2017 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix Finals will participate in Nanjing_1

2017 World Women’s Volleyball Awards Finals will meet in Nanjing
Hosted by the Jiangsu Sports Federation, undertaken by Jiangsu Wenyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd., and co-organized by the Jiangning Tangshan Hot Spring Tourism Resort Management Committee, the source of power, the source of sports 2017 core sports resources promotion conference, the grand sports and sports industry development summit forum, national sportsLiu Wenbin, Deputy Director of the Volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of China, Director of the Beach Volleyball Department of the Volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, Mr. Chen Gang, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Hu Wanjin, Deputy Mayor of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, and Deputy Institute of the Institute of Sports Industry Development of the Shanghai Institute of Physical EducationChang Huang Haiyan, Mr. Gu Ye, Chairman of Jiangsu Sports Industry Group, Leader of Sports Bureau of various cities in Jiangsu Province, CEO of Window of Sports Gao Hong, Founding Partner of Dachen Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. Fu Zhonghong, Secretary of the Board of Supervisors of Bank of Nanjing LuDongyang, a member of the FIVB Athlete Committee, world championship champion, and famous sand volleyball player Xue Chen, and other guests, witnessed this exciting moment in person at the meeting.The heavyweight announcement revealed that the preliminary work of the 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix Final was officially launched. Not long ago, at the Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team shined, won the 2016 Rio Olympic Games gold medal, and returned to the top of the world after 12 years.Many people are excited.  Recently, the FIVB decided that the 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Awards Finals will be held in Nanjing.This is after the Beilun, Ningbo, in 2012, once again undertook this event.  At the meeting, Liu Wenbin, deputy director of the Volleyball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, officially announced that the 2017 World Women’s Volleyball Awards Finals will be hosted by Jiangsu Wenyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd. The game will be antiques from August 2 to 6.There are 6 participating teams in the competition, in addition to the host Chinese team, there are also the 5 teams with the highest points in the three rounds of the sub-match.  Subsequently, Liu Wenbin, deputy director of the Volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, Chen Gang, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Hu Wanjin, deputy mayor of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, and Li Yanming, executive president of Jiangsu Wenyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd., took the stage to touch the crystal ball and announced the 2017 World Women’s VolleyballThe preparatory work for the competition was officially launched.The source of the wonderful event experience meeting created by Wenyuan Sports in many top international events, the head of the beach volleyball department of the Volleyball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, the member of the FIVB Athletes Committee, the famous beach volleyball player Xue Chen, the basketball management of Jiangsu ProvinceThe director of the center, Zhang Shilin, made a live announcement on the Silk Road Beach Volleyball World Tour, U21 World Beach Volleyball Youth Championship, FIBA3X3 Challenge and other events.Wang Wei, deputy general manager of Wenyuan Sports, gave a brief introduction to Wenyuan Sports’ 2017 event development layout and related events.The well-known Beijing Sports Window Culture Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Wenyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract ceremony at the conference site. In the future, the two parties will carry out all-round cooperation in the operation of events, promotion and communication.  It is reported that in 2017, Wenyuan Sports will focus on volleyball, 3×3 basketball, and marathon in three major areas, in the event operation, event communication and promotion of many innovative attempts.Including the use of a unified vi system and entertainment system, through standardized event organization methods and processes to achieve rapid reproducibility of events. In the game, add more entertainment elements to achieve a new meaning of the game, to lead the game with entertainment, so that more people can participate in sports.  At the conference site, awards were given to Wenyuan Sports’ 2016 sports cooperation support provider Nanjing Bank, Lexus, Huatai Securities, China Sports Lottery and other units.Together, to create a cross-border fusion sports and health characteristic town meeting site, Tangshan Hot Spring Scenic Spot Management Committee and Jiangsu Wenyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic agreement on building a Tangshan hot spring sports and health characteristic town.The planned Tangshan Hot Spring Sports and Health Town will integrate urban sports venues, venues and facilities construction with residential, leisure, education, and commercial formats to provide supporting services and lengthen the service chain for groups participating in sports competitions, national fitness, and sports training., Will be built into a sports-themed entity with rich functions, comprehensive and complete supporting facilities, strong operability, and a vibrant service entity, transforming professional sports and sightseeing tourism into civilian sports and experiential tourism, and achieving industrial cross-overWorld integration and the transformation and upgrading of the sports industry.The Sports Industry Summit Forum gathered experts to discuss industry development. The ancient Sports Industry Development Summit Forum was composed of Fu Zhonghong, founding partner of Dachen Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., an investment company, and Huang Haiyan, vice president of the Sports Industry Development Research Institute of Shanghai Institute of Sports, academia., Sports Company on behalf of Beijing Sports Window Culture Co., Ltd. CEO Gao Hong and the organizer on behalf of Jiangsu Wenyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Li Yanming came to power to discuss the development of China’s sports industry.From policy discussions, financing cooperation, scientific and technological exchanges, market prospects, the Internet, etc., in-depth discussion of the major challenges and challenges facing the development of the sports industry, and exchanged views on systems, management, talent, marketing, communication, business models and other aspects.  Subsequently, Mr. Hu Wanjin, deputy mayor of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government delivered a speech. He said that the sports industry in Nanjing is promoting the transformation of economic development mode, improving and improving the supply of sports public services, stimulating sports tourism and consumption, and promoting infrastructure construction.Contributed a great deal.Under the excellent situation of government support and guidance, department cooperation, organization and community participation, and active response of social capital, Wenyuan Sports should seize the opportunity to meet the difficulties and make good appointments for Jiangning District and even Nanjing City.The planning and construction work of Jiangning Sports Town has helped promote the development of the national fitness business in Nanjing to a new level, promoted the sports industry to become an important force for economic transformation and upgrading, and provided strong support for the construction of a truly important central city in the east.  At the end of the conference, Mr. Chen Gang, Director of Jiangsu Sports Bureau, delivered an important speech.He fully affirmed the achievements of Wenyuan Sports, and asked Yuan Sports to take the opportunity of hosting this event to accurately grasp the new connotation of sports work in the new period, work hard to improve the pertinence and accuracy, and provide more to the general public., Better and more convenient sports service products; focus on promoting the combination of sports and culture, tourism, focusing on building sports tourism brands, and making positive contributions to the development of sports tourism in our province; continue to build brand events, expand event influence, and promote the formation ofMore Jiangsu characteristic event brands will go out of Jiangsu, go abroad, and go to the world.  This conference is another large-scale, high-spec theme sports industry event held in our province after the successful holding of the 2016 Jiangsu Sports Industry Conference. It is the implementation of the State Council Document No. 46 in Jiangsu and the executive meeting of the State Council on vigorously developing the fitness and leisure industry and expanding fitness.A major advancement in the consumer spirit will be of great significance and far-reaching implications for planning the blueprint for the development of the Jiangsu sports industry, showing the development achievements of the Jiangsu sports industry, and promoting investment cooperation and exchanges in the sports field.  It is believed that more and more leading companies in the sports industry such as Wenyuan Sports are devoted to the construction of the development of the sports industry. The sports industry will have an inestimable development speed and prospects in China and produce lasting economic value.

