Dialogue Feng Tang 丨 How to spend a special period?Look at your feet, keep on moving

Dialogue Feng Tang 丨 How to spend a special period?Look at your feet, keep on moving
Feng Tang’s audio program “Feng Tang Chengshi Minfa” was officially launched on April 17 at Dragonfly FM. In addition to “Ming Cheng” in the fields of medicine, literature, and management, Feng Tang once again cross-border online audio field.Ways to share his “intentional approach”.In the program, Feng Tang cuts into the four major sections of “Knowing Yourself, Knowing People, Knowing the World, and Knowing Wisdom.” In addition to the content of “Knowing People”, which mainly focuses on economic management, there are many other topics related to life, such as “Girls are expensiveIt’s ridiculous, “weak lethality”, “four standards for making friends” and so on, all from Feng Tang’s own life experience.”I sum up the hardships I have eaten, the thunders that I have stepped on, the mountains that I have turned over, and the people I have passed over, and I will share them with everyone.I hope everyone can do something, do more things, and continue to do more things.”Photo keywords: How to do the” adversity management “of the epidemic situation-the province can save the province, the house can be the special period of the house epidemic department, people seem to be in a worried, confused adversity,” Feng Tang Chengshi mind”The theme of the first episode is” Adversity Management “.During this time, Feng Tang also changed his lifestyle.Before, he always vowed to say: “Time is the only real wealth a person has.For the rest of my life, I only spend time with three types of people-really fun people, really good people, really nice and fun people.”But this time when he came home, he became more uncomfortable when he went home. Suddenly he thought that he was really a fun person?If you are not a really fun person, why ask others to be a really fun person?If you are not a really fun person, even if you meet a really fun person, what qualifications do you have to spend your time?Those who can’t live in the house, those who are unhappy with the house, are also people who can’t get along with themselves.People who can’t get along with themselves will be troublesome for others sooner or later.Therefore, Feng Tang started from a few very small things, some of which are beautiful things to do on their own.For example, look at the sky, look at the clouds; find a place where no one runs five kilometers, ten kilometers; drink a bottle of wine yourself; make a cup of coffee in hand; do not need to go out to work, participated in, fasted, skipped lunch and dinner, dinnerEat a meal; do high-intensity interval training HIIT, sweating for 15 minutes; read posts, bubble bath, read past books, look at some previous comments, and slowly “thorn” this dayJust passed.Sauna Night Net: You mentioned the fund management in the special period of the epidemic in “Adversity Management”, can it be simply summarized as “can save, save”?Can you specifically talk about some of the lifestyle habits you changed during this period, or the way you spend money?Feng Tang: It can be summarized as “can save the province, can live the house”.During the epidemic, after I returned from January 21, until today (April 22), I lived in Beijing for more than 80 days.After graduating from MBA in 2000 and joining McKinsey, I flew an average of 100 times a year, and did not go to the airport for two consecutive weeks.During the epidemic, I didn’t have a special car or driver. I rarely go out. I can’t see you if I can make a clear phone call. If I go out, I will walk or trot within 5 kilometers, and use Didi to drive.During the epidemic, I often fasted lightly, and ate less when I continued to eat, and weighed two kilograms less than when I graduated from college.I bought the annual ticket of Beijing Park at the end of last year. This was the first time in my life. I thought at the time, it was estimated that I could not go there once or twice, and it was a waste.As a result, during the epidemic, I went to the park twice a week to run ten kilometers, and the park’s annual ticket has earned back the value of the ticket.Sauna Nightnet: The epidemic will cause many companies to be in trouble. If you are a company manager, what special management measures will you use to help companies overcome this difficulty?Feng Tang: Salary reduction, starting from the highest merger and with a higher proportion of the salary reduction ratio; cut expenditures, strictly control cash flow, no money can be spent, less money can be spent less; financing, toCommercial banks predict loans with better conditions, if they can get money from investors, the conditions are almost okay, survive first; open source, without replacing fixed assets, do anything you can to make money.Sauna Night Net: What have you done during this time?Do you feel worried?Feng Tang: During the epidemic, remotely continue to do the medical investment and post-investment management work that can help the investee to overcome the difficulties; record the “Feng Tang Chengxin Mind” on Dragonfly FM; write my seventh novel “Where to Live”My dad knows all the fish “; drinking, hoping to reduce anxiety.During this period, my anxiety should have become heavier, but not to the extent that affected my sleep and work efficiency.Image courtesy Sauna Night Net: Many people will still be worried at this time. They are at a loss for the future and may face unemployment and salary cuts due to poor economy. How do you think they should face it?Feng Tang: I admire the adversity of myself and friends around me.Let us not stop our efforts, expanding is life, and replenishment is work.The most common mental trap that needs to be avoided is the “blame” of blame-blame everyone else.You scolded this on the phone . it didn’t work, it didn’t help.Do what you should do, don’t stop acting, keep doing what you can, just let it do.”Mocun and adversity” means, don’t look at this so-called adversity in two ways, don’t think “it is adversity” or “it is prosperity”, it is all part of life.Our lives always have ups and downs, just like Beijing has spring, summer, autumn and winter in a year, and every day is a good day. No day in your life is a bad day, it is a normal day, and treat it with your ordinary heart.Keywords: Can the success be replicated?-Learn to manage, and the chance of success will naturally increase the epidemic situation. Feng Tang’s daily lunch of one and a half years is eaten on the plane. There is no weekend, and the basic free time is used to read books.In the past two decades, Feng Tang has worked as a gynecological ovarian cancer researcher in the capacity of Zhang Haipeng (real name), went to the United States to study MBA, worked at McKinsey & Company.He has passed the founding CEO of China Resources Medical Group and is currently the senior managing director of CITIC Capital.Representative works include the novels “Give Me a Girl at the Age of 18”, “Growth of Everything”, “Beijing, Beijing” and so on.In Feng Tang’s view, writing should not be the only thing you do in a lifetime. It is not the first channel for you to gain an understanding of the world.People form writing styles, language habits are before 30 years old, so writers show more how you know this world.And these fields he is involved in are exactly the “world” he is in.Sauna Night Net: Why do you want to open an audio program to share life experience at this time?Feng Tang: Because finally there is a little time.In fact, “Feng Tang Chengshi Xinfa” is not a life experience chicken soup audio program, it is probably the best general management course available to the public.From 