2017 Snooker China Championship schedule time table details _1

2017 Snooker China Championship schedule schedule details
The Evergrande 2017 World Snooker China Championship will be held in Guangzhou on August 16-22.As the only snooker international A-level event in China, the total prize money of this year’s Chinese Championship is as high as 700,000 pounds, of which the champion prize is 150,000 pounds.Including the world’s number one Selby, Rocket O’Sullivan and defending champion Higgins, the world’s top 16 players will pay attention to the competition, Ding Junhui will also lead 15 Chinese players to fully impact the championship trophy.The 2017 Snooker Championship will be arranged according to the system. In the first round until the quarter-finals, 9 games and 5 wins will be used. In the semi-finals, 11 games and 6 wins will be used. In the end, there will be 19 games and 10 wins.  The following is the specific schedule and time table of the current snooker China Championship: 2017 Snooker China Championship schedule table game date game time game stage game against Wednesday, August 16 at 10:00 wild card round Andrew Higginson VS HuHao 10:00 wild card round Daniel Wells VS Ma Chunmao 10:00 wild card round Tian Pengfei VS Fan Zhengyi 10:00 first round Anthony McGill VS Mark Joyce 10:00 first round Yan Bingtao VS Stuart-Bingham 10:00 1st round Peter Alberton VS Anthony Hamilton 10:00 1st round Barry Hawkins VS Oliver Lines 10:00 1st round Neil Robertson VS Li Xing 14:30Qualifying Mark Selby VS Luo Honghao 14:30 Qualifying Liang Wenbo VS Ian Burns 14:30 First Round Rory McLeod VS Stephen Maguire 14:30 First Round Ken-Dahdi VS Sean Murphy 14:30 first round Ben-Uraston VS Mark Davis 14:30 first round Ali Carter VS Adiya Meta 14:30 first round Ian-Pulis VS David Grace 19:30 qualifier Ding Junhui VS Niu Zhuang 19:30 qualifier John Higgins VS Lu Haotian 19:30 First round Fugelli O’Brien VS Mark Gold 19:30 First round Kot Maforin VS Michael George 19:30 First round Elliott Slesse VS Alan McManus 19:30 First round Graham Dott VS Robert Milkins19:30 1st round David Gilbert VS Stuart Carrington 19:30 1st round Mike Dunn VS Joe Perry Thursday 1st August 14:00 1st round Mark SelbyVS Luo Honghao winner VS Nuo Peng-Sangkam 14:00 first round Zhou Yuelong VS Chen Zifan 14:00 first round Martin Gould VS Andrew Higginson VS Hu Hao winner 14:00 first round Ronnie-O’Sullivan VS Sam Baird 14:00 first round Allen Taylor VS Liang Wenbo VS Ian Burns winner 14:00 first round Jimmy Robertson VS Luca Bresell 14:00 first roundRound 1 Hussein Wafi VS Fu Jiajun 14:00 Round 1 Mark-Allen VS Matthew Stevens 19:30 Round 1 Alfie Boden VS Ding Junhui VS Bull Winner 19:30 FirstRound Judd Trump VS Daniel Wells VS Ma Chunmao Winner 19:30 First round Michael White VS Xiao Guodong 19:30 First round Michael Holt VS Tachaia Unu 19:30First round Cao Yupeng VS Ryan Dai 19:30 First round Tian Pengfei VS Fan contention winner VS Mark Williams 19:30 First round Matthew Celtic VS Tom Ford first 19:30Round Chris Wakelin VS John Higgins VS Lu Haotian Winner Friday, August 18 14:00 Second round against the two sides to be determined (8 games in total) 19:30 Second round against the two sides to be determined (8 games in total) AugustSaturday 19th at 14:00 third round matchupThe two sides are to be determined (4 games in total) 19:30 The third round is to be determined by both parties (4 games in total) Sunday, August 20th 14:00 Quarter finals against the two sides to be determined (2 games in total)(2 games in total) Monday, August 21, 14:00 semifinal 1 against the two sides to be determined 19:30 semifinal 2 against the two sides to be determined Tuesday, August 22 at 14:00 the first half of the final against the two sides to be determined 19:30 second halfThe two sides are to be clicked to watch the game: 2017 World Snooker China Championship video live address Original title: 2017 Snooker China Championship schedule

Polanski won the best director of the French Caesar Award, and many of them attended the ceremony and exited

