JD Logistics: Will launch terminal facilities combining drones, unmanned vehicles and smart cabinets

JD Logistics: Will launch terminal facilities combining drones, unmanned vehicles and smart cabinets
On April 28th, Chief Architect of Jingdong Logistics Technology Development Department and person in charge of 2025 Lab Wenming said in an interview with Sauna, Yewang that in the future, Jingdong Logistics will launch the end of the combination of drones, unmanned vehicles and smart cabinetsFacilities, “Some say the combination of intelligent express cabinets and unmanned vehicles, the combination of drones and unmanned vehicles, these will all go to the ground and do it.”The layout of the cutting-edge on the intelligent end, Zhe Wenming said that Jingdong Logistics will lay out from two dimensions, namely the brain and the limbs. The brain will use AI, 5G Internet of Things and other technologies to optimize operations.In terms of limbs, JD Logistics will continue to invest in terminal distribution facilities such as robots and vehicles.There is no problem in the future to break through the help of 5G and achieve unmanned distribution on a real scale.”Through this epidemic, I think everyone is more aware of it, no contact, remote, unmanned attention.”Zhe Wenming said that in the future, 5G, the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, simulated robots, blockchain and brain-computer interfaces will all become core technology trends.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao editor Wang Jinyu school against Chun Zeng

FIRST in an epidemic: There are a few film noirs that will surprise you on June 1