2000 to the present, I have maintained a high-intensity full-time management work of more than 80 hours per week, “for the general” and “for the phase”, from the partner of McKinsey to the general manager of the large state-owned enterprise strategy department to the founding CEO of the large medical group, I have accumulated quite rich, comprehensive and practical management experience, I hope to sum up and share it with the world.Sauna Night: Your resume covers medicine, investment finance, literature, film and television, etc., and covers a wide range. What do you think of your weaknesses and weaknesses?Feng Tang: There are so many shortcomings and weaknesses. Except for the ones you mentioned, I know almost nothing. The level is similar to that of an idiot. Similar to music, I lack three of the five tones and I do n’t know the spectrum at all.I do n’t know much about it (except statistics), but now I almost give back to the teacher.Sauna Nightnet: Are the topics mentioned in the show all your strengths?Or do you think it is the weakness of most people?Feng Tang: The topics mentioned in the course were all I read in books and experienced them on the “street”.I think most people do not have systematic understanding and training for general management.Sauna Night Network: Since “success cannot be copied”, how to understand “everyone can learn”?Feng Tang: All behaviors are impermanent. Success is the result of the balance of various power conflicts. No one’s success can be copied.Management is the daily work of a lifetime, and success is the practice of management in a lifetime. Anyone can and should practice management, so that they can transform efficiency and make themselves more capable of doing things.Through learning, a person becomes successful, more successful, and more successful continuously, and the probability of success in the world is much higher.Sauna Night Net: You are a learning bully in everyone’s impression. Success, what you do and what you do, is almost a “success.”You said that you want to share the thunders you have stepped on, the mountains you have turned over, the people you have passed over, the hardships you have eaten, do n’t you know what impresses you?Feng Tang: I just did what I wanted to do, it was worth doing, and there was a certain probability that it could be made.Want to know the thunder I have stepped on, the bitterness I have eaten, the bad mold I have fallen over, please listen to “Feng Tang Chengshi Minfa”.Keywords: Your own “greasy” or “chicken soup”-anyone, any book can be misunderstood, misread, writer, poet, ancient utensils enthusiast, gynecologist, management consultant, medical investor, is crowned with many identitiesAnd the title, Feng Tang’s Weibo certification is only two words-the poet, the most proud poem is: “The spring water is born, the spring forest is flourishing, the spring wind is ten miles, it is not as good as you.”Next, Feng Tang will write about the old father who died, how he wrote about how his father who was born in Indonesia in 1933 drifted to Changchun, Jilin.”My dad knows all the fish “”.There is also the confusion of his own life. Once “love” puzzled Feng Tang. He said “love is a kind of confusion of human nature.” Now he is asked again. Is there something that was particularly determined in the past and is now doubting?Feng Tang said that he had forgotten how he answered last time.”I didn’t believe in fate in the past, but now I start to doubt that there really seems to be some fixed numbers in meditation.”Sauna Night Net: In the classification,” confess yourself, know people, know the world, know wisdom “, do you think these categories can almost cover most people’s confusion?Feng Tang: These categories can almost cover most people’s confusion in general management.Sauna Night Net: In your life, are there any things that are particularly possible or feel incapable of being solved?Feng Tang: Life, old age, sickness, death, love parting, resentment, hopelessness, five storks, too many things that can’t be solved, one book can’t be written.Sauna Night Net: I saw an interesting topic in the catalog of “Feng Tang Chengshi Minfa”, “How to avoid becoming a greasy middle-aged and frivolous man”, how did I think to interpret “greasy”?Feng Tang: Because the world is still greasy, because many people in the world are still greasy, because some greasy people may have any greasy thoughts.Sauna Night Network: Would you worry that after the audio program came out, someone was said to be a “successful airport learner” or “inspiring chicken soup”?For example, seeing the titles of “the hardest but” attentive “” “learning to get along with yourself” “the way to become a big deal” and “what are the taboos of being a person” are you successful in learning + chicken soup?Feng Tang: In general, do n’t worry, “the bench is cold for ten years, and the article is not empty”. All the content in Feng Tang Chengshi Minfa has been experienced in practice, and it comes from the heart.To be honest, I think that all the hard-earned insights.Of course, anyone can be misunderstood, and any book can be misread, which is also a helpless thing.Sauna Night Net: You said in an interview before that you have always been a polite, modest and humble person. I really want to change the settings in the future. Does this show release a small part of your “poison tongue”?Feng Tang: Not at all.My plan now is to write my eighth feature novel “My Dad Knows All Fishes”, write my eighth feature novel “My Mom Scolded All Streets”, and borrow my mother’s mouth to release meA small amount of “poisonous tongue”.After I am seventy years old, I may open a column and then assemble and publish a “Vicious Tongue Collection” separately.Back to readers-Not long ago, we collected some questions from readers through the official Weibo of “Sauna Night Net Entertainment”.In all fields, Feng Tang also answered one by one.Q: Among so many cross-border identities, which one do you like best?Feng Tang: Poet.Question: Some people say “to maintain a good relationship, don’t have so much care and attention”, and some people say “to maintain a good relationship, you need to be careful and careful to manage”, how do you think “get along with friendsWay “?Feng Tang: Only forgetting the machine can eliminate the movement, or do it with a simple heart, handle things, relax, and last longer.Q: What do you think of people who have been in one position for a lifetime and do one thing wholeheartedly?Cross-border capabilities are important, but are n’t everyone suitable for cross-border?Feng Tang: I respect people who only do one thing wholeheartedly in their lives.I agree that not everyone is suitable for crossover.Moreover, I think that before anyone crosses borders, things must be cultivated in a certain field to a certain extent.Question: Wise people have logic and intelligence blessings, what should the unwise people do?Some people say that it can be a charismatic person and let smart people work for you. Is this a good logic?Feng Tang: Ironing requires hardness.Only those who can do things can gather other people who can do things together, do things together, do more things, and keep doing more things.Q: What do you think of those who are particularly lucky?Why did God open both the door and the window for them?Feng Tang: Because these people have the secret of what happened in the world.Q: Are there any good books that are recommended for young people?Feng Tang: I was recently watching Modiano’s “Dark Shop Street” and the already-female Tetsuya’s “Servants of Tempura” (translation by Zhang Xuewei).Liu Wei, the chief reporter of Sauna Night, editor Wu Dongni proofreading Zhao Lin