Polanski won the best director of the French Caesar Award, and many of them attended the ceremony and exited
Sauna Night News (Reporter Wu Longzhen) On February 28th, local time, the 45th Caesar Award was announced in France, and Roman Polanski won the best director with “I Complaint”.After the proposal was submitted, Adela Hanel, Catherine Schianma and many others began to exit to protest. On the same day, the main staff of the “I Complaint” within Roman Polanski did not attend the ceremony.The actor withdrew.It is reported that in the 1970s, Polanski was convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, after which he fled the United States.He pointed out that the reason for leaving was because the judge who handled his case promised that he would undergo a 90-day mental evaluation, but actually sentenced him to 50 years in prison.Today, Polanski is still wanted by the United States.Under the huge controversy, Polanski still won the best director and best adapted script based on “I Complaint”, which led to this departure protest.In 2019, French leader Valentin Monil once said in the Parisian newspaper that Polanski raped her violently in 1975, when she was only 18 years old.Attached: Part of the winners list of the 45th Caesar Awards Best Film: “Director of Misery” Best Director: Roman Polanski (“I Complaint”) Best Actress: Anes Demustier (“Alice”And Mayor”) Best Supporting Actor: Roshdi Zem (“The Lamp of Roubaix”) Best Supporting Actress: Fanny Aldan (“Belle Era”) Best Supporting Actor: Swan ALauder (“Thank God”) Best Foreign Language Film: Best Original Script for “Parasites”: Best Adapted Script for “Belle Era” (Nikola Bardos): “I Complain” (Robert Harris,Roman Polanski) Best prospect: “I lost my body” Best photography: “Portrait of a burning woman” Best makeup: “I complain” Sauna, Ye Long Wu Wuzhen editor Wu Longzhen

[Durian hangover?】 _Sober_How to hangover

姒磋幉鏄竴绉嶉潪甯稿父瑙佺殑姘存灉锛屽畠寰€寰€鍚稿紩浜虹殑鍦版柟骞朵笉鏄畠鐨勫琛紝鑰屾槸姘斿懗銆效洜涓轰汉浠庡緢杩灭殑鍦版楠灏卞彲浠ラ椈鍒椈鍒版Υ銮茬殑锻抽亡锛屽彧涓嶈舰浜嗐€傛Υ鑾插睘浜庝竴绉嶅惈鏈変赴瀵岃惀鍏荤殑姘存灉锛岃兘澶熺粰浜轰綋琛ュ厖澶ч噺鐨勮惀鍏伙紝鍚屾椂杩樺彲鑳藉鍙戞尌鍑鸿緟鍔╂不鐥呯殑鍔熸晥銆傞偅涔堬紝姒磋幉瑙i厭鍚?姒磋幉涓嶅彲涓庨厭涓€璧烽鐢細鍥犱负閰掍笌姒磋幉鐨嗗睘鐑嚗涔嬬墿锛屽绯栧翱鐥呮偅鑰呬袱鑰呭悓鍚冿紝浼氬鑷磋绠¢樆濉烇紝涓ラ噸鐨勪細鏈夌垎琛€绠°€佷腑椋庢儏鍐靛嚭鐜帮紝涓嶅疁椋熺敤銆傚枬閰掍笉鑳藉悆浠€涔堟按鏋?1.鏌垮瓙鍠濋厭鍚庢渶濂戒笉瑕佸悆鏌垮瓙锛屽洜涓洪厭鎬х儹锛岃€屾熆瀛愭€у瘨锛屼袱鑰呮湰鏉ュ氨鍐风儹鐩稿厠锛岃€屼笖鏌垮瓙涓繕鍚湁闉i吀锛屽湪閰掔簿鐨勪綔鐢ㄤ笅浼氬拰鑲犺儍閲岄潰鐨勮泲鐧借川椋熺墿褰㈡垚鍑濆潡锛屽姞閲嶈偁鑳冭礋鎷咃紝鏃㈤毦娑堝寲锛屽張闅句互鎺掑嚭锛屽韬綋鍗卞鏇村ぇ銆備弗閲嶈€呬細What is the best way to do it?.The cross-children collapsed, and the cross-children were broken by the cross-children. The cross-children were broken. The cross-children were carried away. The drafts were obsessed. The cross-children were collapsed.浼氳浜烘兂瑕佸憰鍚愩€傚彟涓€鏂归潰瑗跨孩鏌夸腑鍚屾牱鍚湁闉i吀锛屼細鍜岃偁鑳冪殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄤ骇鐢熷弽搴斿牭濉炶偁鑳冿紝寮曡捣浜轰綋鐨勪笉閫傘€?.Lawsuits and misgivings are insatiable. Litigation and lawsuits are inevitable. The lawsuits are inconvenient, and the lawsuits are unclear.I ‘m sorry, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happyTons of flaws are not easy to find, and you are not sure about it. It ‘s hard to tell if you ‘re going to get a lot of troubles, you ‘re going to get tired of it, you ‘re tired of it傦紝涓ラ噸鑰呭紩璧烽厭绮句腑姣掋€?.I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I think it ‘s a good idea.炲枬閰掓椂涓嶈兘鍚冨北妤傘€傚洜涓哄北妤備腑鏋滆兌鍜屽崟瀹侀吀鍚噺楂橈紝鍦ㄩ厭绮惧拰鑳冮吀鐨勪綔鐢ㄥ悗瀹规槗鍑濈粨鎴愪笉婧朵簬姘寸殑娌夋穩锛屼笌椋熺墿娈嬫福绛夎兌鐫€鍦ㄤ竴璧峰舰鎴愯儍缁撶煶锛岀粨鐭冲彲寮曡捣鑳冩簝鐤°€佽儍鍑鸿锛岀敋鑷宠儍澹佸潖姝诲拰绌垮瓟銆?