FIRST in an epidemic: There are a few film noirs that will surprise you on June 1
Affected by the new crown epidemic, many countries around the world have imposed restrictions on large gatherings. The awards ceremonies of major international film festivals have also been affected by the epidemic, and have been announced to be cancelled or conducted in the form of online screenings.The 14th FIRST Youth Film Exhibition, which has attracted much attention, is still being organized in an orderly manner during the epidemic. Among them, the FIRST film market segment and the VC investment section continued to be collected. A total of 673 film projects were received, including81% is a debut film; currently, 36% of the unfinished films are registered in the project, and the industry screening is still accepting applications.Although affected by the epidemic, this year’s festival registration has improved and faced with other uncertainties, but FIRST Film Festival still chooses antiques in Xining on July 21st.Sauna Yee exclusive interview with Ning Wei, director of FIRST film marketing and promotion, they said that FIRST will cancel the invitation of foreign guest judges this year, and the exhibition unit may consider a flexible screening format, but FIRST still has noCancel the show plan.For the 39th Hong Kong Golden Awards, she chose to broadcast the award form online on May 6th. She also thinks that it can only be said that it is a helpless move during a special period, and it does not make much sense. This award form is actually a film festival.A common last resort.[Script evaluation]The number has declined, and the epidemic has deteriorated. There are more than ten sauna night nets: It is less than 100 days from this year’s film exhibition. What is the focus of the work recently?Kick-off: The initial review of the venture capital committee has just ended, and the competition solicitation is terminated until April 30.There are a total of four rounds of evaluation in the venture capital sector. The first three rounds are all different stages of evaluation screening. In this first phase, nearly 100 projects from 673 projects are selected for review, and 30-40 projects are selected for reviewThe preliminary evaluation determines the annual selected movie plan that leads directly to Xining, and makes a public statement for the annual final review, competing for the film market income.The initial review of the first stage of the VC recently has been successfully completed. The solicitation of film industry screenings is still in progress and will end on May 26.This year’s overall business genre script quality is better than in previous years, but the impact of the epidemic has caused a decline. Last year, there were 732 projects, and this year it was 673.The data of the venture capital of the 14th FIRST Youth Film Exhibition in 2020.Sauna Night Net: How have the scripts and videos received this year changed from previous years? Will high-word-of-mouth movies such as “Maze of Hearts”, “August” and “Spring Water Plumbing” once appeared in FIRST will restrict young creators’ thinking?Substitution: At present, the preliminary examination of the competition unit is still in progress.Judging from the quality of the scripts in the venture capital unit, there are still several film noir works this year that are very impressive.I think it is quite normal for young directors ‘debuts to properly copy some excellent master works or to mark the excellent works of previous years, but what we value more is that the authors can have more of their own exploration and independent expression outside of“ imitation ”Is the core.As far as venture capital units are concerned, this year’s chance of “explosion” will be wide.The creative vitality of the young people is very strong. Everyone ‘s starting point is to hope to be better than the previous works, and they will not use the previous works as the ceiling. I think most creators will be like this.2019 FIRST Ventures public presentation site.Sauna Night Net: Everyone generally thinks that the epidemic can give creators a better environment and more time. What is the feedback here?Are there any creations that use the epidemic as rehabilitation?Playing for us: We also expected this from the beginning, and felt that everyone can create with peace of mind during the house and receive more projects, but the actual situation is completely different from what we imagined.During the epidemic, creators who are developing projects originally continued to create according to the progress of the project, but the amount of information exploded every day, and they might even suddenly feel closer to the entire world. These will have a particularly great impact on the creation.There are also some creators who are affected by the epidemic and have more fresh and exciting creative inspiration and desire to express. They abandon the original project and create a new project, but our collection time remains unchanged, and there will be a large number of new projects that cannot be completed.Indirectly also affects the final delivery quantity.In terms of about, about 10-20 based on the epidemic material, most of these scripts are recognized by realism, but unfortunately they are not very mature, basically there is a problem of thin plots and insufficient expression.[Preparation for the film festival]Flexible adjustment of the screening format, the jury announced the jury sauna night net: affected by the epidemic, the current national theater is still not open, many audiences dare not go to the theater, do you think this situation will affect the normal holding of this year’s film exhibition?Substitution: The impact is definitely there, it can only be said that all sections of the organizing committee are prepared according to the normal release time, and at the same time, they will also make preparations for the plan.Part of the work in the film market, the specific implementation method will be more like an exhibition event, and the aggregation density is relatively controllable. It is not necessary to be in a closed venue in the theater, in various anti-epidemic processes such as safe disinfection and temperature measurement, which is relatively better than the theater.Watching heroes are small.As for exhibitions, if the epidemic situation continues at that time, we may flexibly adjust the projection format to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention.Diao Yinan, chairman of the 2019 FIRST Youth Film Exhibition Evaluation Committee.Sauna Night Network: Will the cancellation of the invitation of foreign guest judges be considered in view of the epidemic situation?Substitution: The situation of inviting international guests this year is definitely very difficult.In previous years, FIRST invited international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan judges to participate in the various activities of the film festival. Normally, invitations have been issued since January and February. Due to the epidemic, almost the world ‘s film industry is basically stagnant. This is the only FIRSTFaced with the situation, the entire international film industry environment has been affected, and the coping strategies of different countries are different.Therefore, it is difficult to invite international guest judges to participate this year.Our selection of judges every year is not simply considering inviting first-line filmmakers, but from the overall jury system to comprehensively consider the diversity of judges’ identities. Every year we also have annual themes, including inviting judges to conduct measurements according to the theme.This year the organizing committee will announce the review committee on June 1st. I believe it will surprise everyone.Sauna Night: If the film festival is postponed at the North Film Festival, you may also choose the time period from July to August. Do you think FIRST Film Festival will compete for media and public resources in July?Ning Wei: I do n’t think so at all. It is precisely because of the impact of the epidemic on the entire film industry, everyone naturally formed a community of destiny. There is a sense of synergy between them. They are all looking for the hope that the film still exists in the stagnation stage.To maintain the connection with the audience in various ways, I hope that the film industry can restart as soon as possible and resume recovery.If the FIRST Film Festival is on schedule, it is hoped that it will be a warm gathering opportunity. At that time, the original inherent identity may have complex meanings. The media is the only media, and as an industry related person, the audience will not have an audience.It is a witness of the entire film ecological change under the epidemic. If everyone comes together because of the restart, that kind of resonance has eliminated the boundaries between different festivals and exhibitions.Cao Baoping, instructor of FIRST Youth Film Exhibition Training Camp.Sauna Nightnet: This year’s film market is relatively weak. Will this put more pressure on young creators?Will the festival provide corresponding assistance measures?Replacement: Many films this year were affected by the epidemic and could not be completed as scheduled. These unfinished films cannot be delivered to the competition unit. We will expect them to enter the industry screening unit.Compared with competitions, exhibitions, and venture capital meetings, industrial screening is the youngest segment of the FIRST system and a service segment. The goal is to find the content that the market just needs, and to provide better industry resources to the film side to promote its follow-up.Some financing, issuance, and publicity.Generally speaking when talking about FIRST, everyone will naturally think of independent film works, and some commercial type elements or audience-oriented works will be less.The core of industrial screening is to find works that are just needed in the market, and there is no distinction between author movies and commercial movies. There is only the difference between good-looking and bad-looking.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Zhao Lin