Brazilian football teenager tragically killed by flying a kite, only 21 years old

Brazilian football teenager tragically killed by flying a kite, only 21 years old
The teenager was once recognized as a potential new star.Figure / social media world football once again received bad wear.Brazil ‘s S?o Paulo Independence Club released official news today that the player Kaio Felipe Santos Silva unfortunately got electrocuted while flying a kite and was only 21 years old.It happened on Tuesday local time.According to foreign media reports, when Felipe was flying a kite, the kite wire was accidentally entangled in the air cable, and then the current connected his body along the kite wire.Felipe played for the independent team during his lifetime, as the left back, played 22 games on behalf of the team and scored 6 goals.The team is currently playing in the Sao Paulo State Second Division, which is the second-level tournament in the regional league.The 21-year-old military has also played for Palabano Central Sports and the international Rimela team, and is recognized as a potential new star.”We announce this bad news with regret and extend our most sincere condolences to Felipe’s family and friends.”The Independence Club of Sao Paulo added on official social media, and also posted a black and white poster with a picture of Felipe’s life, in order to remember Felipe who died unfortunately.According to local reporters, Felipe is polite and humble, with excellent penalties and free kick skills, he also gave Felipe a nickname “Fabio Santos of Pudara”.Everything happened so suddenly, no one expected that a 21-year-old star of tomorrow would leave in this way.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Han Shuangming proofread Wang Xin

[Does mango eat before menstruation]_ mango _ menstrual repetition _ irregular menstruation

[Does mango eat before menstruation]_ mango _ menstrual repetition _ irregular menstruation

Mango is known as the king of tropical fruits. It has a sweet and sour taste and a fragrant aroma. Its core is relatively larger than other fruits and fruits. It is delicious and very popular, but there are many popular legends about eating mango.More menstruation will cause overlapping periods, and eating more mangoes will lead to amenorrhea. Is this true?