[How to store hawthorn]_How to store_How to store

[How to store hawthorn]_How to store_How to store

Hawthorn tastes better, and it is a fruit that matures in winter, so it is relatively simple to store. If you want to store hawthorn in winter, you must choose a moderate temperature, otherwise it is likely toHawthorn has been frozen. The frozen hawthorn does not taste well and is about to feel particularly cold. What is the storage method of hawthorn?

1. The trench storage method chooses a high, dry and cool place, excavating a groove trench in the north-south direction, the trench depth is 30 cm, and the height is increased by 10 cm from the ground, the top width is 100 cm, and the bottom width is 90 cm.Depending on the amount.

Put a layer of disinfection on the bottom of the ditch (0 for disinfection.

Soak 5% bleach solution in water and dry) sorghum stalks or corn stalks, and then spread a layer of bleached straw or leaves on the bottom and wall of the ditch with bleach.

The fruit is in a ditch, piled in an arc shape, the middle is about 15 cm above the ground, and the sides are slightly lower than the ground.

Sprinkle a layer of leaves on it, and then build a layer of reed mat.

Before freezing, cover reed mats during the day to prevent sunlight, and open at night to dissipate heat and cool down naturally.

When the land is thin and icey, only one layer of reed mats will be covered. When the temperature starts to drop, the thickness of the cold protection materials will continue to increase.

After the temperature rises in spring, the covering is reserved for thermal insulation.

Hawthorn is best ditched in one go.

2. The tank storage method first clean the tank with water, and then use 0.

Wash and disinfect 5-1% bleaching powder and dry it for later use.

Spread a layer of sterile sand on the bottom of the tank, and then pour the selected hawthorn into the tank in order.

Heap to the cylinder surface.

Covered with fresh cabbage leaves or radish leaves, the brakes maintain humidity.

Place the large jar full of hawthorn in the shade behind the room.

Cover the cylinder cap in time when it is rainy.

The “heavy snow” to “winter solstice” combined with the inverted tank to pick out the rotten fruit, turned it into a non-fire room, and tied the grass to seal when it was frozen.

Generally stored until the Spring Festival, the good fruit rate is above 95%.

3, Shed storage method will use qualified hawthorn 0.

Soak in 1% Duo Ling for 2 minutes, dry after soaking, and then compress 100 cm long, 75 cm wide and 0 thick.

In a 06 mm polyethylene plastic bag, each bag is 25 inches.

The early temperature is high, the bags are not tied, overlap each other and leave a certain gap.

The cellar is closed during the day and open at night.

As the temperature decreases, the mouth of the bag is pierced and the cover is thickened, generally without ventilation, in an attempt to create a storage environment that reaches or approaches 0 ° C.

If the shed is dry.

Sprinkle water on the ground to humidify.

Hawthorn can be stored until April of the next year.

4. The cold storage method puts hawthorn qualified and treated with carbendazim into a 100 cm x 75 cm polyethylene plastic bag of 25 kg each, and adds some crushed foam for construction impregnated with saturated potassium permanganateTo absorb the maturation of ethylene produced by hawthorn itself.

After the fruits are pre-chilled, they are bagged and stored in a cold storage.

The temperature in the warehouse is maintained at -2 to 0 ° C, and the humidity in the bag is maintained at about 90%.

Open the bag when the oxygen in the bag is lower than 2% or carbon dioxide is higher than 5%.

This method can be stored for six months.

[How to prepare anchovy]_How to make_How to make

[How to prepare anchovy]_How to make_How to make

Carassius auratus is a kind of freshwater fish, which has great benefits to the human body. There are statements in the folk that eating carassius aura, which actually helps the spleen, regulate the stomach, and promote blood circulation.It is not very high. The method of soup is very simple and convenient. It is a homemade recipe on the table of ordinary people. The catfish soup is rich in protein and has a beautifying effect on the skin. However, it is not so easy to make a delicious and delicious catfish soup.Yes, here’s the introduction, if you can make a delicious bonito soup.

Ingredients: 400 grams of anchovies, 100 grams of pork tenderloin, 20 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 15 grams of fresh shiitake mushrooms, seasoning: 10 grams of cooking wine, 10 grams of shallots, 5 grams of ginger, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 2 pepperGrams, 2 grams of chicken essence, 20 grams of peanut oil

Scrape the fish clean and change the knife.