[How to make Tianshan Snow Lotus Soup]_ 雪莲 _How to match

[How to make Tianshan Snow Lotus Soup]_ 雪莲 _How to match

There are many ingredients in life that can be used for soups, and people’s meals can often be added with soup.

Because drinking soup can absorb the nutrients in the ingredients, but also helps to change some of the worst material elements in the body.

Alpine snow lotus is a Chinese medicinal material. If it is added to the soup, it can promote people’s health. But how to make Tianshan snow lotus soup?

In addition to being able to make wine, dried Tianshan Snow Lotus is also good for soup.

Many friends got Tianshan Snow Lotus in their hands but didn’t know what to do.

Let’s learn how to make soup in dried Tianshan Snow Lotus.

Preparation materials: 10 grams of dried Tianshan Snow Lotus, one black chicken, ginger, salt, and edible oil.

Practices: 1. First, add dried Tianshan Snow Lotus into flowing water for a while, and drain the water for later use.

2. Black chicken goes to the internal organs and cut into large pieces for later use.

3, prepare a slightly larger stew pot, put black chicken, Tianshan snow lotus, ginger slices, a small amount of salt, plus an appropriate amount of water.

4, the stew pot water bath, stew for 2 hours, and finally eat meat and soup.

Efficacy: It can compress kidney and aphrodisiac, regulate menstruation and blood circulation, and also regulate the stomach and intestines, adjust the endocrine to balance it. It can naturally dispel freckles and improve the body’s immunity.

In the cold environment, Tianshan Snow Lotus still shows a spirited attitude and white form. It contains rich nutrients such as protein, amino acids, flavonoids and alkaloids. Let ‘s take a look at the dry Tianshan Snow Lotus together.What are the benefits?

Dry Tianshan Snow Lotus is a mild drug with the effects of analgesic and blood circulation, warming the kidney and helping the sun, and removing wind and dehumidification. It is mainly aimed at rheumatoid arthritis and impotence, women’s irregular menstruation, cold abdominal pain, and red vaginal discharge.Good therapeutic effect.

In addition, the vitamin C in Tianshan Snow Lotus can soften blood vessels, reduce anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing effects, while avoiding slight accumulation in the body, help improve microcirculation, and make the skin elastic and shiny.

Most importantly, Tianshan Snow Lotus can also block the carcinogenicity of chemicals, which leads to the purpose of preventing cancer, fighting cancer and treating cancer, which has attracted the attention of people and scientists.

[How to make potato chips delicious and crispy]

[How to make potato chips delicious and crispy]

In the past, in the north, potatoes and cabbage were stored every winter, because potatoes and cabbage are easy to preserve, and they can be eaten in the cellar for a winter. Today, potatoes are even more popular.Tightly locked everyone’s stomachs. If you want to fry potato chips at home, it is difficult to fry them crispy and crispy. So let ‘s take a look with Xiaobian today to find out how to fry and crispy French fries.Right.

1. Prepare two to three potatoes first (the number of potatoes is not particular, and the food can be increased or decreased according to their own tastes!)

) 2. After peeling the potatoes, wash them clean, then cut the potatoes into thin strips. Just cut them according to the size that everyone usually eats. Try not to be too wide, because it is not easy to fry if it is too wide. In terms of lengthKeep it as long as possible, so that the technical considerations for everyone are relatively small.

3. Soak the potatoes in salt water for about five to eight minutes. This will make the potatoes taste salty, because we all know that the potatoes are sweet. If you do not soak them in salt water, the fried potatoes will be sweet and a little greasy.

4. Take out the potatoes that have been soaked in salt water, add them to boiling water and cook for 2 minutes on high heat. You can take out the potatoes after they are cooked. Do not cook them for too long, because they will make the potatoes too soft.It may not form when fried, everyone must remember!

