2014 Wuhan International Youth Football Invitational Liao Lisheng Penalty Olympics 1-2 Lost Brazil

2014 Wuhan International Youth Football Invitational Liao Lisheng Penalty Olympics 1-2 Lost Brazil
Phoenix Sports News At 19:30 on November 18th, Beijing time, the 2014 Wuhan International Youth Football Invitational Tournament continued at the Wuhan Sports Center.In the last game, the Chinese Olympic Games ushered in the challenge of the Brazilian Olympic Games. In the first half, Lucas and Wellington Silva contributed to the Brazilian Olympic team.In the second half, Liao Lisheng created a penalty kick and personally participated in the main penalty hit. Eventually, the Chinese Olympics lost 1-2 to the Brazilian Olympics and won the runner-up in the four-nation invitational tournament.On November 18, 2014, Wuhan, in the 2014 International Youth Football Invitational Tournament, the Brazilian team scored two goals in the first half, and Liao Lisheng scored a penalty in the second half.Beating the United States, and Brazil’s National Olympics also won 1 and 1 level, the Olympics will compete with the Brazilian team for the championship of this youth football invitational tournament.In the earlier match, Australia defeated South Korea 1-0 to get the third place in the tournament, and South Korea won the fourth place.In the battle between China and Brazil, Wu Xinghan, who has scored two goals, did not enter the starting line. Brazil, Anderson, Silva and Matos appeared on the front line.  In the 4th minute, Wendell scored the ball in midfield and the Chinese team intercepted the foul.After 3 minutes, the Chinese team had a free kick in the frontcourt, but shot directly and shot high.In the 8th minute, Fabinho midfielder intercepted the foul and the Chinese team received a free kick, but there was no threat.In the 10th minute, Lucas took a free kick and Danilo headed the ball to the bottom line.In the first 10 minutes, the two teams were not fast.In the 14th minute, the Brazilian long pass was transferred to the left, but it went out of the line when it matched.After 2 minutes, the Brazilian team inserted into the penalty area before, Cao Haiqing fell to the ground and destroyed, the referee did not say anything.In the 18th minute, the Chinese team passed the triangle to the left, but there was still no chance.In the 20th minute, the Brazilian team opened the first record!Yang Ting didn’t jam the opponent in the backcourt. After Doria succeeded in stealing, the bottom line knocked to the middle. Lucas hit a shot after retreating and Brazil led China 1-0.  In the 23rd minute, Brazil scored a corner kick and Wallace topped the ball.After 4 minutes, Li Yuan downed Anderson and got the first yellow card in the game.In the 29th minute, Chinese Olympic player Shi Ke touched the ball in the case of a dead ball and was warned by the referee with a yellow card.In the 31st minute, the Chinese team ushered in a good opportunity. Chang Feiya’s frontcourt defensive pointer received a pass to the penalty area. Feng Gang who responded did not control the ball and missed the opportunity.In the 34th minute, after the National Olympics long pass, Xie Pengfei shot directly from the restricted area without the ball landing, and the ball was kicked on the outside foot to miss the ball.Four minutes later, the corner kick of the Chinese team was sent to the front point to be cleared by the opponent’s header.In the 41st minute, Brazil’s backcourt long pass was transferred, Silva got the ball on the right and knocked his teammates back, Lucas got a long shot by Zhang Yinuo.In the 45th minute, Brazil scored another goal!The Brazilian player passed to Silva before the penalty area. The Chinese team made a defensive error. Silva used his personal ability to break through a small angle and hit the net.At the end of the first half, Brazil led the Chinese team 2-0.  Easy side fight again, Fu Bo replaced Liao Lisheng, Zhao Yuhao, Wu Xinghan and Mi Haolun.  In the 52nd minute, the Chinese team took a corner kick and was directly destroyed by the Brazil team.Starting in the second half, the Olympic team’s offense slightly improved.In the 56th minute, Silva took a corner kick and was destroyed by the Chinese Olympic team. Brazil attacked again, but there was no chance.After 1 minute, the Olympic Games long pass to the right, but Brazil was the first to be released.In the 61st minute, the Olympic Games long pass to the opponent’s half, Wang Tong made a long shot from outside the penalty area.After 1 minute, Brazil Olympics also completed three substitution adjustments.In the 68th minute, Doria knocked down Liao Lisheng in the penalty area and was warned by a yellow card and awarded a penalty kick.Liao Lisheng personally hit the fence, the Chinese team pulled back one point, 1-2 behind Brazil.After scoring, Guo Olympics became more active.In the 75th minute, Xie Pengfei made a long shot from outside the penalty area and Jackson saved the bottom line.After 1 minute, China Olympics got a corner kick, but teammates in the penalty area rushed to the top of the ball.In the 79th minute, the top of the Olympic Games was sent to the penalty area. Jackson attacked and got the ball.In the 83rd minute, Wu Xinghan kicked a foul and was warned by a yellow card.Three minutes after stoppage time, the Chinese Olympic Games lost 1-2 to the Brazilian Olympic Games, ending the 2014 Wuhan Four Nations Tour with a defeat.   Starting from both sides: China National Olympics (451) 22-Zhang Yinuo; 4-Yang Ting (45 minutes, 8-Liao Lisheng), 5-Shi Ke, 6-Wang Tong, 13- Cao Haiqing (45 minutes, 15-Zhao Yuhao);7-Xu Xin, 14-Feng Gang (45 minutes, 11-Wu Xinghan), 24-Zang Yifeng, 17-Xie Pengfei (82 minutes, 9-Yang ultrasound), 20-Li Yuanyi (45 minutes, 3-Mi Haolun);23- Chang Feiya (63 minutes, 10- Chen Hao) Brazil Olympics (433) 1- Jackson; 3- Wallace, 4- Doria, 2- Fabinho, 6- Wendel (80 minutes,16-Vinishus); 5-Danillo (88 minutes, 18-Alev), 17-Augusto, 8-Lucas (63 minutes, 9-Vinius); 10-Anderson, 19-Silva (63 minutes, 11-Kelvin), 20-Matos (63 minutes, 7-Felipe Gedoz)