Now, let ‘s take a look at it one day. Eating mango during menstruation will not cause amenorrhea. Some people think that mango has the effect of stopping bleeding, which will lead to less menstrual flow and poor menstruation. Therefore, mango cannot be eaten during menstruation.

Is there any basis for this statement?

Chinese medicine believes that women are based on blood, blood is the mother of qi, and qi is the handsome of blood.

Qi and blood, as usual.

Mango tastes sour, sweet, and sour. It enters the liver and belongs to the wood. The liver hides the blood and the main body is drained. The woman uses the liver as the innate; sweet enters the spleen and returns to the soil, and the spleen is the main source of blood.

The liver and spleen are closely related to each other in terms of qi and blood generation, storage, and operation.

The acid and sweetness are beneficial, the functions are synergistic, the convergence of yin does not leave turbidity, nourishing qi does not hurt yin, and the qi and blood are reconciled, the menstrual blood is present.

Studies in modern medicine also show that mangiferin acts on sheet proteins and inhibits the aggregation of platelets. This is slightly cold, non-toxic, and the point of view that the housewife is incapable of communicating with meridians, as described in the book “Edible Herbal Medicine” of traditional medicine.Coincide.

It can be seen that, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory and western medical research, mango can not be considered to have hemostatic function and affect menstruation.

Therefore, there is no scientific basis for the narration that folk-circulated women eat mango during menstruation and cause amenorrhea.

2. Uterine fibroids are not related to mango uterine fibroids, which is called dysentery in traditional Chinese medicine. They are mostly caused by menstrual periods or postpartum diets, inadvertent living, or intercourse, tiredness, internal injuries, or malaise, improper growth, and liver, spleen and kidneyInjuries, heart and liver qi stagnation and other visceral dysfunctions, yang deficiency, yin and evil internal knots, qi and blood block, phlegm, stasis and blood stasis, which have become symptoms for a long time, is also called uterine fibroids by western medicine.

Modern research has found that mangiferin contains flavonoids such as Dendrobin and Quercetin can regulate the metabolism of estrogen receptors and estrogen. It is effective for many hormone tumors, such as tumors, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer.It inhibits tumor cell growth and induces its competitive antitumor effect, and is treated by the aforementioned tumors.

Therefore, the treatment of uterine fibroids has a potential application.

From the point of view of western medicine or traditional medicine of the motherland, there is not enough evidence that mango can affect the normal menstruation and the incidence of uterine fibroids in women.

Women can consume mango in moderation during menstruation, but they need to have a moderate diet to avoid overdose.

Because mango is slightly cold, if it is eaten in large quantities or frozen, it will easily lead to cold invasion, settle in blood, and cause poor menstrual blood.

At the same time, it is better to eat mango when the season is four.

“Su Wen” said: “Fever with heat, warm with temperature, cold with cold, cold with cold.

“Mango is slightly cold, so it should be avoided in cold seasons or environments.

[How to eat dried squid]_ dried squid _ practice Daquan _ production method

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[Korean fried rice cake]_Korean fried rice cake_How to make_How to make