5. Remove the boiled potatoes and put them in a netted basket to drain the water.

6. Put the drained potatoes in the refrigerator and freeze them. When you want to eat them, just fry them!

Just buy the brand of ketchup you want from the supermarket!

how about it?

Let’s try it!

The fried potatoes must be fragrant and crispy, or if you have any other tricks, please leave a message to share!

[Creating chicken nuggets is simple and delicious]_How to make_How to make

It ‘s very difficult to get a good look at it. It ‘s very difficult to get a good idea. It ‘s very difficult to get a good idea. It ‘s very difficult to fix it. It ‘s very difficult to do it. It ‘s a good idea.噺浣庯紝钀ュ吇鍙堢編鍛炽€傛瘮璧风尓鑲夛紝楦¤倝杩樺瘜鍚皑鍩洪吀鍜岀⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿锛屼篃鏄噺鑲ヤ竴鏃忕殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄦ潵婧愪箣涓€銆傞浮鑲夌殑鍚冩硶鏈夊緢澶氾紝涓嬮潰鎴戜滑鏉ョ湅鐪嬬畝鍗曞張濂藉悆鐨勯浮鍧楀仛娉曘€?Key 叕 楦 櫴 鍙?鍘熸枡锛氳€佸叕楦?鍙?500 嬏 嬶 麴 撜 揕 500 鍏 嬶 麴 闱 掔 幔 兔 响 咍0Are you going to be so beautiful?How to draw a picture? How to draw a picture? 50. Find a picture. Find a picture. 50 Find a picture. Drill a picture. Find a picture. Find a picture. Find a picture. Find a picture. Find a picture. Find out 100.00 鍏 嬶 橶 ц 投 銆 丸  钖?0 鍏?Adorable?1銆佸皢楦″鏉€娌诲噣锛屽墎鎴愬ぇ灏忓潎鍖€52鍧楀鐢紝灏嗙墰钂″幓鐨敼鎴?.2 Nao Nan Nan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xing Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan?銆佸皢閿呬笂鐏紝鏀惧叆娣峰悎娌硅嚦180搴︽椂锛屾斁鍏ラ夯妞掋€佽姳妞掋€佽懕銆佸銆佸共杈f锛屾斁鍏ラ浮鍧楋紝鐐掑埗鍑洪鍛虫椂锛屾斁鍏ョ倰楦$矇銆侀叡娌广€侀珮姹わ紝鍏ラ攨鍘嬪埗18鍒嗛挓锛屾斁姘旓What’s the matter?Recognizing that there is no need to identify the difference between the two parties, the difference between them, the difference between them, the difference between them, the difference between them, and the fact that they are not in the same way.倰楦$殑鍘熸堡銆佺墰钂★紝鐓ㄨ嚦10鍒嗛挓銆傛斁鍏ヨ€佹娊锛岃皟濂借壊娉斤紝鏀鹃潚绾㈡浠讹紝缈荤倰鍧囧寑锛岃鐩樺嵆鎴愩€?鐗圭偣锛氶夯杈i矞棣欙紝鑲夎川绛嬮亾銆佺埥婊戯紝鐗涜挕棣欒荆椴滆剢锛岃惀鍏讳赴瀵屻€佽ˉ鑲惧仴浣擄紝鑽敤浠峰€兼瀬楂樸€?

See through the semi-annual report data-private equity strategy reveals these sections become the new darling of private equity