Screenwriter for Qing Yu Nian: Funny not written to cater to the audience

Screenwriter for “Qing Yu Nian”: Funny not written to cater to the audience
“Qing Yu Nian”, an adaptation of Mao Yi’s novel of the same name, is currently being broadcast. In the original work, Fan Xian passed through the period from modern society to the background of the story. “Qing Yu Nian” added an original plot before the story began.In order to allow professors to recognize their thesis propositions, by writing novels, imagine themselves returning to ancient times, so that subsequent stories can be expanded.A few days ago, this newspaper interviewed Wang Lian, the screenwriter of this drama. Wang Lian admitted that he likes to write character dramas and likes to show the complex side of each character and the collision of emotions.The whole theme is essentially a collision of human nature.”I really like the original novel, and I hope to try to show the glorious side of humanity in the play.”Still life of” Qing Yu Nian “.The picture comes from the Internet theme Fan Xian just wants to become a “seed” Fan Xian wants to be a rich and idle person, but the situation forces him to do nothing.Fan Jian tried every means to give Ye Qingmei’s wealth, and Chen Pingping tried every means to give him a violent institution, hoping that after he left, Fan Xian could have enough power.Fan Xian knew that Emperor Qing had killed his mother, but he didn’t want to take revenge.In the play, “I hope that in this world, there will be no oppression, and everyone born in this world will have the right to live, the right to freedom, and the right to happiness.I hope that one day, all men will be born equal, no longer have the distinction of nobleness, guarding life, and pursuing the light. This is what I want, despite all the twists and turns, I am not afraid to move forward.”This is Ye Qingbrow’s attempt to pass the assessment in the ancient world.Hearing the “ideal society” proposed by his mother, Fan Xian’s first reaction was, “This is to change the entire era.What a grand vow, what a difficult dream.But I can’t inherit your dream and be the enemy of the world?I have no such courage, I just want to live alive.”Fan Xian has the idea of equality, yearning for freedom, but he is not deeply entangled, he does not challenge the rules, he is not obsessed with proving himself.In Wang Lian’s view, when Fan Xian merged into this world, the first reaction was that the rich is safe, and he did not become a rebel. He just lived a good life with his own replacement.”Fan Xian is a process of gradual awakening and changing his views. He is more like an ordinary person. He may not have resisted fiercely, but he is willing to make the world a little better and willing to pay.”According to Wang Lian’s introduction, Fan Xian changed in the middle and late stage of the play, and the death of certain characters could promote him to become a state more directly facing the feudal system.”Fan Xian and his mother had different perspectives on contemporary civilization.The mother is more of an idealist. Fan Xian’s perspective is a bit realistic, because he knows that idealism is a particularly difficult thing to achieve, not one person can change, and it takes a long time in feudal society.What he can expect to achieve is that he will become a seed afterwards, and he cannot see the change himself, but after decades and hundreds of years, he can see this tree grow and change the world, “Fan XianHe just wanted to become a seed, and his mother wanted to make herself a big tree. This is where their opinions differ.In Wang Lian’s view, what Fan Xian did was not resistance, but just wanted to show his own heart, the world in memory, and some of the views of modern society.”He lived in a feudal society with this view. Like a sunshine, he slowly diffused the light and infected more people.”Fan Xian will be forced to change afterwards.”The picture comes from the Zengxi comedy section on the Internet, but the core is still a tragedy. In the plot that has been broadcast, “Qing Yu Nian” released the comedy signal.The heavyness and grayness in the novel are diminished in the play. Some exaggerated characters and the use of some language have produced an embarrassing effect. In the way of confessing father by the way of confessing to the unknown man in black, Fei Jie,It was then called a “storm”; the first person met in Kyoto, Wang Qinian, was apparently on guard at the documentary of the Institute of Investigation, and he was also engaged in speculative business such as selling maps of Kyoto.There are too many people in the play to carry the comedy effect, the most popular of which is Fan Siming, the youngest son of the Fan family played by Guo Qilin, and the silly and vivid image of the silly son of the landlord ‘s family is vivid and lively.Xiang Qian can immediately turn into a mathematical genius when he discovers business opportunities.Wang Lian said that the adapted “Ying Yu Nian” is after all a TV series work. There can be many psychological activities in the novel, and there is always no way to talk to oneself on the screen. Wang Qinian is suitable for this role.Since I want to be with Fan Xian, I hope he can also shine.Especially in the story of Qingyu years, there are many smart people, superior people and ruthless people, all kinds of tricks, all kinds of fighting methods, natural and wonderful, and just add some fireworks.In addition to the comedy effect, setting the “feeling” of many characters around Fan Xian should also highlight the family’s appeal to Fan Xian.For example, the episodes from the emperor and the princess in the first few episodes can be compared to the joy of the Fan Xian family. “I just want to feel this way. Why is Fan Xian such a person?Why did he choose to protect this family?It is because of the warmth of the family.If his family is the same as that of the (prince) over there, he may not follow this path.”One of the favorite characters of the audience.Pictures from the network dynamics, “machine cat”, “cultural industry”, “women in bubble literature”, “intelligence basin” and other newly added modern vocabulary, all bring intuitive comedy effects to the episode.In the past, some modern vocabulary will also appear in some costume dramas. If used poorly, it will cause embarrassment, embarrassment, and rigidity.Regarding the necessity of the application of these words in the script, Wang Lian said that because Fan Xian was a young man with modern thought, he did not agree with the rules of feudal society, he did not succumb and struggled, so he always maintained modern thought and scriptAt the beginning of the middle school, he kept talking about modern lines, and also telling the audience that I had not changed. “In such a situation, these lines have achieved comedy effects, but they are more like his silent struggle, because he is not willing to assimilate to this.In the world.In the worldview of the original novel, “Qing Yu Nian” is about the resurgence of a new generation of civilization after the end of civilization.Despite this setting, the tone of the whole story is very heavy. Wang Li said that he hopes that the audience can cause the theme of this drama to be conveyed in a relaxed environment, rather than entering a story with a very depressing atmosphere.”Although it has many so-called comedy bridges, the essence of this story is tragedy.The world’s injustice to class and the oppression of human nature are hidden in those laughter.”I hope that the audience loves the male lead, rather than think that he is so smart. The biggest adaptation of the hero” Fan Xian “in the play can be regarded as the removal of his” dark side. “In the original book, Fan Xian comes with a decisive character of killing and cutting. He is a bit indifferent to human life, and everything is based on self-interest. From a certain perspective, this is also the foundation of his success.In the original novel, Fan Xian was extremely fierce when he calculated Fei Jie at the age of four. At that time, he planned to solve Fei