Table Tennis World Cup preview of the Tokyo Olympics

Table Tennis World Cup preview of the Tokyo Olympics
At the draw ceremony of the Table Tennis World Cup team competition yesterday, representatives of Chinese and Japanese athletes were in the same frame.Not long ago, Liu Shiwen won the women’s singles championship in the Table Tennis World Cup.  The 2019 Table Tennis World Cup team tournament will start today in Tokyo.This World Cup is exactly the same as the Tokyo Olympics from the venue to the system, and is also regarded as a preview of the Tokyo Olympics next year.In order to comprehensively simulate all conditions of the Olympic Games, the National Table Tennis Team rushed to Japan to prepare for the battle 10 days in advance.Liu Guoliang, president of the China Table Tennis Association, also said that he will conduct training and competitions, including adaptation to the surrounding environment, to conduct Olympic simulations.At the pre-match press conference yesterday afternoon, Ma Long and Liu Shiwen both agreed that the Tokyo Stadium, the venue of the World Cup, is also the venue for the Tokyo Olympics next year and will be prepared for all details.  ● Prepare the table tennis of the preparatory country to arrive at the stadium 10 days in advance. The 2019 table tennis world cup team competition starts at the Tokyo Stadium from November 6th to 10th.On October 28, the National Table Tennis Team set off from Beijing to Tokyo, replacing nearly 10 days of preparation time.Raising the preparations for the World Cup team games to the World Championship level is quite rare in the previous national table tennis team preparations.  ”We have an adaptive training in the early stage. Generally, a larger game will give everyone an environment and space to adapt.Liu Guoliang, chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, said that the reason for arranging such a short-term training is because the level of preparation for this competition is relatively high, and everything is in line with the preparation for the World Cup and the Olympic Games.  Obviously, this World Cup alternately uses the Tokyo Gymnasium next year’s Tokyo Table Tennis Stadium. The system is also completely simulated in the Olympics. The first set is a doubles game, and then four singles games.  ”This time the men ‘s and women ‘s World Cup team games are in the venues of the Olympic Games, using the Olympic system, and they are also the strongest players in the world. We have to follow the preview of the Olympic Games, regardless of training, competition, especially the adaptation to the venue., Including the adaptation to the entire surrounding environment, hope to achieve a goal for the next year through this time.”Liu Guoliang said.  Liu Guoliang said that “adaptation to the surrounding environment” includes Higashimurayama City, Tokyo, where the training venue will be next year’s Olympics.In January this year, the mayor of Tokyo Yamato came to China and reached an agreement with the State Sports General Administration. The city will become a training place for the national table tennis team before the Tokyo Olympics. At that time, it will provide China with training venues and related equipment.On November 4, Li Fang, Wang Hao took Zhu Yuling, Fang Bo and other national table tennis players to interact with the citizens of Dongcunshan City.  The 12 teams of men and women in this World Cup team competition are basically the champions of the Tokyo Olympics team competition next year.The game was divided into two stages, 12 teams were divided into 4 groups, the group changed the qualifying before the group, and then re-draw the top 8 games.  Yesterday afternoon, the teams were drawn by lot. It was announced that the Chinese men’s team is in Chinese Taipei, Nigeria is in Group A, and the Chinese women’s team is in the same group as Ukraine and Egypt.  ● The men ‘s team really competed against the World Cup from the knockout. This is a preview of the Tokyo Olympics. At that time, some Olympic games can be polished from the national table tennis team.  For the men ‘s team, the National Table Tennis Team sent Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan, Ma Long and Liang Jingkun, and captain Ma Long returned to the arena after three months.In addition to the world ranked No. 8 Liang Jingkun, the other 4 players took the top 4 in the latest ITTF men’s singles world.  In the history of the World Cup team competition, Chinese men’s table tennis is the absolute king.In the previous 11 games, the Chinese team won the cup nine times, including a recent wave of 7 consecutive championships.In addition to the Chinese team’s 9 championships, the other two teams that won the World Cup team competition are South Korea and Sweden.  