See through the semi-annual report data: private equity strategy reveals these sections become the new darling of private equity
Through the data of the semi-annual report, the secret of the private placement strategy is revealed!These sectors have become the new front-line private equity favorite. The semi-annual report duplication of A-share listed companies has gradually come to an end. For the overall performance of listed companies in the first half of 2019, the interpretation and response strategies of front-line private equity institutions have been freshly released.  The merger private equity believes that the overall performance of listed companies in the first half of the year was neutral, and the performance of companies in different industries and different fundamentals showed polarization.  In this context, the “change and invariance” of long-term private equity institutions’ investment strategies after the interim report are also very distinctive.At least, for the strong traditional consumer industry leading stocks that have been continuing this year, most of the front-line private placements have reorganized the aesthetic fatigue; gradually, in the change of the plate layout, new consumption, 5G, high-tech, and pharmaceuticals are becoming three major sectors.The new darling of private equity.  The performance of the first half of the year was significantly different. Fan Bo, vice president of Bedrock Capital, said that from the semi-annual report disclosed as of August 26, the overall performance of A-share listed companies in the first half of this year was affected by factors such as macroeconomics and external environment.There are differences in neutrality, and the performance of different industries has also significantly differentiated.  He pointed out that there have been changes. In the past few years, restructuring industries that have benefited from the progress of supply-side reforms and better performance, such as coal and iron and steel, the overall performance of the first half of this year is unsatisfactory, and the performance of many companies has shown negative growth.Case.At the same time, the stocks with relatively good performance are mainly concentrated in the consumer sector and the high-tech sector, such as liquor companies and some 5G network construction-related companies.  According to research from CICC, as of August 19, according to the performance statistics of listed companies that have disclosed their semi-annual results, the performance of industries such as automobiles, steel, non-ferrous metals, media and the Internet has been significantly biased; and real estate, communications, catering, etc.Tourism, securities, insurance and other industries experienced rapid growth.  In addition, Liu Tianjun, general manager and investment director of Taiyuan Assets, further statistically analyzed that, as of August 26, from the disclosed results of listed companies ‘interim reports, in the first half of 苏州夜网论坛 2019, A-share listed companies (excluding incomparable) reported the overall netProfit growth rate 16.0%, a slight increase of 1 over the first quarter.2 averages.Among them, the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors as a whole still maintained high growth under a high performance base; non-bank financial, banking, and real estate performance growth was also relatively high; the rest of the relatively better performance of machinery and light industry,Electronics, computer and other industries.  The characteristics of institutional investor layout are clear. From the perspective of the top ten circulating shareholders who have disclosed half-yearly reports on A-share listed companies, until the middle of this year, public offerings, foreign institutions, etc. mostly increased their positions around the main line of performance and white horse blue chips.  According to Fan Bo’s analysis, from the perspective of the institutional capital trends reflected in the semi-annual report, foreign allocations are mostly industry-leading companies with a relatively high degree of prosperity, such as liquor leaders, household appliance leaders, and some technology-leading companies.Public offerings, private placements, and insurance funds have similar characteristics.  Liu Tianjun said that with the end of the first quarter, the public funds mainly increased their positions in the food and beverage, home appliances, banking and transportation industries.As of August 26, more than 7 of the top 10 stocks held by public funds were consumer stocks.Among them, Midea Group entered the top ten heavy stocks of public funds in the second quarter, and Vanke A exited the top ten heavy stocks of public funds.  In fact, in the second quarter, foreign funds mainly increased non-bank financial, banking, food and beverage and transportation sectors.As of August 26, 5 of the top 10 foreign holdings were consumer stocks; Gree Electric entered the top 10 foreign stocks in the second quarter, and Yangtze Power exited the top 10 stocks.  Judging from the rise and fall performance of major A-share stock indexes since this year, large market value indexes such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50, which reflect the operation of the White Horse Blue Chip, have also significantly outperformed small market value indexes such as the CSI 500 and CSI 1000.  Mainstream Private Equity Focuses on “One Old, Three New” With regard to investment strategies after the interim reporting season, mainstream private equity institutions are currently “seeking stability” and “seeking change”, focusing on the four aspects of “one old, three new” investment opportunities.  Liu Tianjun said that from the second half of 2019 to 2020, there may be some pressure on China’s macro economy, but the government still has many policy tools to use, and investors can still take a relatively optimistic attitude towards the development prospects of the Chinese economy.In the period of rapid economic growth, there will still be good companies able to deliver fairly bright performance growth.Good companies with large consumption and pharmaceuticals are highly determinative of their performance in the coming year, while high-quality companies in the technology field may have good or even unexpected performance in the coming year, and they need to do in-depth industry research.  In this context, Liu Tianjun analyzes that good companies in large consumer sectors such as high-end liquors have high certainty over the next year, and this sector will continue to be the focus of this private equity institution.In addition, in addition to continuing to track the prosperity of high-end liquor, the private equity institution will continue to focus on other three investment opportunities.The first is to increase attention to condiments and leisure sportswear, and to actively understand new consumer needs and business formats; the second is to increase the breadth and depth of the sector’s coverage in the pharmaceutical field, especially to track the future health of innovative drugs and high-end medical devices.An important development direction of the industry; Third, in the field of science and technology, the agency will increase industrial research in the electronics and communications fields, understand the industry changes brought about by 5G commercialization, and actively seek investment in 5G upstream components and downstream smart wearable devicesopportunity.  Guo Feng, chairman of Shi Feng Assets, said that in terms of the comprehensive semi-annual report and the recent overall performance of the A-shares, the core assets represented by high-quality leading stocks in the traditional large consumer sector will continue to be valued if there is a downward trend.  In addition, Fan Bo further analyzed and said that after the interim reporting season, Bedrock Capital will mainly be optimistic about investment opportunities in 5G, high-tech, new energy and other sectors.For example, some industries that benefit from 5G, such as front-end network construction, 5G mobile phone replacement wave, placement applications, cloud computing, edge computing, data center and other sub-sectors of high-quality listed companies, are expected to appear very good investment opportunities.On the whole, the private equity institution will actively look for blue chip stocks in related technology industries, with a total market value of 10 to 50 billion in the “invisible champion” in the technology segment.  The latest statistical calculations from CICC show that as of August 23, technology stocks have accounted for about 8% of the total market value of Northbound funds holding shares, with a total of about 300 technology stocks.In essence, since 2010, the annualized rate of return for foreign heavy storage technology stocks has reached 30%.