Jie, and his robe asked Wu Zhu to help clean up the mess.In the TV series, Fan Xian fainted Fei Jie for self-protection, and mistakenly thought that he had killed Fei Jie by mistake, and hurriedly asked Wu Zhu to help clean up the mess.The positioning of the two is completely different.Fan Xian in the original book was not stupid and sweet from the beginning. He is a guy who knows a lot of methods and is extremely good at acting.Chen Pingping said he was fierce and he was a gentle little man in his heart.If compared with the original book, Fan Xian of the TV series is too simple.In the TV series, in addition to focusing on embodying Fan Xian’s intelligent all-round talent, Wang Li tried to make him kinder and more cute, “The dark side has been reduced because the main story is heavy, so I hope Fan Xian, Help viewers realize the warmth of human nature, and make the protagonist more lovely.I also hope that the audience regards him as a particularly close and lovely friend who lives nearby. If the audience and the characters can have an emotional connection, this is the best recent way.I hope that the audience can love the male host from their own hearts, rather than think he is so powerful and smart.”In Qing Yu Nian, Fan Xian is an illegitimate child, but he has a” Jack Su “halo that is comparable to the pride of heaven.Mother Ye Qingmei won the loyalty or admiration of Qing Di, Chen Pingping, Jing Wang Li Zhi, Wu Zhu and others.They loved the house and Wuwu, and gave Fan Xian the attention that ordinary people couldn’t get.As a result, Fan Xian was a master of his mastery when he was young, and Wu Zhu, the peer master of the four great masters, served as his bodyguard. Fei Jie, the world’s most poisoned person, was enlightened by this master.When Emperor Chaotianzi Qingdi was born his father.But in Wang Lian ‘s opinion, Fan Xian is not a Jack Su character, he is always fighting, “He is a rebel, in essence he is not the protagonist of Jack Su, he is a tragic subject, constantly struggling andResistance.”Fan Xian was born with a golden spoon in his background. Instead, it is the root of his tragedy. Whether it is a father or a teacher, it seems that everyone is supporting him, but he really wants to pursue and rebel. In the end, these peopleBe his power.Fan Xian is a young man with a modern human soul. He wants to smash the hierarchy in the feudal dynasty.Wang Lian said that if placed in the contemporary era, Fan Xian would not be so intense.”Contemporary society is fair and there is not so much human suppression.If Fan Xian lives in modern times, he will be a very happy person, he is kind and kind, and such a person is very suitable for being a friend.If he lives in modern times, he will be much happier.”The emotions of the heroes and heroines are best evenly matched against the heroine Lin Wan’er in the original book. He grew up in the palace. He knows the tricks of power but does not use them. He is kind but not stupid.She has been well protected by Fan Xian for her life, but she can be a master of attack when she is required to protect her family.It is perfect in every aspect, and does not grab the limelight at all. It is willing to be a little woman behind the man he likes. Generally speaking, it is the ideal love object in the mind of straight men.But in the play, she has become an independent femininity. “If you want to marry me, you can’t rely on the sacred purpose. You can’t borrow the royal wealth from me. The person I want to marry has only one condition that I want to like in my heart.” Lin Waner hasSuch a dialogue.In the same point, Fan Xian also expressed to his sister Fan Ruoruo, “Life is alive, Baiju has a gap, if he chooses something he doesn’t like, he will live in his life.As long as you like, even the king of the king, brother will pull you back.The “independent temperament” of the female character pioneer in “Qing Yu Nian” is also one of the reasons why the play is praised. As a “big male lead” episode, the heroine’s halo has not been taken away by the male lead.In the play, Lin Wan’er, who knows he can’t control his marriage, still tries to find the target of marriage, and tries to solve the problem by means of communication. It is not a female image willing to be dominated by random.In Wang Lian’s view, although “Qing Yu Nian” is the main male lead, it can’t shrink the heroine because of the main male lead.Lin Wan’er’s role is weak and sick. Under such circumstances, Wang Lian hopes that her heart will be stronger, which will make the audience look forward to this feeling.”The emotions of the male and female masters are best evenly matched, and the female masters of the ideological level reached by the male masters should also be there.Only when both parties are strong, have their own ideas, and do what they are willing to do, when they are together, can they feel that they are supporting each other and moving forward.Instead of going forward, the heroine just hung a small bell and small objects beside him.”Answers will not specifically please viewers. Sauna Nightnet: The adaptation of” Qing Yu Nian “has been unanimously approved. What are the main principles of consistency in the adaptation of the script?Wang Lian: This dramatic change only adheres to one point of view and follows the main line of the original book. The main line is basically not implanted.For example, if I want to enrich a character, or a slight adjustment of the character, it will cause some substitutions that are different from the original. After doing these expansions, I will return to the main line of the original.Another point, when you see the plot behind, the audience will find that the main stages of the original story are gone, but please rest assured that I did not delete it, I just moved it to the place, it may be moved to the back and concentrated together,For example, push the climax of a plot.It’s like building a building block. I moved the ground, but I didn’t cut it. The basic main line is there. I just made an adjustment, some kind of adaptation of Teng Zijing that is now performing.(Note: The original book Teng Zijing appeared as a slave to the male master Fan Xian, and the person who assassinated Fan Xian in Danzhou at that time died. It was the key turning point for the first time as a male master, but the play becameThe identity of the male helper, the killer becomes a friend and loyal guardian of the male host.) Teng Zijing’s death pushed Fan Xian to change.The picture comes from the online sauna night network: mentioning the costume drama of the emperor, the faction in the palace, various battles are also inevitable.There is also a palace part in “Qing Yu Nian”, how to distinguish it from the previous series?Wang Lian: Doing this theme cannot avoid court battles, but our theme is different.The previous court battles often involved the protagonist choosing a side, essentially merging the battle and becoming one of them.After all, the nature of those battles is dark.But Fan Xian is different. He has been insisting on modern thinking and has not changed.All his battles are against the entire rule, not integrated into someone’s faction to participate in the struggle.From a certain perspective, it is a bit like Don Quixote’s story. A person confronts a world and uses the glory of humanity to accuse the dark world.Sauna Night Net: Some modern vocabulary usages in the play, including the adaptation of the characters’ comedy style, are there any special considerations for the young audience in the adaptation?Wang Lian: I did not deliberately play a part of the audience, I hope that audiences of all ages can accept it.So when doing dramas, I tend to be more aesthetic.I want to make a good story, good characters, interesting plot, and then hide a little meaning, hoping to touch the heart of the audience.You can’t make a play to please the audience.Nor is it because the audience at this age likes this style, so I follow their direction.This is not the case with my creative ideas and methods.Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Zhao Lin