With the championship rankings, the National Table Tennis Team’s current World Cup will be more exercise rankings for the Olympic Games.Unsurprisingly, from the knockout stage, Ma Long, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong will be the absolute main force of the men’s team.  At the pre-match press conference yesterday afternoon, Malone also participated in this competition for two purposes: the first is to win the championship, and the second is to adapt to the Olympic venue.  ”I have been to Japan many times, but the only time I won the Japanese Open championship is this venue (Tokyo Stadium). I hope this venue will bring me good luck for the Chinese team.”Malone said that Tokyo Stadium is also the venue for next year’s Olympic Games, which makes the meaning of this year’s World Cup even more different.” This is the venue for next year’s Olympic Games. We will do our best to adapt to this venue, whether it’s lights, tables, or the size of the stadium.It also needs to be prepared from the details.”Looking at the group draw, the Chinese team will not encounter a block in the group stage.After entering the knockout, Germany, South Korea and Japan will be the main opponents of the Chinese team.  The German team has sent goals from Bol, Ochalov and Francisca. The average age of the three players is over 32 years old. It is also the oldest team among the 12 teams.The three have a lot of experience in world competitions, and they are quite familiar with the Chinese team’s play style.  ● The third singles of the women ‘s team has not yet been determined. It is relatively clear and different from the main list of the Chinese Men ‘s Table Tennis Olympics. The choice of the third person of the women ‘s table tennis is currently very uncertain.Like the five women singles in the World Championships in the first half of the year, the National Table Tennis team has sent Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha to the World Cup. Zhu Yuling, who has been in a slump for the past two years, has basically stayed away from the first main circle.  This season, Liu Shiwen bottomed out, even winning the World Championships and the World Cup women’s singles championship, basically locked a single Olympic ticket.In an interview with the media before the World Cup, Liu Shiwen also rarely rated himself as “core”, “I hope that I can take more responsibility and play a core role in the team by taking into account singles and doubles.At the pre-match press conference yesterday afternoon, when asked about his expectations for the game, Liu Shiwen smiled and said that he hopes to have good memories for the first time in the Olympic venues.  ”We are ready for the game on the first day tomorrow, hoping to adapt to the venue and atmosphere as soon as possible and finally win the championship.”Liu Shiwen also has to prepare for the Olympics in every detail,” the stadium is relatively large, and there must be a good atmosphere.I hope that I can adapt to the venue and various conditions during the game, and I am also preparing for the Olympics next year.”In addition to Liu Shiwen, captain Ding Ning’s singles seat is relatively stable.As far as women’s ping-pong is concerned, more of this World Cup’s investigation is the “third person”.In the group stage, women’s table tennis should try multiple sets of goals to give Chen Meng, Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha more opportunities to play.  Entering the knockout stage, each team will send their main players to play. This is also a good time to find gaps and find problems before the Olympics.Judging from the current situation of women’s table tennis in the world, the real opponent of the national table tennis team is only the Japanese team, and the two teams in China and Japan are likely to meet in the final.At home, the Japanese team sent 4 players: Ito Mishiro, Hirano Miu, Ishikawa Kasumi and Sato Hitomi.For Japanese women’s table tennis, in addition to finding the gap with the Chinese team, this World Cup is also an important opportunity to determine the second person in singles.At present, Ito Micheng has basically locked a singles seat, and the second singles will be generated between Hirano Miu and Ishikawa Jiachun.  National Table Tennis Team’s schedule today (Beijing time) Men’s Team China VS Nigeria (10 points) China VS Chinese Taipei (16 points) Women’s Team China VS Egypt (11:45) China VS Ukraine (18:30) Women’s Team Group AGroup: China, Ukraine, Egypt Group B: Japan, United States, Austria Group C: Chinese Taipei, North Korea, Vanuatu Group D: Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Brazil Men ‘s Team Group A: China, Chinese Taipei, Nigeria Group B: Japan,Austria, England Group C: Germany, Brazil, Australia Group D: South Korea, Sweden, United States Special author / sauna, Ye Haisun Haiguang Photo / Sports