Tenderloin is cut into slices, shiitake mushrooms are cut into two, bamboo shoots are sliced into thin slices, onion and ginger are cut into large pieces.


Stir the fish in hot water, add some cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, and remove when the foam in the pot becomes more.


Take the fish in a hot oil pan and fry on both sides for a while, then fillet the tenderloin and fry until it becomes discolored, then add the shallots, ginger, bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms in order, cook the cooking wine, then add the broth and cook for half an hour.


Add the refined salt, MSG, chicken essence and pepper to the cooked fish soup.


1 fresh sturgeon, kill it and wash it clean, and draw oblique knife 2 on both sides of the fish.

Mince the ginger and garlic, and cut the shallot into two parts: light white and light green. The light white is used for fried fish.

Shallot greens are chopped and used for embellishment.

Heat the pan, pour in a little cold oil to moisten the pan, and then add 30ML salad oil 4.

See that the oil is smoky, put the green onion, ginger and garlic into the pot and put the fish in 5.

Fry until golden on one side, turn over and fry on the other side 6.

Fry until golden on both sides, add 1 spoon of cooking wine, add soy sauce and old soy sauce.

Add 1 small bowl of hot water (If you want to make a tender version of catfish, add half a bowl of hot water at this time. Turn on the fire and dry the soup. Add a little sugar to hang fresh during the time, and use a shovel to keep the soupPush to the fish) 7.

Until the soup is dense and very few, turn off the heat and cook out of the pot (the method of the old foundation is definitely to add MSG, I do not add), and sprinkle with green onions.

Eat hot (If you want to make a crispy and flavored version, you can add two bowls of hot water, cook the fish for 20 minutes, add some sugar, and open the fire to dry the soup.)Choose wild sturgeon, which tastes good and is not fishy.

2. Be sure to choose freshly killed catfish, not refrigerated, otherwise it will be fishy.

3, braised catfish must be delicious, the fish must be fried first; the fish starts from the bottom of the pan, only once, that is, when the fish is fried, one side is cooked, and then the other side.

4. If it is not fishy, it is necessary to heat the water. Do not refill the water in the middle, instead of the fresh and unrefrigerated catfish.

5. The color to be made looks good and has appetite. You must use two kinds of soy sauce: old soy sauce and raw soy sauce.

6, in order to thicken the soup thick silk, you must boil the soup thickly before opening the fire.

7. For the dishes to look good, please decorate them with green ingredients such as green onion, coriander leaves, mint leaves, etc.

8, this fish has to be tender, pay attention to the heat, the time is relatively short, the inside of the fish may not be completely colored.

9, if you want to color and look good, the meat is crispy and delicious, then it takes 20-30 minutes of long stew, add more hot water at one time, so as not to dry out.

10. The new housewife optionally uses a non-stick pan to fry the fish.

When frying fish, please use a pot cover to cover your body properly to prevent oil from splashing into your body.

But never cover it.

Social security fund positions highlight the trend of increasing holdings, holding 72 stocks for 3 consecutive quarters