[Is it really fake to eat fried rice and shave it?]

[Is it true that eating fried rice and scraping oil?

]_Slimming_How is the effect?

Fried rice is a common way of eating. After the rice is fried in an iron pan, the ingredients are popcorn-like. The taste is very crisp and delicious, making people feel very refreshing, and the nutritional value of rice is veryHigh, some people even think that eating fried rice has the benefits of slimming and shaving oil. So, is it true that eating fried rice and shaving oil?

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below, I hope everyone can understand it.

Fried rice can make you lose weight. This really makes sense.

Many people think that the speed of rice is very high, so they are habitually regarded as the enemy of weight loss, but the starch and starch are destroyed when the rice is fried, so we don’t have to worry about eating friedRice will bring too high a conversion, and its conversion will be very low after porridge.

This is because when the rice is stir-fried, it becomes an activated carbon that can absorb a small amount of it, which can expel the accumulated fat and toxins from the body together.

The oil-scraping effect of fried rice is very powerful, and eating it often can nourish the stomach.

When eating fried rice, we can eat it with other nutritious vegetables, which is very good for weight loss. In addition, the satiety of fried rice is very strong. You don’t need to worry about the problem of hungry stomach, and you can effectively control the food intake.

Method: First, the rice must be washed first, it must be dried, and the method of frying the rice wet is wrong.

Only dry frying can turn them into accidental activated carbon.

And pay attention to stir fry.

Slimming men and women, a website to teach weight loss!

Second, when frying the rice, use a shovel to keep turning until they are slightly yellow.

Because we did not put any oil in the process of frying, there is a danger of burning if it takes longer.

Third, whether the fried rice can be cooked depends on whether their color is yellow.

This point can also be selected according to your own taste. Dark yellow is more mature, but the effect of weight loss is the same.

Fourth, remove it and pack it.

When you want to eat, it is like the normal porridge cooking process, but you can cook it longer and add more water.

Every time you should fry more and keep it for future use, otherwise it will be very wasteful.

[How to make pork belly bean curd buns]_ Home made pork belly bean curd buns _ Practice of pork belly bean curd buns _ how to make pork belly pork buns

[How to make pork belly bean curd buns]_ Home made pork belly bean curd buns _ Practice of pork belly bean curd buns _ how to make pork belly pork buns

The practice of pork belly bean curd buns is actually very simple. The tricks can be shared with you today. Many girls love this dish very much in their lives. It is very refreshing and chewy, and can be beauty and beauty. You can add pepper and pepper powder according to personal tasteIt is best to simmer slowly for about an hour to let the taste of the ingredients spread out.

1. Make the noodles, the flour is done, the noodles are not ready today, the water is too much, and the noodles are too soft 2. When making the filling, don’t make too many kinds of condiments, and the too much will get tired, especially oil, 3, making buns, this time the noodles are not well prepared, a bit failed, 4, steamed well. By introducing the practice of not making pork belly tofu buns very well, even you who just learned to cook can do well.As for the appearance of the dish, the taste is not important.

[Do you gain weight by eating bananas at night?

]_ Recommended diet

[Do you gain weight by eating bananas at night?
]_ Recommended diet

Banana is a kind of fruit that we can often eat. Many people prefer bananas, but some people are worried that Zhijiang Gum will cause them to gain weight. In fact, eating bananas will not make them fat, but it will also cause weight loss.For friends who lose weight, bananas are a better choice for fruit loss.

Because bananas are very sweet, many people think that they are instantaneously high, but in fact, the calories of bananas are very low. They are separated from the white rice we usually eat, only half of the rice, so even at nightOne or two bananas, don’t worry about worrying about high, and cause too many problems, but it can become a master to help you lose weight.

Many people use bananas to lose weight successfully, because bananas supplement dietary fiber, vitamins, potassium and other nutrients, which can help us to effectively regulate the intestine, promote gastrointestinal motility, through the role of defecation, but also can eliminate water, improve body edema and other problemsTherefore, banana is a fruit that is a good helper for weight loss.

People who are worried about obesity in eating bananas at night think that this worry is unnecessary. Bananas are easy to digest and absorb. Elderly children can rest assured that they can also supplement some of the nutrients needed by the body and add vitality.When is it appropriate?