[How to stew the leg of lamb is rotten and delicious]_How to do_How to do

[How to stew the leg of lamb is rotten and delicious]_How to do_How to do

Some people like to drink stewed leg of lamb soup. They think it is delicious and fragrant. It is especially beneficial to the body. It is suitable for all ages. The lamb itself is tender and full of lean meat. It is low in trace amounts and contains protein and vitamins.At the same time, it can improve physical fitness and improve the state of physical weakness, especially those who are colder. Eating mutton often has a good effect of improving it, so is there any technique for stewing mutton soup?

Preparing ingredients: mutton: 750 g, cut into small pieces, pull out the bleeding water with water, and change the water several times.

After the lamb is cooked in a cold water pot, a small amount of cooking wine is poured, and the scalding is done. After the water is boiled, remove it and rinse it with warm water, and control the dry water for later use.

How to stew mutton is fragrant and rotten Prepare ingredients: salt: 6 grams, onion: 1 root, ginger: 1 piece, garlic: 4 cloves, orange peel: 2 slices, dried peppers: 3, fragrant leaves: 1 slice, star anise:1, cinnamon: 1 segment, pepper: 1 small, cumin: 1 small, nutmeg: 1, cardamom: 1, ginger, 1 piece, white peony: 2 (if you don’t have so many spices in your home, At least fragrant leaves, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, cumin).

Wrap the spices with gauze, rinse them, cut garlic, shallots, and slice ginger, put them in a casserole, and add water to boil.

Put the mutton, dried peppers, orange peel, and simmer over medium and low heat. It takes me an hour and 20 minutes.

Add salt at the end of 5 minutes, stir well and simmer for a while to enjoy the delicious flavor.

This is an indispensable warm-up dish for winter.

It’s super easy.

The moment you get out of the pan, you will know that making fragrant and soft stewed lamb is not a problem!

Precautions Lamb is drawn with blood water in advance, and the water is changed several times.

Orange peel has a wonderful effect to remove the odor, you can try it.

Add salt when the last five minutes are left. Adding salt prematurely will speed up the solidification of the protein, and the meat will become flaky.

[Five hazards of intermittent sexual intercourse]

[Five hazards of intermittent sexual intercourse]

Sexual intercourse without ejaculation refers to the continuous orgasm during sexual intercourse, that is, to stop sexual intercourse before ejaculation, the purpose is to prevent semen from being ejected from the body.