Jinzhou Pipeline (002443): Benefit from the establishment of the pipeline company is expected to resume high growth

Jinzhou Pipeline (002443): Benefit from the establishment of the pipeline company is expected to resume high growth
Investment logic The annual demand for natural gas has grown rapidly, and the overall supply has been tight.Since 2017, 北京夜网 China’s natural gas market has been affected by the stability of the macro economy and the impact of environmental protection policies. The national natural gas consumption has grown rapidly and has resumed double-digit growth.The growth rate of natural gas consumption in 2017 and 2018 was 15.31% and 18.12%.The current growth rate of natural gas production is much lower than the growth rate of consumption, and its external dependence has rapidly increased to 45.3%.The construction of the pipeline network is lagging behind, and new gas sources and pipeline companies have been established to promote pipeline construction.The annual average growth rate of natural gas pipelines in 2015-2018 was only 5.9%, lagging behind the “13th Five-Year Plan” annual average growth rate of 10.2% target.The National Development and Reform Commission explicitly put forward “the establishment of a national 无锡夜网 oil and gas pipeline network company to achieve separation of pipeline transmission and sales.”We expect the National Oil and Gas Pipeline Company to be established within this year.The establishment of the national pipeline network company will vigorously promote the pipeline construction plan in accordance with the government’s goals and increase the speed of pipeline network construction.We estimate that by 2025, the investment in natural gas pipelines will be close to RMB 1 trillion, and the investment in related pipe materials will be nearly RMB 500 billion. The steel pipe industry has had excess capacity for a long time, and the supply and demand pattern is expected to improve: in recent years, the capacity of welded pipes has gradually increased.From 2000 to 2014, the proportion of global output from 13.2% rose to 65.9%.At present, there is a serious overcapacity in steel pipes, and the industry’s market concentration is low, and market competition is fierce.We believe that the scale of supply and demand is expected to improve: the increase in demand for gas sources and the establishment of pipeline companies will promote pipeline construction, pipeline investment will increase, and demand will increase; on the supply side, in the context of excess steel pipe production capacity, corresponding companies will adjust their product structure and export capacityWith the consolidation of backward production capacity to withdraw from the market, supply will fall.The trend of oversupply in the steel pipe industry will be alleviated to some extent, and the industry will gradually pick up. The company’s production capacity was initially released and its performance resumed growth: The company’s total investment in 30 tons of steel pipe production projects was put into production in 2015 and 2019.The company’s pipeline production and sales have increased significantly. In 2018, production and sales continued to maintain high growth, reaching 94 respectively.07 early and 91.44 Initially, each increased by 14 each year.19% and 12.18%.The company has strong R & D capabilities, complete product categories and strong customer resources in the steel pipe industry. We believe that the company will have obvious advantages in the new round of pipeline construction. The company’s performance has rebounded significantly since 2017, with operating income of 48 in 2018.08 billion, an annual increase of 24.47%, net profit attributable to mother is 1.9.1 billion, an increase of 17 in ten years.44%.We expect that through the acceleration of pipeline construction, the company will benefit significantly and its performance will continue to grow. The investment proposal estimates that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 58.4.7 billion, 69.3.8 billion and 80.920,000 yuan, corresponding to the net profit attributable to the mother is 2.3.8 billion, 3.0.8 billion and 3.870,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.46, 0.59 and 0.74, corresponding to PE is 17, 13, 10 times.Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating. The construction speed of risk pipelines failed to meet expectations, the industry’s low-price competition caused a decline in gross profit margins, and the project progress fell short of expectations.