And people who are losing weight during eating bananas are more beneficial to lose weight. If you feel that eating bananas is tedious, you can also use other fruits instead of banana fruit salad.

CICC Gold (600489): Continued growth of gold price is expected to drive performance rebound

CICC Gold (600489): Continued growth of gold price is expected to drive performance rebound

Event: Recently, CICC Gold released the 2019 Interim Report, and the company achieved operating income of 167 in the first half of 2019.

0.7 million yuan, an increase of 3 every year.

75%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company is 0.

73 trillion, down 41 a year.

08%; realized basic profit income of 0.

02 yuan, down 50 previously.


Opinion: The domestic gold price rises, and the company’s output increases.

In the first half of 2019, due to factors such as the turbulent international situation and the increasing downward pressure on the global economy, the average domestic spot price of gold reached 287.

7 yuan / gram, an increase of 5 in ten years.


Under the background of rising gold prices, the company ‘s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies has decreased. As the company actively responds to national environmental protection policies, some mines have undergone rectification, resulting in a decrease in gold output; only the debt-to-equity project dating strategyInvestors: The company’s gold product output has improved due to the decline in the company’s shareholding in the Central Plains Smelter.

Reporting information, the company produced a total of mineral gold11.

18 tons, 33 refined gold.

10 tons, smelting gold 17.

90 tons, a decrease of 4.

53%, 10.

65% and 13.


The successful implementation of the acquisition will increase the company’s performance.

The report summary, the company “plans to purchase Zhongyuan Smelter 60 北京体验网 through additional issuance and cash payments.

“98% equity and 90% equity of Inner Mongolia Mining” are still in progress.

Absolutely, the profitability of Zhongyuan Smelter is better, and net profit will be realized in 2018.

550,000 yuan, net profit in the first half of 20191.

9.5 billion.

In this transaction, Zhongyuan Smelter 60.

98% equity transaction was priced at 47.

07 billion.

Inner Mongolia Mining mainly produces copper fine powder and molybdenum fine powder, and achieved net profit in 20186.

32 ppm, the main business gross margin reached 40.

73%, its copper metal reserves are 233.

42 samples, average grade 0.

144%; molybdenum metal reserves 55.

05 samples, average grade 0.


In this transaction, the price of 90% equity of Inner Mongolia Mining was 37.

970,000 yuan, after the completion 四川耍耍网 of the acquisition, will improve the profitability of listed companies.
On June 27, 2019, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council agreed in principle the company’s overall plan for the issuance of shares and payment of cash to purchase assets and raise matching funds, but this matter needs to be approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission before implementation.
The price of gold is still in an upward cycle.

The current downward pressure on the global economy is increasing, and the world’s largest economy, the United States, is still slowing down. The Fed continues to cut interest rates and increase expectations. At the same time, the uncertainty of the international trading environment has increased, and market risk aversion has increased.

We believe that this round of gold’s rising cycle has not yet ended, and we are still optimistic about the subsequent trend of gold prices.

Earnings forecast and rating: Based on the company’s existing share capital and excluding this reorganization, we expect the company’s total diluted earnings for 2019-2021 to be 0.

08 yuan, 0.

10 yuan, 0.

12 yuan, calculated based on the closing price of 2019-08-27, corresponding PE is 118 times, 97 times, 80 times respectively, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk factors: The output of mineral gold does not meet expectations; the risk of fluctuations in gold prices; increased production costs; natural disasters, environmental protection and other emergencies leading to production interruptions; this fixed increase has not been approved by the CSRC.

BTG Hotel (600258): Expected opening of stores in 19 years; the industry tries to stabilize the rebound

BTG Hotel (600258): Expected opening of stores in 19 years; the industry tries to stabilize the rebound
The 2018 results were slightly lower than the expected 2018 results announced by BTG Hotels: Revenue 85.39 thousand yuan, +1.5%; net profit attributable to mother 8.57 ppm, + 36%, mainly due to the incremental investment income obtained from the sale of equity in Yanjing Hotel.4.4 billion; deducted non-mother net profit 6.90 ppm, + 16%, was slightly lower than expected, mainly due to the hotel business other than Home Inns, which caused some expenses to be irresistible in the calculation of revenue, resulting in slightly higher than expected expenses. Home: RevPAR for junior same-store stores increased by 2.8% (economic type +2.7%, high-end +2.3%), 4Q18 same store RevPAR + 1.4% (before 3Q18 of 2.4%)), occupancy rate -1.9pct (the -2pct of the earlier Q3 narrowed slightly); the expanded comprehensive RevPAR increased by 4.2%.Homecoming realized income 71.54 ppm, a ten-year increase1.5%; total profit 1.14 ‰, an increase of 19% in ten years; operating 武汉夜网论坛 leverage is good. Old First Brigade: The overall comprehensive RevPAR increased by 1.4% (ADR + 0.4%, OCC + 0.7pct). Hotel Expansion: Net opening of 337 hotels in 18 years (622 new openings, more than 400-500 guidelines), termination of the total number of hotels at the end of 18, 4,049, middle and high-end accounted for 18%, franchise accounted for 77%.  The development trend is expected to accelerate the opening of new stores in 19 years.1) The company expects to realize revenue of US $ 8.6-8.8 billion in 19 years; there are many 800 newly opened hotels (including management output stores), which continued to accelerate in the early 18 years, indicating the company’s confidence in product development and the hotel market, and franchiseesContinuous accumulation of intentions.Newly opened mid-to-high-end stores account for more 北京桑拿洗浴保健 than 50%, and franchise accounts for more than 95%.2) In general, the company continued to focus on product upgrades and brand expansion, and Home Inns carried out 155 direct sales stores in 18 years.0 Renovation and upgrade. The hotel product joint venture with Hyatt also plans to open the first batch of directly operated stores in the first half of 2020.  Industry progress stabilized and rebounded.1) The implementation of the tax reduction and fee reduction policy, especially the purchase of domestic passenger transportation services is deducted into input deductions, which is expected to reduce corporate travel costs and increase the business source of hotels.2) The recent relevant data is also picking up. The passenger load factor of the three major airlines from January to March achieved positive long-term growth. The non-manufacturing business activity index rose to 54 in March.8.  Earnings forecasts are maintained for 2019 and 2020.  Estimates and recommendations Currently, the company expects to correspond to 21/17 times 2019/20 P / E ratio.Maintain the recommendation level, taking into account the estimated shift and recovery of market sentiment, raise the target price by 14% to 27 yuan, corresponding to 26/21 times 2019/20 price-earnings ratio and 21% upside.  Risks Macroeconomic and hotel industry stabilization rebounded weaker than expected.