Social security fund positions highlight the trend of increasing holdings, holding 72 stocks for 3 consecutive quarters
Social security fund positions highlight the trend of increasing holdings and long-term holdings. 72 stocks were held for two consecutive quarters. Source: Securities Daily reporter Wang Mingshan. Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced at a press conference that the social security fund will increase by 103 billion yuan in the third quarterAccording to the Jinjin commission contract, the proportion of medium and long-term funds entering the market in the A-share market will steadily increase.”Securities Daily” reporter noted that among the 556 listed companies that have disclosed the third quarterly report, social security funds appeared in the list of institutional investors of 107 companies. The latest shareholding situation reflects two types of Masukura and long-term holdings.Trend.  Among the 107 listed companies, the number of shares held by the Social Security Fund in 60 of them increased compared with the merger at the end of the second quarter, and the number of shares held by 15 companies remained unchanged, while the number of shares held by 32 companies decreased.In addition, the characteristics of long-term holdings of social security funds are also well reflected in the 107 listed companies mentioned above. 72 of them have been held by social security funds for more than three consecutive quarters, and many of them have long holding periods.Listed companies for several years.  The latest holdings of 107 stocks increased by 60 and reduced by 32 consolidated listed companies in the third quarterly report of 2019. The social security fund’s shareholding situation at the end of the first three quarters of this year has gradually become clear.”Securities Daily” reporter noted that as of October 24, 556 listed companies have disclosed the 2018 third quarter report, of which 107 institutional investors in listed companies appeared in social security funds.  This can explain to a certain extent that the layout of social security funds in the A-share market has once again expanded.”Securities Daily” reporter noted that there are currently 3556 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen. According to the coverage ratio of social security fund holdings, after all listed companies have disclosed the three quarterly reports, social security funds are expected to appear in nearly 700 listed companies.Institutional investor list; at the end of the second quarter of this year, social security funds only appeared on the list of institutional investors of 522 listed companies.  Compared with the indicators of the second quarter of this year, the 107 stocks held by the social security fund in the third quarter also saw a certain change in the number of positions held, and the market entry speed of the social security fund was significantly accelerated.”Securities Daily” reporter combed and found that compared with the second quarter of this year, the social security fund increased its holdings of 60 shares during the third quarter, reduced its holdings of 32 shares, and held 15 other shares at the same level as at the end of the previous quarter.  At present, the stock with the largest increase in the number of social security fund holdings is Antarctic E-commerce. The reporter of the Securities Daily noted that the number of social security fund holdings has increased steadily in recent quarters: until the end of the first quarter of this year, the social security fundThe number of shares held is only 4,073.60,000 shares; by the end of the second quarter of this year, the number of shares held by the social security fund increased rapidly to 9,148.670,000 shares; by the end of the third quarter, this number had increased to 9444.720,000 shares.  As of the end of the third quarter, the number of shares held by the Social Security Fund 418 and Social Security Fund 423 on Antarctic 无锡夜网 E-commerce accounted for 2 of the outstanding shares.31% and 1.68%, the sixth largest and eighth largest shareholder of the listed company.In addition, the list of institutional investors in Antarctic E-commerce has not appeared in the supplementary public fund products. The two funds with the largest number of shares are Huitianfu related equity fund products. According to public information, the manager of the social security fund 423 portfolioIt is the Huitianfu Fund.  The benefits of long-term holdings of social security funds show the holdings of only 72 stocks for three consecutive quarters. Social security funds have always been regarded as the vane of value investment. Their long-term and stable style has gradually become a model for other institutional investors.Among the social security fund holdings disclosed in the 杭州评茶阁 third quarterly report, the social security fund’s holding style has been well reflected again: 21 stocks were newly held by the social security fund during the third quarter of this year, and another 85 stocks have been funded by the social security fund.Hold more than two quarters; of the above 85 stocks, 13 stocks are new to the social security fund during the second quarter, and another 72 stocks have been held by the social security fund for more than three quarters.  If the cycle is further lengthened, out of the 107 listed companies held by the Social Security Fund in the third quarter, the holding period has reached 60 for four consecutive quarters, and the holding period has reached 55 for five consecutive quarters.There are 49 stocks that have been held for six consecutive quarters, 40 stocks that have been held for seven consecutive quarters, and 34 stocks that have been held for consecutive quarters and quarters . Social security funds for some listed companiesHas been held for years.  In addition, the reporter of the Securities Daily also focused on the continuous increase in the holdings of these stocks by the Social Security Fund in recent quarters. The results show that out of the 60 stocks that the Social Security Fund increased in the third quarter, 29 stocksThe Social Security Fund has increased its holdings for two consecutive times, 13 shares have been increased by the Social Security Fund for three consecutive times, and 6 stocks have been increased by the Social Security Fund for four consecutive times. They are: Antarctic E-commerce, High Energy Environment, Yuyue Medical, RyanTakashi, I Takeshi and Meiya Optoelectronics.

Guanghui Automobile (600297): Cooperating with State Grid to Deploy New Energy Market, the Market Attempts to Promote Extended Business Development

Guanghui Automobile (600297): Cooperating with State Grid to Deploy New Energy Market, the Market Attempts to Promote Extended Business Development

Company dynamics keep outperforming industry companies Recent situation The company issued an announcement on the 18th that it has invested with State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “State Grid”) to invest in the establishment of State Grid Guanghui Company.Operations, placement of charging piles and follow-up services.

  Commenting on the new energy aftermarket with State Grid, it is expected to promote the development of extended business.

The company announced on the 18th that it plans to establish joint ventures with State Grid Investment, each with a capital of 90 million yuan and a 50% stake.

We believe that with this cooperation, both Guanghui and State Grid can provide favorable resources, and the joint venture can surpass State Grid’s price advantage and quality advantage in terms of electricity costs, and provide consumers with cost-effective charging services.

At the same time, 776 4S stores in Guanghui (as of June 30) cover a wide area and can radiate a large number of car owners with charging needs in the surroundings, which has an alternative geographical advantage.

For Guanghui, in addition to the deployment of new energy aftermarket services in advance, we expect that charging pile services will become the new drainage channel for the company’s 4S stores. At the same time, the big data of connected vehicles can explore more 南京桑拿网 customer needs and support the company’s aftermarket.Further business development.

  Promote the response to capital pressures by controlling capital expenditures and adjusting business.

The company announced last week that it intends to redeem senior perpetual securities, canceling the liquidity transfer of the company from the previous market, but the subsequent company still has the capital demand to redeem or replace the terminated debt. We believe the company is expected to pass the capital expenditure control planAnd adjust the business, such as reducing mergers and acquisitions and controlling the size of financial leases, to cope with the pressure of tight funding and high financing costs, and improve cash flow conditions.