I am so annoyed that I am so wide and wide ╁ the draft of the spinner is going to pick up the hot pot?
骞寸硶寰堝浜洪兘鍚冭繃锛屼笉浠呮槸瀹跺父椋熺墿锛屽緢澶氬皬鎽婁笂涔熸湁骞寸硶鍗栥€傚勾绯曠殑鍙椾紬鑼冨洿骞匡紝鍙f劅绮樼锛屽崄鍒嗘湁鍤煎姴锛屽勾绯曞悆娉曞緢澶氾紝闊╁紡鐐稿勾绯曞彲璋撴槸姣旇緝鏂伴鐨勫悆娉曪紝鍋氭硶绠€鍗曪紝鍦ㄥ涔熷彲浠ョ偢銆?1.鍦ㄤ竴涓ぇ纰楀唴鎵撲笂涓€涓浮铔嬨€傛帴鐫€鎼佸叆闈㈢矇銆傚€掑叆閫傞噺姘达紝鍏呭垎鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆傛悈鎷屾垚娴撶娑蹭綋銆傚皢骞寸硶琛ㄩ潰娓呮礂涓嬶紝鍒囨垚1CM鐨勬柟褰€傞攨鐑紝鍊掑叆閫傞噺鐨勬补銆傚皢鍒囧ソ鐨勫勾绯曟悂鍏ラ潰绯婂唴锛屽厖鍒嗚姣忓潡骞寸硶閮芥簿涓婇潰绯娿€傚緟娌规湁涓冨叓鐑For example, the tea is a chain of nine chains, and it ‘s a bit of a squeeze. It ‘s tweeted. It ‘s tweeted. It ‘s a squeeze. It ‘s so easy to use.2.骞寸硶鍒囩墖寰呯敤锛涢潰绮夋斁鍏ョ涓紝鎵撳叆楦¤泲锛涘姞鍏ラ€傞噺姘达紝璋冨寑鍒舵垚绯婄姸锛涘皢鍒囧ソ鐨勫勾绯曟斁鍏ラ潰绯婁腑锛涘潎鍖€瑁逛笂涓€灞傞潰绯婏紝鏀惧叆鐑х儹鐨勬补閿呬腑锛涚偢鑷抽噾榛勮壊锛屽嵆鍙崬鍑恒€傚悆鏃跺彲浠ユ祰涓婁竴浜涚孩绯栨按銆?3.骞寸硶鍒囩墖锛屽皢2~3涓浮铔嬫墦鍖€锛岄攨閲屽€掓补锛岀瓑娌圭儳鐑紝灏嗗垏鐗囩殑骞寸硶鍦ㄨ泲娑查噷瑁逛竴瑁癸紝涓嬫补閿呴噷寮€濮嬬厧锛屼袱闈㈤兘寰楃厧锛岀敤绛峰瓙鎴充竴鎴冲勾绯曡蒋浜嗗氨鍙互澶瑰嚭閿呬簡銆傚勾绯曚笉瑕佸垏寰楀お鍘氾紝涓嶇劧涓嶅ソ鍚冦€?.骞寸硶鍒囨垚灏忛暱鏉★紝鍔犲叆铔嬫恫涓紝鎼呮媽锛岃骞寸硶鍧囧寑娌句笂铔嬫恫銆傚彇涓€鍧椾簯鍚炵毊锛岃竟瑙掓秱涓婅泲娑诧紝鎶婂勾绯曟斁涓婂寘濂姐€傚勾绯曞寘濂界殑鏍峰瓙锛屽儚绯栨灉涓€鑸紝涓ゅご寰井鍘嬩竴涓嬶紝璁╀簯鍚炵毊鍖呰9濂藉勾绯曘€傚寘浜嗘弧婊′竴纰燂紝鍐烽攨涓嬫补锛屽ぇ鐏嚦娌规俯鍗Back to the top of the list, I do n’t think about it, I donate it and return it to the front of the field. It ‘s simple. It ‘s very difficult to use it. It ‘s very difficult to use it. It ‘s not easy to use tweezers.广€傞鑴嗙殑鐨勫勾绯曞氨鐐稿ソ鍟︺€備竴瀹氳瓒佺儹鍚冿紝澶栬剢鍐呰蒋锛岀壒鍒ソ鍚冦€?

FTSE Russell expands capacity in three steps: Divide by 25% to see full list

FTSE Russell expands capacity in three steps: Divide by 25% to see full list

A shares welcome again!

The latest news shows that FTSE Russell announced the quarterly adjustment results of its flagship index in February 2020.

This quarterly adjustment raised the separation factor for A shares from 15% to 25%.

  The total increase of 141 fractional stocks shows that the flagship index FTSE Global Equity Index Series has replaced 88 Chinese A-shares, of which 10 are A-shares in the broader market, 7 are A-shares in the mid-cap market, and 67 are in the small-cap A-share market.There were 4 A shares; in addition, some odd shares were readjusted in accordance with the market value. Only Yongyi was excluded from micro-cap stocks, and a total of 141 odd shares were added.

The above changes became effective after the close on March 20th (before the opening on March 23rd).

  What does not involve the science and technology board at all is that this time the FTSE A-share related index adjustment involves the science and technology board, and there are also Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks.

  Ranking, MSCI is more open to the science and technology board.

In MSCI’s first quarterly quarterly results of the 2020 index published on February 13, Jinshan Office, as the subject of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, also swapped the MSCI China All Stock Index (all MSCI China stocks) and the MSCI China A-Onshore Index (MSCI中国 A陆上)作为权重标的之一,而不是首次首次科创板标的获替代。
In November 2019, when the MSCI semi-annual index increased, the small-cap stocks of the MSCI China All-Share Index and the MSCI China A Onshore Index joined 12 science and technology board stocks. At the same time, China Pass was replaced by MSCI China A-shares.Large-cap stocks on the mainland.

  In the MSCI official exclusive response e company, the differences in A-share split conditions were also introduced.

To sum up, there are many categories of MSCI-related indexes, and the relevant standards for Chinese stocks are not the same. The standards for China Stock Connect trading still belong to the “MSCI China Index”.Companies are no exception.

  Or bring 4 billion US dollars of incremental funds. Before the adjustment, according to official information, the FTSE Russell replacement of the A-shares program was implemented in three steps. After the implementation of the adjustments, the proportion of A-shares replacement factors was reduced by 15% to 25%.Air Force, the first two steps of the plan have been implemented.