Anti-aging grasp three age points _1

Anti-aging grasp 北京桑拿洗浴保健 three age points
Recently, a new study published in the journal Natural Medicine showed that there are three gears for human aging: 34 years old, 60 years old, and 78 years old.Researchers from Stanford University’s Alzheimer’s Research Center analyzed 4263 18?From the 95-year-old plasma data, after measuring the levels of about 3,000 different proteins, it was found that the protein level remained relatively stable overall, but the readings of various proteins had changed greatly during the above three ages.Researchers explain that these changes in protein levels are not only a characteristic of human aging, but more likely a cause of aging.”Continuously conducting research, we are expected to pass blood tests to the age of people above the molecular level.”Professor Tony Weiss-Cray, who led the research, said:” The more we know about age, the more we can intervene.In the future, we may know that knowing what diets and behaviors can help extend life and thus help people avoid various illnesses.In conjunction with this research, Life Times invited a number of experts to explain in detail the health issues that need to be focused on at each of these age points.  At the age of 34, health shifts from peak to downhill. Human aging and disease are global changes caused by cell damage or death.As early as 1925, Wilson, a famous American biologist, put forward: “All the key issues of life must be found in cells.”Niu Wenyi, a professor in the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education at the School of Public Health of Peking University, told reporters that although young people are in a period of strong fertility and relatively mature and stable physiology, the number of cells in the body and the water in the cells are beginning to decrease. This isThe first turning point in aging.Liu Dequan, former director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Geriatric Hospital mentioned that most of the people around the age of 34 are in a state of heavy family burdens, heavy work pressures, and complex interpersonal relationships, which affects physical health. These external factors and the in vivo proteins mentioned in the researchSudden changes in readings are causal.  Experts believe that people in their 30s should focus on the health of the nervous system and musculoskeletal bones.After 30 years of age, cerebral blood circulation slows, blood flow decreases, and the number of nerve cells in the brain gradually decreases, which affects memory, coordination, and brain function.Human muscle mass at 25?At the age of 30, it reaches the highest, and then gradually decreases with age. The elderly affect the body’s metabolic rate. Around 35, bone loss begins.Beginning at the age of 30, the heart’s ventricular walls and heart valves gradually thicken, and the heart’s metabolic system begins to age.Essentially, the vital capacity also begins to decrease slowly.Yang Ping, Secretary General of the Geriatric Psychology Branch of the Chinese Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, told reporters that people around the age of 34 due to stress and increased sense of responsibility easily lead to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.  Liu Dequan reminded that causing changes in people’s lifestyle and dietary habits, some elderly chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc., occur more and more in young and middle-aged people. At the same time, chronic fatigue also increases their chronic fatigue.Syndrome, risk of obesity.  At the age of 60, these machines can enter the old age of about 60, people are at the end of menopause, and they are facing changes in their living conditions such as retirement. These factors together lead to faster aging.  Liu Dequan said that this age group should focus on circulation, digestion and immune system.Around 60 years of age, the cardiac stroke volume (referring to one heartbeat, the volume of blood ejected by the serial ventricle) is 30% lower than that at 20 years old?40%, the heart disease system continues to age, which can easily cause problems such as insufficient blood supply and decompensation.In terms of digestion, about 60 years of age, oral, esophageal, and gastrointestinal functions gradually decline, and gradually reduce their metabolic capabilities, leading to digestive tract diseases, reduced digestive enzyme secretion and decreased activity, digestive function declines, and the risk of metabolic tract diseases increases.The aging of the endocrine system is mainly reflected in various hormone levels and the sensitivity of target organs to it.A decade-long study published in the journal “Aging” shows that with the increase of age, the total number of T lymphocytes in the human body continues to decrease, and the immune function decreases accordingly, making them more vulnerable to invasion by bacteria and viruses.  Psychologically, the social status change caused by the gradual decline and recovery of physical functions in people around the age of 60 is likely to cause psychological decline and accelerate aging.Yang Ping also mentioned that more than half of the people over the age of 60 have coping with their own health and sense of insecurity, thereby increasing their psychological burden, and more likely to cause psychological problems such as emotional instability, anxiety, and depression.  At 78 years old, the system and organs are rapidly aging. At about 78 years old, certain functions of the human body have entered a rapid aging stage. Nervous, urinary, respiratory, and circulatory systems, as well as cognitive and psychological changes, have changed significantly.  In terms of the nervous system, the number of elderly brain cells and synaptic connections are reduced, cerebral blood flow is changed, resulting in decreased memory, fatigue, and slow response to the outside world.In the urinary system, renal arteriosclerosis and renal blood flow complications can lead to renal failure.Elderly men are often accompanied by benign prostatic hyperplasia, frequent urination, urgency, and inexperienced urination; elderly women may experience symptoms of urinary incontinence due to sphincter relaxation of the pelvic floor.Regarding the respiratory system, the elderly will experience problems such as decreased respiratory muscle strength and tracheal calcification, which will lead to increased airway obstruction, pulmonary ventilation and pulmonary ventilation.As the cilia movement weakens, the ability of the elderly to reduce sputum gradually decreases.In terms of the circulatory system, the ventricular wall of people around 78 years old thickens, and adjacent arteries harden, which is more likely to cause organ volume.  At this stage, the brain function of the elderly is degraded, and cognitive deterioration is very obvious.In 2018, a study published at the annual meeting of the American Population Association showed that brain aging will have a partial cognitive impairment period of about 4 years from 73 years old, and Alzheimer’s disease may occur in the following one and a half to two yearsOr similar cognitive disorders.Psychologically, the elderly often show self-centered, conservative, suspicious, irritable, inferiority and other personality disorders and empty nest syndrome and other psychological problems.  Facing aging is the key to life extension Although aging is an irreversible process, we can try to delay its progress.Yang Ping said that facing aging is the key to delaying aging. It is especially important to maintain an optimistic attitude. People should timely focus on the fear of aging, irritability, loneliness and depression.  Experts agree that it is important to maintain a good lifestyle and diet regardless of your age.Should pay attention to a balanced diet, diverse structure, mainly cereals, eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, soybeans, eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat in moderation, less salt and less oil.In terms of lifestyle, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, relieve stress in a timely manner, quit smoking and limit alcohol and ensure redundant sleep, pay attention to eating and moving balance, and maintain a healthy weight.  Adhering to regular exercise has a positive effect on delaying aging.It should be noted that the physical fitness of the elderly has declined comprehensively. Exercise must be carried out step by step. You should 杭州夜网论坛 choose systemic physical activities such as walking, brisk walking, Tai Chi, etc. that are not too long and not too intense.In addition, everyone must insist on regular medical examinations.  Finally, Liu Dequan reminded that the family’s care for the physical and mental health of the elderly has a very positive effect on their health and longevity.Faced with people around the age of 60, family members should assist them in arranging their retirement life and encourage them to cultivate positive interests and hobbies so that they can enjoy themselves and do something good.Most people around the age of 78 have a sense of empty nest when their children are away, and they often pay too much attention to their health. At this time, family members should pay more attention to care and communicate with them.(Jiang Yue)

