cough In the spring, the temperature gradually increases, and the chance of upper respiratory tract infection increases. Most coughs are manifested as wind-heat cough, yellow or little sputum, red and swollen throat, yellow dry mouth, and some patients still have low fever.

For the first illness, you can use the following dietary prescriptions: 1 fresh egg of honeysuckle egg soup, put into a bowl and set aside.

15 grams of honeysuckle, add 200 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, beat the eggs and boil, and serve once while hot.

Honeysuckle is sweet and cold, can clear heat and detoxify, and can treat inflammation and sore throat.

The prescription should be easy to take, once a morning.

  Take 10 grams of almonds and peel the almonds, and peel 15 grams of loquat leaves and wash them.

Wash an appropriate amount of rice, add water and almonds, cook the loquat leaves together and take them once a day.

Almonds cough, loquat leaves clear the lungs and cough.

But pay attention: the hair on the loquat leaves should be washed; when you eat porridge, remove the loquat leaves and discard them.

  Qi deficiency and cough are mostly chronic cough, which occurs frequently in spring. It is commonly referred to as “grass hair”, which is manifested as cough, dyspnea, shortness of breath, and impaired pulmonary breathing.

You can take walnut ginseng soup when you are sick.

Take 20 grams of walnut meat (unpeeled), 6 grams of ginseng (or 20 grams of codonopsis), 3 slices of ginger, fry with the right amount of water, take 200 ml of juice, add a small amount of rock sugar, once a day, warm before bedtime.

Walnut Ganwen Bushen Dingchuan, Ginseng nourishes, has a good effect on Deficiency Cough.

Do not take if there is more sputum or blood in the sputum.

  Phlegm cough is mostly chronic cough, often with shortness of breath, sputum, polychromatic white matter, thin stools, poor appetite, and even edema. This symptom is often seen in chronic bronchitis.

You can take Suzi Poria Poria Rice Porridge to reduce sputum lice, improve symptoms and ease the condition.

Take 15 grams of Suzi, 60 grams of indica rice, and 15 grams of Poria powder.

Suzi is wrapped in clean gauze, discarded when eating, and taken every night.

Suzi can reduce qi and phlegm, reduce the swelling of barley water, and also has the effect of nourishing the lungs and spleen.

The elderly with the highest blood pressure cough in winter and spring, and those with chronic bronchitis and sputum take more.

Let you know how to keep a healthy heart disease patients in their daily lives?

Let you know how to keep a healthy heart disease patients in their daily lives?

People with rheumatic heart disease should stay away from densely populated areas.

And how to properly maintain health in patients with rheumatic heart disease in daily life can reduce the substitution of this disease and reach the point of recurrence.

First, rest.

Includes rest on both physical and energy aspects.

According to the patient’s early asymptomatic, you can do some light work properly, but remember not to participate in heavy physical labor, otherwise it will increase the burden on the heart.

Patients should have bed rest when they have heart failure or rheumatism, and all their lives should be assisted by their families.

Second, prevent respiratory infections.

First of all, we must pay attention to the ward, the sun is full, the air is fresh, the temperature is appropriate, and the second is that it cannot be infected by streptococcus.

This can effectively prevent rheumatism caused by respiratory infections, which will aggravate the development of the disease.

Third, patients with cardiac dysfunction must control the supplement of water, in the daily diet to limit the replacement of sodium salt, it is good to use 10 grams (2 money) or less per day, avoid salted food.

Fourth, patients taking long-term diuretics should eat fruits such as bananas, oranges, etc. in their daily lives.

At the same time, it is important to remember that because rheumatic heart disease is the result of rheumatism, it is feasible to actively prevent infection of type A hemolytic streptococcus, which is the key to reasonable prevention of rheumatic heart disease.

It can enhance the body’s disease resistance by strengthening physical exercise.

What we have mentioned above is how we can prevent rheumatic heart disease. It can be seen that rheumatic heart disease is fundamentally the health care of our patients.

Sometimes, surgery and surgery often indicate that the condition is critical. When the condition is not serious, we should be vigilant and prevent it from happening.

In addition, step-by-step medication and prevention of complications are also critical.

The Heart Public Welfare Survey allows you to understand the prevention awareness of cardiovascular disease in the public and improve the health needs of the Shencheng residents’ health index. The chronic disease project team initiated by Shanghai Grand University launched a large-scale chronic cardiovascular disease screening activity, starting from now 2018Annual cardiovascular disease screening rehabilitation activities.

The event invited a team of chronic disease engineering experts composed of well-known cardiovascular experts from China to give patients a pulse.

The number of places for this event is limited, up to a maximum of 20 per day.

上海心血管慢病临床工程公益项目针对人群:50岁以上人群活动时间:每周二到每周六检查地点:上海徐汇区龙漕路218号项目:包含血糖血常规血脂四项肝功能六项 肾Function of three myocardial enzymes, four electrocardiograms, carotid ultrasound, and registration fees, no cost!

Registration method: Pay attention to the public number of Yuanda Heart Hospital to reply “0 yuan” directly!