  On February 10, FTSE Russell stated that the expansion of the A-share split in the third quarter will proceed as scheduled and will not be affected by the epidemic.

Relative to the subsequent expansion of the inclusion index, FTSE Russell said that it is currently necessary to wait for the third 苏州夜网论坛 division to be completed before deciding how to conduct the next stage of market consultation and evaluation.

  According to historical experience, the expansion of foreign capital in A shares will trigger a large accumulation of funds.

Officially, e company conducted statistics on relevant data. On June 21, 2019, the effective date of the adjustment of the FTSE Russell index for the first split of A shares, the net inflow of funds from Northbound was $ 7.3 billion, and the net inflow of funds from Northbound was nearly 20 billion yuan.

  After the close on September 20 of the same year, the A-share division of the FTSE Russell Index and the expansion of S & P Dow Jones both carried out. On the same day, the capital of Northbound Shanghai bought a net 148.

At 6.2 billion yuan, the total net purchase of Zhou Bei’s funds exceeded 20 billion yuan.

  The Chuancai Stock Exchange stated in the research report that according to the official data of the FTSE Russell, the funds tracked by the FTSE Russell Global Stock Index System are about 1.

At USD 7 trillion, the size of passive “linked tracking” index funds accounts for about 80% -85%, and active “reference tracking” index funds account for 15% -20%.

After the completion of the three steps of the first phase of the A-shares FTSE Russell Index, it is estimated that it will bring about 2 billion, 40 billion, and 40 billion US dollars of passive tracking incremental funds.

  As the financial industry continues to open to the outside world, the three major international index companies, MSCI, FTSE Russell, and S & P Dow Jones, have separated A shares from their global index systems, and have successively increased the substitution factor.

  This week, the capital of Northbound Capital bought 6.5 billion this week, and the A-shares successfully traded for more than one trillion yuan in multiple days.

The capital of Kitakami also stepped up its layout, with a net purchase of 64 this week.

In terms of market value, it was 9.3 billion U.S. dollars. In order to increase market capital, Beihang increased its efforts to buy growth stocks in Shenzhen.

3 trillion, Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchase 52.

6.3 billion yuan.

  According to statistics, three shares of Guizhou Moutai, Wuliangye, and China National Travel Service were bought over 1 billion yuan by the Beijing Capital Fund this week, respectively 15.

700 million, 11.

6.9 billion, 10.

1.9 billion yuan.

Among them, China International Travel Service’s capital holdings and stock market values reached record highs, while Moutai in Guizhou and Wuliangye’s holdings reached new highs in more than half a year.

49 shares of BOE A, Mindray Medical, WuXi AppTec, Ningde Times were also net-purchased over 100 million yuan this week by Beijing Capital.

  Technology stocks have become the biggest winners this week. Beishang Capital has net purchases of over 100 million stocks this week, and nearly three have become electronics, computer, and communications technology stocks.

Recently, Ningde Times has successively reported related cooperation issues with Tesla, overlapping Tesla’s soaring in the US stock market, and the Northbound Funds continued to increase significantly after the holiday. This week, it invested 3 more.

7.8 billion Masukura more than 2.4 million shares, the total position increased from 47.13 million shares before the holiday to the current record high of 69.56 million shares, and successfully promoted to the north capital of 10 billion heavy stocks.

  Securities Times’s new media platform focused on listed companies

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): GMV strong growth under a high base, receivables turnover continues to improve

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): GMV strong growth under a high base, receivables turnover continues to improve

Investment points: Maintain Overweight rating: The company has a large user base, high cost-effective products, and rich experience in e-commerce operations. Maintain 2019 EPS to 0.



83 yuan, with reference to comparable companies and considering the recent pressure on consumption, giving about 26 times PE in 2019 with a target price of 12.

98 yuan.

  Strong growth above a high base, and receivables turnover continued to improve.

2019H1 company revenue 16.

3.4 billion, previously +32.

44%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

8.6 billion, an increase of 32.

37%, performance is in line with expectations.

Brand licensing income 3.

8.1 billion (+ 35% YoY).

64%), and Time Connect’s revenue grows by 33 per year.

74% to 12.

10 billion.

The company improved the level of supplier management, improved the performance evaluation system, and significantly improved the turnover days of accounts receivable, reducing at least 21 days to 89.

51 days.

  The high growth of social e-commerce boosted GMV growth.

Company GMV stock 109.

80 billion, up 61.


  By brand, the Antarctic GMV is 95.

400,000 yuan (+67 compared with the same period last year).

64%), Cadillac Crocodile and Classic Teddy 12.

6.6 billion and 8919.

370 thousand, +36 a year.

66%, +51.