China’s cosmeceutical market has entered another crazy enterprise


China’s cosmeceutical market has entered another crazy enterprise

Recently, at the “42nd Xiamen New and Special Medicine Fair” in Xiamen, Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. held a unique “win-win China Cosmeceutical Summit Forum”. Many experts on the current situation of China’s cosmeceutical marketHe made a wonderful keynote speech with the prospect, which attracted the attention of many well-known domestic dealers.

  What is cosmeceutical?

“Medical makeup” is also known as “medical care products”. The most popular phrase is: cosmetics sold in pharmacies.

Wikipedia dictionary right?


The explanation is: Medical beauty care products are products between cosmetics, beauty products and medicines, which can adjust the skin condition without changing the physiological structure. Because of clinical experimental data and medical journal published papers as the basis for research and development,The resulting products can be trusted by doctors.

  Because cosmeceutical products are usually developed by medical research laboratories, their “safety and effectiveness” are trusted by consumers. In Europe, America, Japan, and other countries with a long history of cosmetic development, the cosmeceutical market accounts for almost 40% of the market size.

  Big market, big article At present, as an important part of the “beauty economy”, the beauty, cosmetic industry and cosmetics industry are growing at an annual rate of 20%, and its output value has accounted for 1% of China’s GDP.

8%; through the continuous improvement of living standards, cosmetics have become the fourth consumer boom after buying a house, car, and tourism.

  It is estimated that by 2010, the sales scale of the cosmetics market will reach 120 billion yuan in the past, the market share of the pharmaceutical cosmetics market will increase from the current 20% to 40%, and the market size will reach 48 billion US dollars.

With such a huge market volume and such a broad upside, China’s cosmeceutical market is known as a vast blue ocean in the cosmetics industry.

The arrival of this giant market will enable huge wins for drugstore brands that first entered the field of drugstores and retail chain drugstores that first introduced drugstore models.

  As for the cosmetics brand, preliminary sources predict that in 2008, it will be a year for major domestic and foreign brands to step up their efforts to enter the Chinese pharmaceutical cosmetics market. Whoever can win a place in this battle, will have the opportunity to become the pharmaceutical cosmetics market.army head.

According to marketers, China’s cosmeceutical market is still at dawn and its layout has not yet been formed, so the brands have not yet reached the stage of competition with each other, and can even be said to be partners in common operations.

Because of the 480 billion market scale, as long as each drug cosmetic brand draws its own boundaries and forms different brand positioning and brand image, it is already a constant surprise.

According to the competition between brands, it is estimated that it will start in 2010. Therefore, to establish brand differentiation and quickly establish brand awareness is completely a long-term consideration for drug cosmetics brands.

  For chain pharmacies: Some experts pointed out that under the pressure of changes in the pharmaceutical environment and the huge profit pressure, the rich profits of functional cosmetics will gradually become the largest source of pharmacy profit growth.

Due to the gradual upgrading of related policies of domestic pharmaceutical retail enterprises, such as prescription drugs must be sold by prescription, domestic pharmaceutical retail enterprises urgently need to adjust the product structure in order to improve market competitiveness and expand the cosmeceutical market is bound to become an inevitable choice.

With the development of the profit model of the retail chain, making full use of its unique convenience and professionalism, the cosmeceutical model that integrates health, beauty and shopping convenience, will undoubtedly become another turning point in the development of retail drug stores in China.

In the next 3 years, drugstores will become the mainstream of diversified drugstore operations. The product structure of the drugstore model will also be distributed from the current 730 (70% drugs + 30% other products) to 424 size (40% drugs + 20% Other products + 40% cosmetics).

  Cosmeceutical Leader, at the China Wonderful Summit, General Manager Xiao Lizhong of Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Group Cosmetics Co., Ltd. made a surprising statement: Chinese cosmeceutical leaders will definitely come from Chinese brands.