  Terminal sales continued to improve, and manufacturers’ rebates may improve gross margins.

The company’s sales volume increased in the first two weeks of October and November, and the terminal sales recovery trend is better.

OEMs including BMW and several mid-to-high-end brands have announced subsidies for dealers in the fourth quarter, and after active adjustments by manufacturers and dealers, the profitability of the Jaguar Land Rover brand has improved significantly. We expect the company’s overall new car sales in the fourth quarterAnd gross profit margins will continue to increase sequentially.

  It is estimated that the company currently corresponds to the overall.

6 times / 7.

7x 2019e / 2020e P / E, we maintain the company ‘s outperforming industry rating. The company is currently at a historically low forecast level. The current auto market is returning to expected indicators. We are optimistic that the company ‘s transfer of retail sales will resume its expected recovery and temporarily maintain the company ‘s target price of 4.

5 yuan, corresponding to 11.

5 times / 10.

2x 2019e / 2020e P / E, 33 from the latest closing price.

5% upside.

  Risk cash flow improvement was lower than expected, and financing costs exceeded expectations.

North New Building Materials (000786): Apocalypse from other hills of gypsum board

North New Building Materials (000786): Apocalypse from other hills of gypsum board

Demand for other stones: demand for gypsum boards can continue to increase after the initial period of real estate penetration.

1) Gypsum board is mainly used for house decoration, and its demand is highly related to the completed area of the house.

We believe that the completion area of these houses is preliminary or has arrived. The gypsum board industry has entered a mature stage. In the future, the demand for insulin gypsum board will depend on the penetration rate.Demand divided by area completed).

2) In the United States and Japan, the gypsum board penetration rate has been delayed by approximately 17 years and 24 years, respectively, compared to the time when the number of new housing starts peaked.

Japan’s gypsum board demand front end is delayed by about 24 years from the start of new housing, and the United States is up to 34 years.

We think that unlike products such as cement, even the appearance on the completed area of the house does not mean that the demand for gypsum board has peaked. From foreign experience, even when the completed area of the house has appeared, after the completed area has reached the expected level, the gypsum boardThe penetration rate is still about 20 years of improvement time, and future gypsum board demand will still replace the growth time and hindered growth space.

3) The increase in penetration rate comes from the building’s fire resistance, the increase in seismic requirements and the increase in the proportion of renovations.

From the experience of Japan: the increase in fire and seismic requirements is an important driving force for increasing the demand for gypsum boards.

From the experience of the United States, the proportion of gypsum board renovation applications in the United States continues to increase, currently accounting for more than half, and the renovation market can effectively resist changes in the industry.

Competition pattern of other stones: The market pattern of high-end gypsum board in Japan is similar to that of Japan. The low-end and middle-end have certain similarities with the United States. The high-end market has better profit stability and level.

1) The competitive landscape has a significant impact on profitability. The U.S. gypsum board market is scattered, corporate profitability is average and fluctuating, and Japanese gypsum board is a duopoly, with high and stable profitability.

We believe that the high-end market of gypsum board resembles that of Japan, with a high level of profitability. Due to the existence of low- and mid-end markets, gypsum board has a competitive layout and optimization space.

2) Under the influence of Taishan gypsum board low-end products with low prices and continued high pressures to limit the profitability of small manufacturers, the withdrawal of production capacity to obtain coal-fired indicators, and the difficulty of opening again, the 2B channel is becoming increasingly important and possible mergers and acquisitions.Potential for further optimization.

With the optimization of the competitive 四川耍耍网 landscape, the profitability of Beijing New Building Materials will be more stable, and the level of profitability may rise to another level.

Valuation of other stones.

By comparison of the global gypsum board industry: Beijian New Building Materials has the lowest debt ratio and top profitability, but the PE valuation and PB average are lower than overseas companies, and the Chinese market where the company is located has a significant increase and huge penetration potential.In the market, we believe that horizontal comparison companies are significantly undervalued.

Profit forecast and estimation.

The company’s dynamic PE average over the past 5 years is 16.

7 times, range is 8.


0 times, we judge that the current company’s estimated level is below the average, and the current company and 重庆耍耍网 industry’s profitability is at a low level. Once the economic situation reverses, it will usher in a double rise in performance conversion.

What do we expect in 2019?
In 2021, the company’s EPS will be 1.


68, 1.

78 yuan / share, some net assets are 9 respectively.

53, 10.

67, 11.

89 yuan per share, giving the company 13-16 times PE in 2019, 2.


7 times PB, combining the above two methods, we think the company’s reasonable value range is about 20.


51 yuan, maintaining the “primary market” rating.

risk warning.

(1) Expansion of new production capacity (especially high-end production capacity); (2) Risk of small enterprises expanding through OEM.