Ali, Jingdong, social e-commerce and Vipshop have a GMV of 73.

6.2 billion, 17.

6.2 billion, 13.

60 billion, 4.

37 billion, an increase of 55.

64%, 37.

56% and 130.

74 and 167.

78%, omni-channel balanced development.  Currency conversion conversion 3.

20% every year -0.

93pct is mainly due to the company’s expansive policy support for highly competitive categories and new categories. The service rate of social e-commerce platforms with higher growth rates has been reduced.

  Open up big store strategy and strictly control quality.

The company complies with the flow rules of e-commerce channels, introduces big store strategies, integrates brand explosion capabilities and a strong supply chain, and quickly forms a scale effect.

Strategic cooperation with third-party quality inspection agencies, increase business supervision, hire industry experts to guide rectification, improve the supply chain partners’ entry and exit mechanisms, and provide comprehensive 深圳桑拿网 quality management.

  Risk reminder: Brand development is less than expected, e-commerce channels rely on risk, and accounts receivable risk

Collis (603808) 18-year performance analysis: net profit attributable to non-attributed mother +16.

The effect of 09% multi-brand collaborative development is gradually apparent

Collis (603808) 18-year performance analysis: net profit attributable to non-attributed mother +16.

The effect of 09% multi-brand collaborative development is gradually apparent

A brief review of performance in 2018 The company achieved revenue 24.

36 trillion, ten years +18.

66%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

65 trillion, +20 for ten years.

74%; net profit deducted from non-return to mother 3.

500 million, +16 a year.


The company plans to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for every 10 shares5.

25 yuan (including tax), a total of 1 cash dividend will be distributed.

7.5 billion.

The main brand of business analysis ELLASSAY achieved revenue of 10.

04 trillion, +4 ten years ago.

32%: In 2018, the ELLASSAY brand won the first place in the comprehensive market share of high-end women’s clothing in China.

The original ELLASSAY brand continued to optimize the channel structure. In 2018, there were 10 net closed stores (1 directly operated store and 9 distributed stores).

The increase in brand sales mainly comes from the promotion of same stores, and the average monthly store number of brands increases by 8%.

28%; among them, the monthly sales of directly-operated stores each increase by 10.


Growth brand Laurel, Ed Hardy series, IRO integration effect gradually emerged: ① Laurel brand revenue 1.

1.1 billion, ten years +14.

05%: In 2018, Laurel brand saw a net increase of 7 stores (3 directly-managed stores and 4 additional distribution stores).

②EdHardy series income 4.

98 trillion, ten years +14.


Ed Hardy brand net increase of 33 stores (among them 6 directly-managed stores, 27 net increase in distribution stores).

③ IRO revenue 5.

670,000 yuan, of which in 2018 Q2-Q4 achieved revenue4.

2.1 billion, +6 a year.

79% (because the IRO brand was officially consolidated in April 2017).

IRO-branded stores initialized directly-operated stores, with a net increase of 16 stores in 2018.

The incubation period of brand VT and JeanPaulKnott’s store expansion in 2019 is worth looking forward to. Baiqiu e-commerce has maintained rapid growth: ① VT achieved revenue of 9.97 million 上海夜网论坛 yuan and has opened 13 terminal stores.

② The company acquired the ownership of JeanPaulKnott in Greater China through a joint venture, and will establish a terminal store in 2019.

Baiqiu Network achieved revenue in 20182.

20 ppm, +55 a year.

42%; net profit is 6005.

450,000 yuan, +19 a year.

97%. The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin for the 18 years was 68.

21%, about -0.

63pct; net operating cycle extended by 24.

9 days: The sales expense rate is ten years +1.

1pct to 29.

98%; management expense ratio (including research and development expenses) for ten years -1.

27 points to 13.


18 years of the company’s inventory turnover days for decades +24 days, accounts receivable turnover days for decades +4 days, accounts payable days +3 days each time.

Affected by the increase in the number of days in the net operating cycle, the operating 武汉夜网论坛 cash flow was ten years.


Investment suggestion: Collision’s group operation has achieved initial results, and the coordinated development of multiple brands has become the company’s new performance growth engine.

It is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 4 respectively.

3.3 billion, 5.

4.0 billion, 5.

75 ppm, the current market value corresponds to PE of 13x / 11x / 9x, maintaining the level.

Risk Warning: Growth of mid- to high-end women’s clothing, multi-brand integration is less than expected, risk of goodwill impairment, and restricted stocks lifted

The child’s IQ is related to the growing environment

The child’s IQ is related to the growing environment

[Introduction]In addition to the genetic intelligence, nutrition, and early intelligence development of children, the child’s IQ level is also related to the acquired environment.

Tests conducted by French experts of Tranquility Puzzle showed that when the noise was 55 decibels, the child’s misunderstanding was implanted4.