Taste carefully, this is not a wishful thinking Chinese complex, but a substitute for the time and place, and the accumulation of wealth.

First, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics conform to the concept of modern cosmeceuticals. Traditional Chinese medicine has thousands of years of cultural heritage. This is unmatched by foreign brands. Second, Chinese companies have a deeper understanding of the Chinese market.Consumer education is more meticulous and deeper than foreign companies. Domestic product segmentation is lower than cost advantages and positioning advantages. These advantages can be transformed into more benefits for consumers.

  ”Consumer demand for cosmeceuticals refers to both cosmetic products containing medicines and functional cosmetics, which can solve the problem. Therefore, consumers’ requirements for cosmeceuticals can be summarized as safe, natural, and effective.Cosmeceuticals are due to these characteristics, because Chinese medicine is first and foremost natural, which can ensure safety. To be sure, cosmetics of Chinese medicine are based on the modern theory of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.Therefore, her effectiveness can be guaranteed. The development of the 12 flavor series of skin care products clearly reflects the characteristics of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine, such as comprehensive physiotherapy, dialectical treatment, and compound compatibility.

“Like many pharmaceutical companies entering the drug cosmetics market, Xiao Lizhong believes that it is advantageous for pharmaceutical companies to enter the cosmetics market. First, from the perspective of research and development, pharmaceutical companies use the standards of new drug development to develop drug cosmetics; second, from productionIt is said that pharmaceutical companies have adopted GMP. These two advantages can make the safety of cosmeceuticals produced by pharmaceutical companies, and indeed they can guarantee that this is responsible to consumers.

  It is understood that the holding of 94% of Kunming Shenghuo Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.

57% of the shares in the (US) China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holding Company is a national emerging industrialization demonstration engineering company listed on the main board of the American Stock Exchange.

It is a leading Chinese medicine company with strong financial strength and committed to bringing modern Chinese medicine to the international stage.

  The “12-flavor” series of Chinese medicine skin care products launched by Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., from the R & D concept to the production of products, reflect the full integration of rich Chinese culture and modern medical technology.

According to reports, the formula of the “12-flavor” series of traditional Chinese medicine skin care products is the research result of decades of scientific research by TCM experts in Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Industry. The formula, preparation and use have different concepts from other skin care products.

Based on 12 flavors of “balanced, healthy and beautiful” Chinese medicine beauty theory as the product development concept, each flavor of Chinese medicine has been scientifically formulated to accurately extract the active ingredients in the medicinal materials, synergistically synergistically affect skin problems, effectively control the incidence, and through overall adjustment, Restore the body’s balance, and fundamentally solve the problem of skin care and beauty.

Different from the Western beauty concept, Twelve Taste Beauty does not pursue the appearance of the decoration, but pays attention to the internal adjustment and external nutrition to achieve the body balance, so as to radiate healthy and natural beauty from the inside out.

  Innovate the operation model, and win-win cooperation. The blue ocean cooperation and win-win cooperation will reduce intermediate conversions and create an operation model that maximizes profit.

The cooperation and win-win relationship between the chain drugstores and the brand drug manufacturers is a fast and successful operating model for China’s OTC pharmaceuticals. The transformation of the model to the cosmetics marketing system is a natural success.

For chain pharmacies, there is no need to try, it is already in the forefront, fast market response and comprehensive marketing support will surely open a smooth and win-win avenue.

Shenghuo’s “12 flavors” put forward the marketing strategy of “seize the opportunity, take the lead, innovate operations, and win-win cooperation”, confidently determined to build China’s No. 1 cosmeceutical brand, and won the chain store retail with increasing internal strength at the summitThe favor of pharmacies turned the scene into a cooperation agreement, and everyone seemed confident about the future.

  The market is changing. Who will lead the blue ocean of Chinese medicine and cosmetics? Let us wait and see.

Cucumber litchi repels dullness of tibia

Cucumber litchi repels dullness of tibia

Urban pollution is serious, and the damage to the skin is aggravated. Want to lose the distress of the dull complexion and become a Bainen urban beauty?

Here are some tips to help you fight off dull complexion.

  Cucumbers can clear heat and detoxify, and have the effects of refreshing and detoxifying, sweetness, and flatness. They are also known as cucumber, courgette, and prickly pear.

  Modern medicine believes that cucumber is rich in protein, sugars, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. At the same time, cucumber also contains propionate, cucurbitacin, softFine fiber and other ingredients are rare detox foods.

  The citric acid contained in cucumber can promote the body’s metabolism and expel toxins.

The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon, which can whiten the skin, maintain skin elasticity, and inhibit the formation of melanin.

Cucumber also inhibits the conversion of sugars into feces, which is very beneficial to the lungs, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system.

In summer, it is easy to get irritable, thirsty, sore throat or phlegm. Eating cucumber can help resolve fermentation.

  Urban pollution is serious, and the damage to the skin is aggravated. Want to lose the distress of the dull complexion and become a Bainen urban beauty?

Here are some tips to help you fight off dull complexion.
  Litchi is warm and fragrant, refreshing and nourishing, filling essence and filling liquid, removing odor and pain, sweetness, sourness, warming the spleen and liver, replenishing spleen and thirst, detoxifying and reducing diarrhea.

Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Eat lychee, supplementing brain fitness .” “Portable Diet Chart” records: “Litchi is sweet and warm, sacred and nourishing, filling essence and filling liquid, eliminating odor and pain, and nourishesCamp, nourishing liver and blood, fruit in China and the United States, fresh ones are particularly preferred.

“Modern medicine believes that litchi contains vitamins A, B1, and C, as well as pectin, free amino acids, proteins, and iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Modern medical research proves that lychee has the effect of nourishing the kidney, improving liver function, accelerating the elimination of toxins, promoting the generation of cells, and making the skin tender and so on. It is an ideal fruit for detoxification and beauty.