Hikvision (002415): Minutes of Hikvision AI CLOUD Conference Transform from AI Platform Company to AI + Data Platform Company

Hikvision (002415): Minutes of Hikvision AI CLOUD Conference Transform from AI Platform Company to AI + Data Platform Company

Event On March 29th, we participated in the Hikvision “Intelligent Money Pool” AI Cloud Conference in Hangzhou.

We noticed that compared with last year’s AI Cloud conference, this year Haikang focused on expanding the company’s understanding of the value of data and data protection.

Hikvision President Hu Yangzhong pointed out that the future of intelligence is the combination of the Internet of Things and the information network, and in which data collection, analysis and processing play a great role.

We think that Haikang is gradually extending from the AI platform company to the edge, realizing data collection, analysis and processing of full stack services.

The company is transforming from an AI platform company to an AI + data platform company.

Commenting on the intelligent IoT, the integration of material and information, and welcoming the new era of intelligence: Hikvision President Hu Yangzhong pointed out that the core feature of the future intelligent era is the ubiquitous IoT, and the ubiquitous IoT includes intelligent IoT and IoT fusion.

Intelligent Internet of Things means that all objects and scenes in the future will be intelligent, and a single intelligence is not enough. It must be closely linked through the network to function, and the connection between intelligent objects and information systems depends on physical information.Integration.

Release of AI Cloud Fusion Data Platform: Dr. Bi Huijuan, Senior Vice President of Hikvision, released the AI Cloud Fusion Data Platform.

The platform mainly includes horizontal cross-network integration, preliminary cross-layer convergence, and three types of dual-network applications.

Cross-cross-network fusion is to collect data from sensors and other IoT devices for cleaning and structuring, and transform them into data that can be integrated into the information network; later, fuse these data with data in the information network; finally, cluster the data according to certain rules., And provide application development services based on fusion data in the information network.

Vertical cross-layer convergence means that the platform will provide a data platform cascading function to support data to be aggregated upward in both the intelligent Internet of Things and the information network.

The three types of dual-network applications refer to three types of applications that can be developed by combining AI and the material information fusion data platform: edge node single-scenario applications, edge domain space-time domain applications, and cloud center macro applications.

Data value and data protection capabilities are improved at the same time: While enhancing the value of data, the material and information fusion 杭州桑拿 platform focuses on the data protection capabilities in the four processes of data collection, transmission storage, data services and data applications from a product perspective; from a service perspective, focus on developmentData protection capabilities in the four processes of testing, delivery implementation, data governance and operation and maintenance services.

Hikvision security expert Wan Li also released the “AI Cloud Security White Paper” on the spot.

Risk Hikvision AI Cloud landed less than expected.

Breast hyperplasia, some proprietary Chinese medicines have good effects

Breast hyperplasia, some proprietary Chinese medicines have good effects

Breast hyperplasia is a benign proliferative disease of the ductal epithelium of the mammary gland and its surrounding connective tissue and breast lobule.

The disease is common in women aged 25-40.

It is generally believed that the occurrence of this disease is related to ovarian dysfunction.

  The main symptoms of diagnosis are: 1.

Breast pain: The degree is different, the lighter one is not cared by the patient, and the serious one can affect work and life.

The pain is characterized by its progression, which often occurs or worsens during the premenstrual period.