This kind of sexual intercourse is called “interrupted sexual intercourse”, also known as “interrupted sexual intercourse”.

Intermittent sex is not only beneficial to both parties, but it is also harmful to both men and women’s physiology.

One of the hazards: can induce impotence.

Intercourse is interrupted halfway. Regardless of the sexual center of the cerebral cortex, all sexual activity control nerves and various sexual organs are still in an excited state. They cannot be interrupted quickly, which indirectly increases the burden on the nervous system and sexual organs, causing an “excessive fatigue”phenomenon.


[Can you drink honey water during pregnancy]_Honey water_Pregnancy period_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink honey water during pregnancy]_Honey water_Pregnancy period_Can you drink it?

Pregnant expectant mothers are actually prone to constipation during pregnancy, so it is also necessary to understand the correct method at this time. Pregnant women can be relieved with honey water, but be careful not to be too much, because it can easily lead to blood sugar.Or induce gestational diabetes.

1. Pregnant women can consume honey in moderation. It should not exceed one teaspoon per day.

But do not eat royal jelly. The hormones in royal jelly can stimulate the uterus, cause contractions, and interfere with normal development in the uterus.

Honey is a natural brain tonic.

Because of all natural foods, brain neurons require the most energy in honey.

Various trace elements such as zinc, magnesium, and multivitamins in honey are essential for brain enhancement, hair and skin care.

2. Honey has a high balance of nutrition and biological effects.

Therefore, honey is known as the “longevity food”.

Pregnant women are on the water every day and put a few drops of honey in the afternoon water, which can effectively prevent diseases such as pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, pregnancy anemia, and pregnancy with hepatitis.

At the same time, honey slows down laxative, which can effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoid bleeding.

3, pregnant women drink a glass of honey water before going to bed, soothe the nerves and nourish the brain, nourish the blood and nourish yin; it can treat multiple dreams and wake up easily, and sleep is not fragrant.

In winter, it is easy to have dry throat and cough and lung cough. You can use 1 large Sydney. After digging the core, stew it with 50 grams of honey and take it for 5-7 days.

If you use honey to mix the right amount of flour on the face and the back of your hands, it will also moisturize the skin and improve its beauty.

Fenglin Group (601996) Annual Report Comments: Capacity Expansion on Schedule Meets Expectations

Fenglin Group (601996) Annual Report Comments: Capacity Expansion on Schedule Meets Expectations

Event: The company achieved revenue of 15 in 2018.

97 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

71%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

39 trillion dollars, an increase of 15 per year.

32%; net profit after deduction to mother 1.

25 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

twenty three%.

In the fourth quarter of this year, it achieved revenue of 5.

07 million yuan, an increase of 48 in ten years.

88%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

2.9 billion; net profit after deduction is 0.


Opinion: The Nanning and Chizhou factories were put into production as scheduled, and the revenue growth accelerated quarter by quarter.

(I) By quarter: the company’s Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 achieved revenue 2 respectively.




0.7 million yuan, an increase of 12 in ten years.

16% / 1.

57% / 26.

19% / 48.


Net profit attributable to mothers is 0.




29, of which negative growth in the second and third quarters.

In 2018, the company’s Nanning and Chizhou factories completed the technical transformation. They were officially put into production in March and July respectively. After experiencing a rapid climb in production capacity, they have now reached full production and have achieved profitability in 2018.

The new capacity was put into production, and the revenue growth rate accelerated significantly in the second half of the year.

The initial negative growth in profits in the second and third quarters was that a large number of projects under construction were solidified in the quarter, and the depreciation and amortization expenses increased significantly. At the same time, the cumulative climbing period was increased, dragging down profits.

(II) In terms of products, the company’s fiberboard / particle board / forest trees achieved revenue 9 respectively.



48 trillion, which changes by 15 each year.

22% / 62.

76% /-29.


The products of Nanning and Chizhou factories of the company are particleboard, fiberboard, and the expansion of production capacity brings revenue growth.Because the first rotation of the fast-growing forest land is 5 years, the forest industry revenue fluctuates due to the impact of changes in the area of harvestable forest land and the accumulation volume in the current period.

The gross profit margin increased for four consecutive years, and the management expense ratio increased slightly.

In 2018, the company achieved a gross profit margin of 22.

57%, a slight increase of 0 a year.

55pct, the company’s gross profit margin was 16 in 2014.

44%, continuous improvement for 4 consecutive years.