Are there different urine colors?

Tumor tumor signal

Are there different urine colors?
Tumor tumor signal

The urine color of normal people is pale yellow.

It is more clear when it is cold and yellow when it is hot. It is related to sweating and drinking, but it can also be changed by diet.

If the diet is alkaline, the urine color is darker, and if the diet is alkaline, the urine color is lighter.

Sometimes a few riboflavin tablets are taken orally, and the urine will appear dark yellow.

Changes in urine color like these are extremely short-lived and can recover on their own quickly.

Another example is that in cold weather, children are prone to rice soup-like urination, leaving urine to settle for a while, and clearing it after heating. This is a physiological salt urine. As long as you drink more water, urine color can be normal.

  Abnormal urine color is a signal of mutation, which is roughly the following: yellow-brown urine should be distinguished from bilirubinuria or urobiliary urine.

Bilirubinuria is often caused by inflammation of the biliary tract inside or outside the liver, tumors, stone metabolism, causing increased biliary pressure, ruptured bile ducts, and bile spillage, which causes bilirubin sodium to enter the systemic circulation.

When sodium bilirubin exceeds a certain amount, bilirubinuria occurs.

  Urinary biliary urination, due to liver damage, often causes increased intestinal absorption of urinary biliary urinary urinary biliary urination.

Or hemolytic anemia patients, due to the destruction of a large number of red blood cells, caused a large number of urinary biliary ions to enter the portal vein circulation through the intestinal wall, because the liver can not turn too much urinary biliary bilirubin into bilirubin, urinary biliary urination also occurs.

  Red urine includes hematuria, hemoglobinuria, and purple urine.

Hematuria does not cause direct or indirect stimulation of the urinary system (inflammation, ulcers, foreign bodies, drugs), or congestion due to tumors, congestive heart failure, hematuria due to ruptured blood vessels, extravasation of blood cells.

  Primary hematuria is extremely rare, mainly due to defects in the connective matter between renal microvascular endothelial cells, which leads to increased microvascular permeability and hematuria.

Hemoglobinuria often occurs in malaria, hemolytic transfusion reactions, or when eating fresh broad beans (some people can develop broad bean yellow disease due to the lack of 6-phosphate glucose dehydrogenase in the body), and some people often have hemoglobinuria when they wake up.These are paroxysmal, nocturnal hemoglobinuria.

  The cause is mainly due to the massive destruction of red blood cells in blood vessels, causing the hemoglobin content in the plasma to exceed a certain amount.

Violet urine is more common in patients with lead poisoning. It is due to obstacles in the synthesis of hemoglobin, and a large amount of violet is produced.

So the color of purpurin is like wine, which is easy to recognize.

  Black urine, also known as dark brown urine, is seen in people who take Suer to commit suicide.

Because phenol is partially oxidized into hydroquinone and catechin in the human body, it is excreted from urine, and it becomes black urine when it is left for a while.

  There is also melanoma patients. Due to the increased amount of melanin in the body, the melanin in the blood is reduced to melanin by the liver, and the melanin excreted in the urine becomes melanin after being oxidized.For a moment, it was all black urine.

  Most common white urine is chyluria caused by filariasis.

Chyluria occurs due to varicose and rupture of the chylolymphatic vessels near the chylopool, causing chyle to flow into the urinary tract.

Rarely, there is a severe infection in the urinary tract. When a large amount of pus is discharged, the urine is milky.

  Blue urine first consider what medication history, such as taking the diuretic ampicillin, a large amount of salicylic acid, injection of methylene blue injection, blue urine can appear, but the drug can recover on its own.

Of course, after bilirubinuria is left for too long, oxidation occurs, and urine color can be converted to blue.

Remove dark circles to make you more dazzling

Remove dark circles to make you more dazzling

Often working overtime and staying up late can easily cause skin blood circulation around the eyes, which can cause problems such as bags under the eyes or dark circles. After staying up late and want to stay energetic the next day, learn how to effectively remove dark circles.

  The eyes are the windows of the soul and age, so the care around the eyes is especially important.

Xiao Bian today brings 4 ways to remove dark circles, so that you can look 5-10 years younger, you must not miss the beauty!

  Q: Why are there dark circles?

  Dark circles are often caused by staying up late, emotional fluctuations, eye fatigue, and aging, resulting in too slow venous blood flow, insufficient oxygen supply of red blood cells in the skin of the eyes, excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste in the veins, and chronic hypoxia.The blood is dark and stagnant and causes pigmentation in the eyes.

There are two types of dark circles, one is cyan dark circles, which is due to venous blood retention in microvessels, and the other is dark brown circles, which are caused by melanin production and incomplete metabolism. The causes of the two types of dark circles are completely different.

  Blue-and-black eye circles usually occur around 20 years of age. People with abnormal daily routines are particularly difficult to avoid. Because of the slow blood circulation in their microvessels, the increase in blood volume and the increase in oxygen consumption, the result of a large increase in hypoxia hemoglobin., The skin appears a dark blue tone.