Simple and effective Garlic Separator

Simple and effective “Garlic Separator”

In 1974, my brother and I were the main workers of the production team.
One day in the early summer of this year, the temperature dropped suddenly, and when I went down to work in the paddy field, my feet became cold.
The next day, my brother said that he felt a faint pain in the left groin.
From the third day, I saw swelling in the sore area, reddish, and restricted walking.
I took some Chinese medicine by myself after taking part-time work, so I went to catch some traditional Chinese medicine for my brother to take internally and externally, but it ended up being invalid after two days of treatment.
Later, he asked the doctor of the commune health center to intramuscularly inject penicillin for two days, but saw the swelling increase, the area reached half a slap, the pain made the younger brother moan in bed.
  When I was at a loss, I heard that a villager had just invited an old Chinese medicine doctor named Huang from 20 miles away to consult his family. I immediately invited him to his home.
After Huang Lao went to the clinic, he asked me to get the mugwort and garlic immediately.
The neighbor’s house has wormwood leaves, and the garlic is just at the maturity period, and the two are quickly available.
According to the doctor’s advice, I repeatedly rubbed the wormwood leaves into velvet, peeled and peeled the garlic, and made it muddy.
I saw Huang Lao take out the mulberry paper, wrapped the moxa in it, and rolled it on the table to grow about 1 foot of cylindrical moxa.
After he rubbed it, I rubbed two spares as I did.
He applied the garlic paste to his brother’s affected area, about half a centimeter thick, covered the swollen area, and then lit moxa sticks, roasted with hot moxibustion 2 to 3 inches away from the garlic paste.
After about an hour, my brother said he felt better and his legs could stretch slowly.
Huang Lao also instructed his mother to boil some ginger and basil and add brown sugar, which caused his brother to drink a large bowl and sweat it after covering it with thick quilts.
In this way, after 5 moxibustion treatments and 3 days conditioning, the younger brother can go to work, and the swollen part will disappear after half a month.
  In the following decades, I have cured more than 20 patients with similar conditions by the above method.
This hard-won recipe is also memorable.
  Fan Yongping, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Tiantan Hospital commented: Moxibustion is a therapy that uses the heat of moxibustion fire to stimulate the body with heat to achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.
The ancient book said, “You can’t get more medicine than you need acupuncture.
  There are many raw materials for moxibustion, but most of them are mainly wormwood in clinical practice.
Artemisia odorifera has an fragrant and flammable odor, and has the functions of warming the meridians, activating qi and activating blood, removing dampness and cold, swelling and dispersing, and preventing and curing diseases.
“Famous Doctors” said “Ai Wei bitter, lukewarm, non-toxic, the main moxibustion”.
  Garlic-separated moxibustion is a type of indirect moxibustion commonly used in clinical moxa moxibustion. The so-called indirect moxibustion is that moxa does not directly contact the skin during moxibustion.
Other indirect moxibustions include ginger-separated moxibustion and salt-separated moxibustion.
Similarly, moxibustion also has the effects of warming the meridians, activating qi and activating blood, removing dampness and cold, and reducing swelling and dispersal.
At the same time, the purpose of using garlic is twofold: to evenly transfer heat and prevent local skin burns.
In addition, garlic itself has the ability to dispel cold and detoxify.
  In this article, the patient developed bloatedness due to exogenous cold and dampness, blocked meridians, and impaired blood circulation, and limited limb movement.
Effective with garlic-separated moxibustion.
The main point of this law is due to cold and dampness, and it is not long, but if it is caused by heat toxin or has felt cold and damp for a long time, and it has been purulent, it is not suitable for this law.
The article also mentions that patients taking ginger and perilla soup plus brown sugar are also in line with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Because of the beginning of itching, taking ginger, perilla and brown sugar soup has the function of dispersing cold and dissolving the table, which is helpful for the treatment of itching.

Internet addiction, how to reject electronic opium -induced neurosis

Internet addiction, how to reject “electronic opium” -induced neurosis

On November 8, China’s first “Diagnostic Criteria for Internet Addiction” passed expert demonstrations, and the addiction of playing online games was officially included in the category of mental illness.
  If you play a game and you want to stop, it’s normal.