The company’s fiberboard / particle board gross margins were 19 respectively.

14% / 28.

07%, respectively, changed to -0 in ten years.

35pct / +0.

19 points.

Profit forecast and estimation: The company is expected to achieve EPS of 0 in 19-21.

20, 0.

22, 0.

26 yuan, corresponding PE is 18X, 16X, 14X.

Give “overweight” rating.

Risk Warning: Rising raw material prices and increasing competition in the industry

East China Pharmaceutical (000963): Fourth-quarter performance growth accelerates and research projects progress steadily

East China Pharmaceutical (000963): Fourth-quarter performance growth accelerates and research projects progress steadily

Operating income in 2018 increased by 10 per year.

17%, net profit attributable to mothers grows 27.

41% In 2018, the company achieved operating income, net profit attributable to mothers, net profit attributable to mothers after deduction 306.

6.3 billion, 22.

6.7 billion, 22.

3.6 billion, a 10-year growth.

17%, 27.

41%, 22.


In the fourth quarter of 18, the company realized operating income, net profit attributable to mothers, net profit attributable to mothers 74.

5.9 billion, 4.

5.8 billion, 4.

520,000 yuan, an increase of 16 each year.

89%, 57.

79%, 73.


The growth rate of core industries in China, the United States and East China has accelerated.

08 million yuan, net profit 18.

60 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

13%, 39.

24%, the growth rate significantly accelerated.

The core product Bailing Capsule has increased the promotion of the grassroots and OTC markets, and the grassroots share is still low.

Acarbose benefited from a higher proportion of reimbursement for medical insurance. The company integrated raw materials and sales advantages, and passed the consistency evaluation for the first time. The competitive pattern advantage is expected to be maintained.

The immunosuppressive line mainly includes cyclosporine, tacrolimus and morphomycodyl esters. The new version of the medical insurance indications 杭州夜网 has released restrictions to varying degrees and is still growing steadily.

The impact of commercial transfers was eliminated, and the acquisition of Sinclair in the UK to enrich the medical and beauty business and the initial pharmaceutical business income223.

49 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

47%, the impact of the two-vote system on the transfer business was gradually eliminated, and the gross profit margin increased by 1.

18 points, mainly from the increase in the proportion of distribution.

The company completed the acquisition of British medical beauty company Sinclair, and acquired 7602 million international medical beauty business with a gross profit margin of 74.

31%, to effectively complement the existing medical beauty business.

R & D expanded, and products under development steadily advanced in 20深圳桑拿网18.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 52 in ten years.


Annual report shows that Mehuatinib is conducting first-line 72 cases of phase II clinical trials and has been enrolled and is being tracked; DPP-4 inhibitor HD118 has completed phase I clinical trials of healthy cure and concurrently transplantation modeling; oral GLP-1 innovationThe drug TTP-273 was declared clinical at the end of 2018.

The EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.


The RMB 89 / share company’s endogenous products maintained steady growth, and the product pipeline under development gradually became rich.
We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 19-21.

95 yuan / 2.

39 yuan / 2.

89 yuan, corresponding PE is 17/14/12 times.

The company’s innovation and internationalization business is worth looking forward to, giving the industry average PE21X in 2019, corresponding to a valuation of 40.

90 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks remind the core products of medical insurance control fees; the progress of products under development is less than expected.

Data scandal ferments 80% of Japanese people don’t trust official data

Data scandal ferments 80% of Japanese people “don’t trust” official data

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ‘s recently acknowledged that the compilation process of employment data is problematic, so that nearly 20 million people have lost hundreds of millions of yen over the past ten years.

  A poll released on the 13th showed that nearly 80% of the people in Japan expressed distrust of official data, not only involving employees who receive less subsidies, but also senior 南京桑拿网 management personnel.

  [Lack of trust]Kyodo News did this poll on the 12th to 13th.

The results showed that 78.

8% of respondents said they did not trust official data such as economic indicators released by the Japanese government.

  Observers believe that the Japanese public’s trust in official data has plummeted, mainly due to the deviation of the employment data summary process exposed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare this month, and to replace correction errors for more than ten years.

  The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare routinely releases employment data every month. All employers with a staff size of 500 or more should be surveyed. However, in practice, only some of these units are surveyed, and they are summarized into employment data.

Taking the capital Tokyo as an example, about 1,400 household units should be surveyed, and only the changes were actually investigated.