Due to the micro blood vessels around the eyes, insufficient sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia and other factors can cause skin congestion and edema around the eyes.

  The cause of tea black eye circles is closely related to the increase of age. Long-term sun exposure causes pigment to settle around the eyes, and over time, black eye circles will form. In addition, the melanin metabolism retardation caused by blood retention, and the skin is too dry.Causes the formation of dark brown circles.

  Method 1: Thorough Eye Makeup Remover: ★★★★★ Cosmetics usually contain pigment particles. Regular use of makeup may cause dark pigment particles to penetrate into the eyelids and form dark circles after accumulation.

The correct way to remove makeup is the first step in maintenance. First, remove makeup with a special makeup remover for eye makeup. When removing makeup on the eyes, start gently with the middle and ring fingers from the upper eye socket, and then slide along the upper eyelid.Lower your eyelids and back to the upper eye socket.

  Even if only a layer of concealer is applied, the eyes should be cleaned with a special eye makeup remover.

Residual dust in the air, computer radiation, sunscreen, etc. on the eyes will cause great damage to the skin.

Incomplete cleaning and incomplete absorption of eye skin care products may cause unfortunate particles and dark circles.

  Method 2: Sunscreen eye cream does not leave the body: ★★★★ The eye skin is the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the whole body, its thickness is only about 1/2 of the thickness of the face skin, and the sweat and sebaceous glands, moisturizing and selfThe protective capacity is very low.

90% of the external factors that cause aging of the eye skin come from ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet damage to the eyes will cause our eye skin to quickly become dull in a short time, and also accelerate the formation of melanin, forming permanent dark circles.

  In the ordinary people’s maintenance concept, eye care is nothing more than the prevention and repair of dark circles, bags under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.In fact, that can only be considered as half of the eye care.

Even in autumn and winter, you should pay attention to the sun protection of the eyes. It is recommended that you have a sunscreen eye cream. Try to keep the sun protection for a week. Your dark circles will obviously improve.

  Method 3: The effect of applying whitening eye mask before cosmetology: ★★★★ One of the reasons for the formation of dark circles is the precipitation of melanin, so in addition to some moisturizing and soothing eye masks to relieve eye fatigue, you should also cooperate with someWhitening eye masks containing vitamin A and vitamin C to deepen dark circles. Now there are more and more whitening eye masks on the market. They can directly target the source of melanin formation and can effectively improve dark circles in a short time.try it.

  Method 4: Persistent acupoint massage around the eyes: ★★★★ One of the important causes of dark circles is poor blood circulation. Our traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage helps to open the blood vessels and effectively relieve and eliminate dark circles and eye puffiness.Eye problems.

Apply eye massage cream or eye nutrition cream on the skin around the eyes, insert it with the ring finger at the end of the eye, in the middle or outer 1/3 of the lower eye socket, the inner corner of the eye, the eyebrow, and the outer side of the eyebrow. Each of these pointsRelax after 3–5 seconds and do it 10 times in a row.

Finally, use your index finger, middle finger, ring finger to flick the eye area, 3–5 circles, insist on acupoint massage of the eyes, dark circles will soon leave you.



Figs are genus Morus.

A dairy product that is native to western Asia and commonly cultivated in southern China.

The leaves are like floral leaves, large and rough, 3-5 palm-shaped split, fruits like jelly fruit, soft and rotten when ripe, sweet like persimmon without seeds.

Dried fruits are used for food and medicinal purposes.

  The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  Rotten fruit contains sugars, citric acid, malic acid, acetic acid, and enzymes.

  Function appetizer, stop diarrhea, cure five hemorrhoids.

To soothe and nourish the intestinal moisturizer, it has a prolactin effect, and has both the functions of deworming, anti-inflammatory and swelling.

Both fruit branches and leaves are rich in digestive enzymes, which can be used as auxiliary digestive medicine.

  [痔疾肿痛,出血]  无花果1-2个,水煎或空腹时生食,一日2次,可酌情加倍用之。Another application of the white milk of the petiole to the affected area has the effect of swelling and pain relief.

Cook soup with fig leaves and take a bath.

  [小儿蛔虫,钩虫]  无花果根或茎叶60克,煎浓汤,早晨空腹1次服下。  [下肢溃疡,疮面恶臭]  无花果肉捣烂敷于患部,包扎之。或用干燥果实磨粉,撒布疮面,加以包扎  [赘疣(肉痣),脚痒]  用未熟的果肉绞汁,或用茎叶捣汁,涂于患部,一日2-3次,数Effective every day.

  [误食鱼蟹类中毒,腹痛、呕吐]  新的嫩叶,洗净捣烂绞汁,每服半杯,温开水和服。  [胃弱,消化不良]  干果切成小粒,炒至半焦,加适量白糖,开水冲泡代茶饮,有开胃助消化之功。  [妇女子宫颈炎]  无花果叶煮汤坐浴。  [经年腹泻不愈]  无花果鲜叶60克切碎,加入红糖同炒研末,开水送服,一次服完。  [白癜风]  无花果叶切细,烧酒浸泡,涂患部,一日2-3次。