3%, and when the noise is above 60 dB, the understanding error rate rises to 15%.

Therefore, children should be avoided as much as possible from the interference of various noises, in order to facilitate intellectual development and improve academic performance.

Harmonious family, harmonious atmosphere, full of affection can increase children’s intelligence.

The bad family environment worsens the child’s mood, depression, loneliness, and reduced growth hormone, resulting in the child’s short stature and lowered IQ.

An American physiologist tracked a group of children for 10 years, and found that children who like to deal with adults since the third grade of primary school have better academic performance.

Therefore, parents should encourage their children to leave the family and make friends with their peers and older children and even adults.

Aromatic puzzle scientists believe that children living in an aromatic environment have obvious advantages in terms of vision, perception, and ability to receive and imitate.This kind of good stimulus can make people feel relaxed and high, increase the sensitivity of hearing, smell and thinking, and further improve IQ.

The color puzzle light blue, yellow-green and orange-yellow can invigorate the spirit and improve learning attention.

Black, brown, and white can damage intelligence and reduce IQ.

Therefore, hanging some hanging pictures or banners with a light blue background above the opening in the child’s room or classroom will help the child’s intellectual development.

King of restrained popularity-glutinous rice

King of restrained popularity-glutinous rice

The production of glutinous rice is not high, but the popularity is very strong. Whether it is dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival, the popular glutinous rice chicken wings, or the rice cakes common on the Shanghai breakfast table, it always wins the hearts of everyone.
  What is the reason for the much-loved pastry ingredients?
From the New Year’s Day cake, the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, all the way to the Qingming regiment, Chongyang’s cake, and the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings and Lixia’s pea sticky rice, which is not the most sought after king of the season?
The deity of the King of Thousand Noodles is glutinous rice. Of course, it has not yet included the mixed army of rice cakes, glutinous rice and chicken wings.
So in case the grain and grain industry will strike a union someday, the size of rice can be comparable to French subway workers, making people unable to work and live normally, and glutinous rice can be comparable to the Hollywood Screenwriters Association. It originally existed in life.I’m afraid the joy is much less.
If the production of glutinous rice is reduced, the cake group shop and Jiaxing people may be worried.
  The glutinous rice is sticky and rich in nutrition. The glutinous rice produced by glutinous rice, which accounts for only one tenth of the country ‘s rice planting area, feels very restrained.
From a scientific and logical point of view, glutinous rice can become the king of popularity in the dim sum world, and it has its advantages.
First, things are rare.
Glutinous rice was originally produced in less mass than rice, so even grandfathers knew that glutinous rice was more expensive to sell than fragrant rice in supermarkets.
Secondly, glutinous rice is quite rich in nutrients, not only rich in protein, fat, sugars, starch, etc., but also has the effects of tonifying qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and suppressing asthma.
Sun Simiao, a “medicine saint” in the Tang Dynasty, praised it as “the spleen should be eaten, and the qi should be relieved.”
“Ben Jing Feng Yuan” said that it “is beneficial to the spleen and lungs, and facilitates urination.”
  From the analysis of the mouth, most of the food made from glutinous rice are fragrant and sticky, and they are pleasantly surprised when they look gentle and flat.
In addition, psychologically, the constant feeling of glutinous rice makes people feel very suitable for the kind of reunion. Although they are in all directions, they always have bonds. Of course, “藕” can also achieve this effect, but it has become silk.Unlike the glutinous rice snacks, the involved part is more real, making both the cook and the eater feel very shelfless and happy to eat.
  The most important thing about glutinous rice is that if there is a character in the grain, the glutinous rice must belong to the wild type.
Whether it is sticky rice chicken wings in Cantonese cuisine or sticky rice pig hands in this dish, or sticky rice sausages and Meng Fu promised Kong Ming to present pea sticky rice every year, whether it is big coffee or small coffee, glutinous rice can cooperate aggressivelyThere are new and different feelings.
In this environment that emphasizes “harmony”, the advantage of being able to match with many types of ingredients is really a bit like that a talented student in the Department of Mathematics is going to work for the Intelligence Agency, in which department and who is the best match.
With strength, and can cooperate with other food ingredients across borders, this is the “fan” of the boss.
  Of course, no matter how high the prestige, how good the temper, how broad-minded and get along with the boss, we must always take necessary precautions.
Here, the so-called old nature refers to the food of glutinous rice, and those who need to be cautious are those who try to eat it.
Not everyone is suitable for glutinous rice in all states.
“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “The sticky rice is difficult to stick to, and children and patients are most jealous of it.
“Decoction with Herbal Medicine”: “Eat more faint and viscera, slow muscles and bones, hair style, dampness and heat, known as phlegm fever, wind disease and spleen disease can not be transferred to those who can be transferred into the product”. In addition, glutinous rice isTo make you drunk. “