  Due to inaccurate data, about 19.73 million people in Japan have received a variety of expenses such as unemployment insurance, work injury insurance pensions, shutdown compensation, crew insurance, compensation for resettlement adjustments, etc. since 2004.

500 million yen (about 33.

500 million yuan).

  The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare admitted on the 11th that the data was incorrect and apologized to the public.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yiyi Wei promised to re-evaluate several key data, including GDP and census data.

  [Causes Criticism]In the latest poll, 69.

1% of respondents believe that the underlying artisan’s interpretation of the data scandal is insufficient, only 18.

0% of the respondents recognized the performance of the fundamental craftsman.

  Kyodo News reported that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare had found problems in an internal investigation, but did not disclose the facts to the public. Instead, it used special software to disguise the data compilation process as a compliance pattern, and continued to release the data.

Until December 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications investigation gradually unearthed the inside story.

  Fundamental Craftsman denied on the 11th that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare systematically covered up the scandal and promised to continue the investigation and hold the relevant personnel accountable.

  The data scandal has not only caused serious criticism from recipients of supplements, it has also sparked dissatisfaction among business operators and senior leaders.

Too many people. The Japanese government has repeatedly pressured companies to increase their employees ‘pay, but it has incorrectly compiled employment data, which has caused them to miss out on their employees’ unemployment insurance and stoppage compensation for more than ten years.

  The Japanese government is committed to replenishing the aforementioned budget, so the 2019 fiscal year budget must be revised.

The budget was approved by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet last month and is about to be submitted to parliamentary elections. It is now being revised and re-approved by the cabinet.

  According to the latest polls, Abe’s cabinet is currently receiving support for substitution43.

4%, does not support budget 42.


The Abe Cabinet approval rating was 47 in November 2018.

3%, expected 42 in December.


(Yang Shuyi) (Xinhua News Agency special feature) Original title: Data scandal fermented 80% of Japanese people “don’t trust” official data

There is a magic formula for bad hair immunity

There is a magic formula for bad hair immunity

You can also use three commonly used hair care products to achieve straightening effect: hair gel, hair cream and styling water. Mixing hair gel and hair cream on wet hair can remove the hair volume and spray on the dry hairStyling water for added suppleness and gloss.

  Still suffocating your hair?

Get the sexy hairstyle that best suits your hair!

Stars always seem to be immune to bad hair?

Thanks to their stylist at this point!

  Spokesperson: Beyonce Problem: Untidy hair, tangled hairs1.

Use the natural attributes of curls to make beautiful hairstyles.


Stay hydrated, use a moisturizing, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when shampooing.

  DIY home care 1.

Straightening effects can also be achieved with three commonly used hair care products: hair gel, hair cream and styling water.

Mixing hair spray and hair cream on wet hair can remove the curls, and then spray styling water on the dried hair to increase the suppleness and gloss.

Take care of the curls, do not straighten the hair with a hair dryer and medicine, this will only destroy its natural quality and curvature.

Spoiled sauce

Spoiled sauce

A bitter vegetable in the miscellaneous sauce, a four-season vegetable in Zhejiang, and a wild celery in the northeast.

It is a plant of the family Satanaceae.

There are yellow flowers and white flowers.

Roots fail.

Li Shizhen said, “Those who are tender from the south are exposed to steam for food.”

The yellow flower has a bitter taste and is used in medicine with similar effects.

  The taste is cold, bitter, flat and non-toxic.

  Huanghuacai sauce contains volatile oil, saponins, and sugars.

The roots and rhizomes of Baihuacai Saponin contain saponin, doped with Saguai, Mauroni compounds and Papaya compounds.

  Pharmacological evidence test, Huanghuabai sauce can promote liver cell regeneration and improve liver function.

Bacteriostatic test: antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, dysentery bacillus, and typhoid.

  Function: clearing heat, detoxifying, swelling and purging.

(According to Zhejiang folk experience: Huanghua rancidity sauce is not as effective as Baihua rancidity sauce).

  [阑尾炎,妇女盆腔炎,多发性脓肿]  败酱全草6-24克,金银花、蒲公英、紫花地丁各12克,水煎去渣,一日2次分服。  [肾盂肾炎]  败酱、车前草各30克,水煎去渣,代茶多量饮服。  [急性传染性黄疸型肝炎]  败酱30克,佛手9克,水煎服,据称一个疗程(7天)后,食欲增进,黄疸消退,肝肿大消失。