Breast Lumps: Often multiple, can be seen above or on both sides; can penetrate part of the breast, or can be scattered throughout the breast.

  In addition, a small number of patients may have nipple discharge, which is yellow-green, brown or bloody, and occasionally colorless serous.

  Treatment recommendations should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

Western medicine has 5% potassium iodide. For severe pain, try methylurea pill and start oral administration within one week before menstruation to avoid further disturbing the fine balance between human hormones.

  It can also be replaced by traditional Chinese medicine or prescriptions under the guidance of TCM syndrome differentiation: (1) For liver qi stagnation type, it should be sparse liver and qi, Huatan Sanjie.

Can be taken Xiaoyao pills, small gold tablets, Rupi pills, rhubarb pills and so on.

  (2) For liver and kidney yin deficiency type, liver and kidney should be adjusted and phlegm scattered.

It can be served with Liuwei Dihuang Pill, Erzhi Pill, and Xiaojin Dan.

  (3) If it is imbalanced, it should be adjusted and warmed and the liver is flat.

Can serve Xiao Jin Dan, Sanjie Ling and so on.

  Note 1.

Work on time, keep your mood comfortable, and arrange your life reasonably.

Pay attention to proper rest and strengthen physical exercise to avoid excessive fatigue.


Keep your breasts clean, often with warm water, and watch for changes in breast lumps.


Patients should eat kelp often. It has the effect of eliminating pain and reducing lumps. They should eat more oranges, orange cakes, oysters and other products that disperse qi, and avoid cold and spicy food.

Slow running is a good medicine

Slow running is a good medicine

Slow running is to use medium speed, medium distance running fitness.

Because it is slow to run, it does not limit the force and breathing. It can run for a long time and distance, leading to the role of fitness.

Life lies in sports, one body moves strong, and one country moves one country strong.

Slow walking is a national fitness program, it is simple and easy to work, suitable for both men and women, so called the public fitness running method.

  An effective way to fight SARS is to enhance the body’s immunity, and one of the ways to enhance the body’s immunity is to slow down and exercise.

Slow walking is a good way to exercise the respiratory system. It not only strengthens the muscles of the limbs, but also effectively improves the heart, lung and cardiovascular functions, healthy abdominal muscles, chest muscles, thoracic muscles and sternum.

It can produce an “endo-thymocyte antigen” in the human body, which stimulates the hematopoietic system to produce more lymphocytes and increase the content of immunoglobulins, thereby improving the body’s disease resistance.

It has been determined that the average elderly person contains 900 lymphocytes per millimeter of blood, while the elderly who have long maintained running for exercise have 1,050, an increase of 16.

6%, the content of immunoglobulin per 100 ml of saliva: 48 before exercise.

8 mg, 64 after exercise.

98 mg, an increase of 32.


For middle-aged and elderly people, not all sports can improve immunity. Generally speaking, it should be to reduce their sustained exercise to reduce the immune function of middle-aged and elderly people.

Improve the improvement after proper exercise.

   The two important organs of the human body are the heart and the brain.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is the most important thing.

Cardio-cerebral vascular disease is the first killer of middle-aged and elderly people and is a global disease.

Every year, 17 million people die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

By 2020, the number of deaths from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will increase by 50% to 25 million.

In particular, it is said that, as in the United States and European countries, the mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is declining. The reason is that people admire civilization, pay attention to physical exercise, and especially like to run slowly. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States now engaged inThis activity.

As far as New York is concerned, the annual marathon has reached 25,000 people. The governor personally presented the awards to encourage people to participate in fitness activities.

   Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be started from a small age, grabbed from the doll; in the green, juvenile exercise heart and blood vessels, so as not to suffer from the disease.

According to experts’ estimates, spending one dollar on prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can save 8 medical expenses.

59 yuan, how worthwhile to invest in health.

   Some long-distance runners in Henan Province, Qin Shengzhi, taught him to run when his son Qin China was two years old. Now the ten-year-old child can run 80 kilometers in a second to see that he has a good heart and blood pressure.!

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have great genetic factors. As long as one parent has cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it may be passed on to children.

Using the method of fitness, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are stuck in our generation. This is really a work in the present, and it is beneficial in the future.