If you are addicted to playing games and can’t control your desire, it is a kind of morbidity.
Helping young people quit Internet addiction is not only an educational issue, but also a social issue.
  People on the Internet, living elsewhere. You may find it difficult to imagine that in the past five or six years, a person was “off” in a small room with a computer company.
However, a guy named Xinchang in Feng ‘s “do it”. In the past few years, the 32-year-old Feng has become fascinated with the online game “Legend” and has not closed his eyes for almost 24 hours.Not seeing the sun. ”
  Yesterday, the reporter saw at the Seventh People’s Hospital of the city, in fact, Internet addiction patients like Xiao Feng are “not surprising”.
The 16-year-old Zhuji boy, Xiao Zhao, jumped directly from the second floor because his parents did not let him go online, but fortunately, no serious consequences were caused.
In contrast, the boy Xiaohuang in Luzhou is more “dangerous”. In order to prevent his internet-addicted son from playing computer, Xiaohuang’s parents cut the network numerous times, but he secretly connected it. In mid-March this year, XiaohuangAngrily, the parents threw the computer into the river. Xiao Huang didn’t even think about it and jumped into the cold water to “rescue” the computer.
  According to Tian Guoqiang of the Seventh People’s Hospital of the People’s Republic of China, in the psychological clinic, there are more and more visitors due to emotional disorders, family conflicts, and social adaptation problems caused by excessive use of the Internet. Almost every week, five or six Internet addiction patients come to the clinic.
Compared with three or four years ago, the age of Internet addiction patients today is diversified. At present, among the Internet addiction patients being treated, the youngest is 9 years old and the oldest is 39 years old.
As conditions in many rural areas have improved, Internet addiction has begun to spread to rural areas.
  According to relevant data, the total size of netizens under the age of 25 in China has reached 82.94 million, accounting for about half of the total number of netizens.
At present, the proportion of adolescents with Internet addiction in China is 9.
72% of male adolescent netizens have an Internet addiction rate of 13.

29%, which is about 7% higher than the rate of Internet addiction among female teenagers.

18 percentage points.
Among them, nearly 50% of internet addicted teenagers mainly use Internet to chat or make friends, and more than 40% play online games and other entertainment purposes.
Young people aged 18 to 23 account for a high proportion of Internet addiction patients, reaching 11.
39%, 16 are unemployed or unemployed.

50%, graduate students 13.
95%, with junior college students accounting for 10.
99%, government (public institution) staff accounted for 4.

It is worth mentioning that the proportion of discord between “family relations”, “teacher-student relations”, and “classmate relations” among Internet addiction adolescents is more than 20%, which is nearly 10% higher than that of non-Internet addiction adolescents.
  Relevant data show that 20% of people surfing the Internet in Internet cafes are Internet addiction patients.
The harm of the Internet to the human body includes both physical and psychological aspects. Physically, due to the long time spent on the Internet, the nerve center of the brain has been in a highly excited state for a long time.Sleep cycle, autonomic dysfunction.
Symptoms such as insomnia, headache, inattention, indigestion, anorexia, and weight loss occur when you stop surfing the Internet.
In addition, uncontrolled Internet use over a long period of time can induce cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal neurosis, and tension headaches.
In terms of psychology, due to the uneven content of the Internet, it is difficult to monitor and filter, but it is beyond the imagination and stimulating and entertaining. It is extremely addictive, especially for some young netizens who are too obsessed with the “human-machine” communication mode, Will ignore the real interpersonal relationships, resulting in the shrinking of actual interpersonal communication and the role of dislocation.
In severe cases, there will also be behavioral disorders, which may lead to abnormal phenomena such as truancy, irritability, and aggressiveness. Some people even go to the abyss of crime.
  引导网瘾者走出困境  网络成瘾大致分为网络游戏成瘾、网络交际成瘾、网络强迫收集信息成瘾等类型,对于青少年这一网瘾的主要人群来讲,预防网瘾是一项系统And complex engineering.
  Tian Guoqiang said that the causes of adolescents ‘internet addiction are various, such as the youth’s weak will, poor self-control ability, parents’ love for their children, exam-oriented education makes learning pressure too high, students lack fun, social education content is poor, and some decadent and vulgar cultural epidemicand many more.
Therefore, parents and schools should consciously “intervene” in this, such as establishing a smooth communication and communication channels for them in daily life, respecting the wishes of young people, and treating them with an equal attitude.
In the process of young people’s contact with the Internet, parents and teachers must provide timely and correct guidance and carry out network moral education to help them form a correct understanding of the Internet, enhance their ability to judge morally, guide them to learn to choose, and identify good and bad.To improve the discrimination and immunity of adolescents.
  ”Tips” for Healthy Internet 1.
Use your spare time to surf the Internet. The Internet time is controlled within two hours every day. Don’t break the normal diet and living habits.
  2.Go online with a clear purpose, and browse the content you need, not aimlessly.

  3.In the process of surfing the Internet, you should maintain a steady state of mind, eliminate the psychology of hunting, and should not be overbirth.

  4.Don’t go online in the middle of the night to disrupt your biological clock.


Don’t be superstitious about online love, you must know that love is in reality.

Don’t spend time on the Internet just to pass the time. In fact, there are many ways to pass the time in life. Some chatting with friends, playing ball, dancing and so on are all very good entertainment methods.

When you find that you have no interest in everything except the Internet, or you can’t live or die as soon as you go online, I suggest you talk to a psychiatrist.

  If you play a game and you want to stop, it’s normal.
If you are addicted to playing games and can’t control your desire, it is a kind of morbidity.